How My Mining Farm Avoided Bankrupcy

What's up Sons it's blind rod with son Of a tech once again and welcome to yet Another talking head video it's been a While since we've done one of these Today I wanted to talk about how I've Kept my mining Farm up and running Through the bare market and some of the Strategies that I've utilized some of The projects that I've been able to get Into that have helped me survive and Some of my thoughts surrounding it now As you guys know back in September of 2022 ethereum went from proof of work to Proof of stake and when this happened Essentially the bottom fell out of the GPU mining Market initially a lot of People moved over to Ergo and that Particular Network had a difficulty Issue which we had been telling them About for quite some time but they Didn't have enough time to actually Implement a fix and that resulted in the Network slowing down to almost a halt Which resulted in of course blocks Coming very slowly and it not being Profitable running up to that if you Guys recall I had decided that instead Of mining Ergo I would mine a new Project called Caspa now Caspa at the Time had not been listed anywhere yet And shortly after had been listed on Trade ogre so the reason behind mining This of course was because well I was Looking for a new project that was

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Ground up that did something Innovative And in this particular case what it did That was Innovative were things like Block dag and increased blocks per Second and so on and so forth the entire Goal behind caspo was just to mine it Specifically for the duration of period That it was able to be mined with gpus And shortly after it moved to as6 and as You guys know I'm not an as6 guy so at That time I pretty much quit mining it And moved on to other projects what I Decided to do at the time was sell off a Bunch of Casa and purchased some Bitcoin As6 and so when the market got tough the Bitcoin as6 were still profitable at my Power so I turned on some Bitcoin as6 And turned off all of my gpus and this Is pretty much how I survived the Initial bare Market going into 2023 and I utilized Caspa to help cover Some of the cost as well for operating That includes things like rent Insurance Power and so on and as well as because The YouTube channel had gone down in Views the ad Revenue from Google had Also resulted in a loss or going down Significantly so I also moved over on That side of things to something called Locals where we could begin talking About projects early on and helping you Know individuals out that were Interested in keeping up and running During the bare market so caspo was

Really the big play now typically with These types of things like Caspa you Sell on day of release and I'll show you Why here here because there's two other Projects that have helped me survive This particular bare market so that Means of course that I did sell quite Early compared to what many people would Expect I sold around the 2 to 5 cents Mark and I do still have some cast but It's not like I've gotten rid of all of It you kind of DCA sell and I sell what I need to to cover power and cost and Basically be able to continue mining Because at this time there's nothing you Can really put your gpus on that Continue to be or remain profitable so The next project that I ended up finding That was extremely helpful was aelon and Aelon came out around Thanksgiving of 2023 and it initially was listed on a Few different exchanges I believe mexc Was the major one and XT before that and The reason why aelion ended up working Out or paying off was actually not Because it was ground up and built from Scratch Etc the reason why a billion Ended up being successful was barrier to Entry and you'll start to notice a trend Here as well too because Caspa had that Same barrier to entry Casa's barrier to Entry is gone now because you can just Simply buy an A6 type in the pool type In your wallet address and get going but

Initially with caspo what you had to do To remain or to get into mining Caspa Was build your own node build your own Stratum and continue to and that was Something that a lot of people didn't Know how to do at the time which is why I ended up of course going out ahead and Creating the local channel to start Teaching people how to operate Linux Build nodes and so on and that is kind Of the thought behind it because that is What worked but with aelan what ended up Happening is this is where I really got Into hash rate Arbitrage because there Was no calculator or profit calculator Out at the time for this particular coin It ran under a lot of people's radar Which meant thanks to services like Chlor Ai and vast AI I was able to rent Hash rate a lot cheaper than I was able To actually profit off of aelon and that Meant that I was able to basically stack Up a good amount of aelon and sell a lot Of it off to essentially put myself in a Position to continue running the farm And this is kind of the Hops and jumps That you end up making and you have to Stay up to date with the projects but as You can see here aelon has been on a Downward Trend since its release Actually on mexc before it was listed on Coin market cap it was as high as $2 a Coin which is when the hash rate Arbitrage was extremely high I made a

Very good play here and sold off 75% of My ailan around that time so that I Would have enough to cover my power Until the next project hit the thing is Is I spec mine a lot of coins that end Up going nowhere there are examples here More recently like consensus for example Where the dev fund pretty much screwed Up the entire profitability of that coin And all of my pre-mine total to maybe Like a couple hundred I say pre-mine Mining before hitting an exchange my Speculative mine because I don't Pre-mine but you guys get the point uh At that point you know th that project Is dead it didn't pay for itself and I Have to have made enough on some of These other coins to move on and really The the the moral of the story here is Yes you will have a one in a million Like cast Right where the price is going to Continue to go up it's very Innovative And if you hold on to it you'll be Successful but this project is a lot Less common than something like aelon or Even more lately or recently one that I I spec mined was warthog now warthog is Still profitable right now to mine it's Just be the barrier to entry is a little Frustrating for some the play behind Warthog of course ended up being more of A Hardware play than a software and Speculative mind play as I had gotten

Into purchasing the AMD BC 250s the Reason why this ended up playing out Into my favor is that the BC 250s have Both a CPU and a GPU on each card this Meant that you were able to kind of Bypass the one GPU to CPU ratio that is Required by the mining algorithm of Warthog and remain extremely efficient And this meant that essentially I had an Advantage on this particular particular Network the big thing to note here Though is that you really want to sell Around launch sure launch is 80 cents And it did go up above a dollar for for Some time but if you were to continue to Hold the price decided to keep going Down and down similar to Aon so when we Talk about staying alive with these Speculative mines it's really important To realize that your job as a miner is Not to mine and hold in all situations But to remain a business and stay Profitable and continue to generate Revenue that allows you to continue Operating and thankfully I've hit three Different projects across the past two Years that have enabled me to keep my Mining Farm up and running without Having to completely shut down and to Give you a better idea of how successful And rare that is in this current market I had two other cryptocurrency miners in My current location where I run my farm Out of that have now since gone bankrupt

And are actually facing uh legal issues With the landlord that I have because They did not pay their rent so when We're talking about being successful in This industry it is a one out of three And if you look at the types of Cryptocurrencies you need to participate In to do this it can be very confusing Here's a few things that I have learned Of course from this overall one is is That the high higher the barrier to Entry for any given project the larger The likelihood that you will be Successful at being profitable with that Project a billion was difficult to mine And that meant that a lot of people Weren't mining it which meant if you Figured out how to mine it you could Spin up any auntu machine on any of the Rental services and basically have Massive Arbitrage on that particular Project early on nobody thought caspo Was going to go anywhere they had a very Basic website nobody really paid Attention to it there were no stratums And a lot of work had to be done to get Up in mining Caspa on the CPU and GPU Phases of that cryptocurrency so the Barrier to entry prevented a lot of People from mining it very easily and Everybody was scrambling to find the Next ethereum which is just not going to Be in existence warthog is similar in The fact that essentially because it

Requires a CPU to a GPU ratio it was a Lot more difficult to learn how to mine It and get to mining it and this meant That you had an advantage if you figured Out how to mine it early on and the Other thing that all of these have in Common is I began mining them before They were listed on exchanges Casa that I mined was a majority of it mined Before it was listed on an exchange with No price and no profitability Calculators in sight aelon was the same And that one even lasted a little bit Longer because we did have that barrier To entry that was significantly higher Warthog was exactly the same as well Well where it was mined before listed Onto an exchange and then sold once it Hit the exchange the goal here as the Miner is to provide liquidity to these Markets the goal is not to mine it and Hold it and make a bunch of profit off Of it your job as a minor or at least my Job as a minor and as I see it is to Provide liquidity to the markets for Investors there's a step between the Developers and the investors and that is The cryptocurrency minor your job is Very specific you are supposed to Generate the newly minted cryptocurrency And provide it into the market to think That your job is anything different will Have you misled and you can end up in a Position where you've held your bag way

Too long and the market isn't friendly To it and you haven't done anything one You haven't provided any liquidity to The market which means that there's Nobody that's interested in trading it Because the volume on that particular Cryptocurrency is low and then two you If you're the only one that has it and You're the only one that's mining it and Newly minting it then there's no market For it that's why when people with Caspa Get upset with miners over selling their Cryptocurrency and driving the price Down I find it a bit ridiculous because The entire point is to give the investor Something to purchase the market will Find itself out and figure it out Overall but especially with these new Fast emission coins the entire purpose Of fast emissions like cash Like consensus here recently like a lot Of these newer cryptocurrencies is to Generate a huge circulation at the very Beginning of the project so that people Have access to actually being able to Purchase it and participate within the Network without just purely mining it And then that means of course that that Will drive the price down typically Right and if the price is going to be Driven down your job once again as the Minor is just to provide that liquidity Into the market and let the market Figure itself out now a lot of people

Could say I think in the past what I've Heard is that it's toxic mining that Sort of thing but that seems a little Ridiculous to me because if you don't Have a market for any particular Cryptocurrency and the minor is not able To sell at a higher price and they're Just fake inflating the price by holding Back a portion of that cryptocurrency It's giving a false narrative Surrounding that cryptocurrency and a False perception of how much that Cryptocurrency is actually worth you Really need to pay attention to this too If you are mining I saw Here recently For example on the consensus Discord That one of the developers was Requesting that miners pull some of Their liquidity off of The Exchange to Basically inflate the price this is Actually despicable overall because they Also have a developer fund and that Means that if the miners are pulling Their cryptocurrency off and inflating The price further than it should should Be of course the developers are going to Try to or could potentially try to rug Pull that particular project dump the Rest of their coins at the higher price And leave the miners with no developers You see the problem is not that the Miners are selling the cryptocurrency The problem is that the cryptocurrency Itself has no demand and as a

Cryptocurrency miner you need to be very Aware of this if you do find that gold Mine have fun mining it and continue to Mine it but it's not going to stick Around for certain and you need to be Aware of that out of the three projects That were successful for me here Recently only one of them has continued To go up over the past year while the Other two have continued to go down but All three have been significant in Maintaining my mining operation and Allowing me to basically function and Not go bankrupt unlike a couple of my Neighbors so if you're interested in More of what I'm doing and my strategy Surrounding this I go over it in detail Including technical knowledge Surrounding building nodes and Mining New projects over on son ofate tech. you can start this at any Level whether you have a large mining Farm or even just a single rig at your House you can start practicing this and Then you can make sure that you're able To survive these down markets in Addition you can check out my Cryptocurrency ecourse mining ecourse Over at sonof and I hope you Guys enjoyed this video and kind of Understand understand what I've had to Do to basically survive be sure to hit That like comment subscribe and all that Good stuff and I will see you next


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