How Much Did We Make Minting Xen Crypto?

100 days ago we minted some free Cryptocurrency called Zen and today we Can finally go ahead and claim that mint On both the ethereum network and the Ethereum proof of work Network we are Going to review how much we ended up Making after gas fees and give you guys The quick tutorial on how to claim that Zen you may have minted 100 days ago Let's get into it right after a word From today's sponsor today's sponsor is BT miners BT miners has been a long time Sponsor of the channel and a proven Reliable source for Asic miners if You're looking to purchase Asics Hardware from Bitcoin to Dogecoin miners They are available for purchase on BT miners is a trusted Source by both and follow the affiliate Link in the description and tell them so Sent you to support the channel Welcome back so first things first let's Go ahead and take a look at the price of Zen today it is basically extremely Extremely low and it's down 6.48 now Over the past three months let's go Ahead and take a look at that you can See this big spike up initially probably Right when we went ahead and initially Minted and then it came crashing back Down so that's kind of where we're at And obviously it's going to crash as More people meant that is just the

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Nature of the Beast and you're going to Have to probably sit on a long mint Before you were going to be you know Making more at this point it does seem Like the best strategy is to extend out Your mint for as many days as it allows For because one it's free to go ahead And do right and two you might as well Take the full reward and just be patient With it since it's free to do that being Said we are going to look at what we Made on the last hundred days so to make Sure that we are on the right account we Have here the f3de and checking our Metamask account here we have f3de this Is the one that we originally did it on And then we're going to go ahead and Scroll down here and check the fees out On ethereum we had 3.44 cents in fees Let's make sure that we're on the Ethereum network And let's go ahead and do our mint so We're going to go to and Then we're going to click the mint Button on the mint button here we now Have three options you can see that our Rank our our amp our EAA which is 9.1 Percent The term which was 100 days and the Estimated Zen is 7 million four hundred And forty eight thousand one hundred and Thirty five we have the option to do one Of three things we can claim at which Point it'll just put it of course in our

Wallet we can claim and share we can Claim and stake before we claim I am Going to click these three ellipses and Show you guys here that you can add the Token to your metamask wallet directly Right here before you do that you will Have to use the connect button up here In the top right so go ahead and connect Your wallet then click the three Ellipses and click the add token to Wallet at this point it'll show it you Can just click the add token then from There we're going to go ahead and claim I am not going to claim and stake or Claim and share at this point We're just going to claim and get the Crypto into our wallet so we're going to Go ahead and click sign And we are going to have two another 2.67 In fees right now so keep that in mind That it it's going to go ahead and be Like another 260 plus the 344 right so At this point we're going to click Confirm just so we can claim our coin And if we add that up of course let's go Ahead and get into here calculator so to Fully claim all of our stuff it was Three dollars and 44 cents right and Then we had the two dollars And 59 cents so that's six dollars and Three cents to do all of this we're Gonna go ahead and it looks like it's Saying okay claim and start minting we

Can claim some more and start minting Again it's not really what we're looking At we want to see that we have 7 448 144 Zen let's check our metamask wallet and Our assets and you can see that we have It right here and that came out to 14.48 as you can see after the Conversion on the network there so if we Were to basically see how much we made We would take the six or we would take The 1448 right minus the six dollars and Three cents which equals eight dollars And forty five cents is how much in Profit we made for minting our free Zen On the ethereum network now there's a Weird thing going on with the ethereum Proof of work Network in the likes of Basically nowhere to actually Exchange Change your Zen for very much at all so While we are going to go through Claiming it we are just going to leave It in the wallet because right now any Of these swap exchanges is going to be Significantly lower than it was actually Uh on like ethereum or what it shows up In coin market cap that being said to do That you're just going to click the Click down and click the ethereum proof Of work button click that switch Network Option and then you'll be able to do the Claim once again here on your ethereum Proof of work and Pretty much just going to cost you a Certain amount of ethw

It doesn't have the conversions for that Right so At this point it's going to go ahead and Convert and then we'll see it within our Assets oh once again we do need to add That token to the wallet so we'll do That real quick as well and then once It's complete we'll see the amount of Zen that we got here now ideally what We'll be able to do is swap these end That's on eth W for the Zen that's on Eth and be able to actually sell it for The same amount in that case of course We would do quite well on our profits Meaning we would probably make another About 15 according to the 8 million but If there is not a good way to bridge That over which we will do research for You guys on here in the future I was Trying to do some today I didn't find a Good way to do that but once we do I'll Let you know how you can get that done To get the max profits of course if You're going to be using any other Network there is polygon here as well if You want to switch over to that and you Can claim as well as of course the Binance smart chain which you can switch Over and claim if you so prefer and There are a few others in case you Hadn't done it it does look like I had Some on polygon so I'm going to go ahead Or was it polygon or binance I believe It was binance actually right

Nope okay maybe I was wrong here I just Said one of them had it but all right I Think it was just ethereum and ethereum Proof of work And I don't think yet this one completed Now as well all right so Looks like we're good to go so at the End of the day was it worth minting the Freeze in well yeah we technically made Eight dollars and it really didn't take Us that long of course you can go Re-watch the video if you like once Again the suggestion I would have is if You haven't done this yet and you go Watch the tutorial and you want to do it Yourself to utilize the max amount of Term days here and that is going to give You the most amount of profit over time And you can do it once again on multiple Networks which is beneficial So go ahead and get that done if you Found this video helpful be sure to hit The like comment subscribe down below And I hope to see you next Tuesday

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