How I Became a Successful Youtuber

Take two No matter how long you've been doing YouTube sometimes you make mistakes and You run out of disk space on your drive What's up signs it's blindrod with son Of attack once again and today what I Wanted to do was go over with you guys My history on YouTube we're coming up on 10 years for the oldest video on the Channel and I've actually been doing it Quite a bit longer than that I started Out my content creator Journey on Justin TV and and then eventually Moved of course over to YouTube and this Evolution is extremely important because What it will show you is that to a Certain extent while there is some luck Actually capitalizing on the Opportunities that are presented in Front of you is a much better indicator If you yourself as a content creator are Trying to be successful this also Applies in other areas within life in my Humble opinion and you need to be able To make sure that you are looking at Things how they are and making the Decision that are going to benefit you Your content creation Journey or your Journey in life in general let's go Ahead and get into it right after a word From today's sponsor today's sponsor is BT miners BT miners has been a long time Sponsor of the channel and a proven Reliable source for Asic miners if

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You're looking to purchase Asics Hardware from Bitcoin to Dogecoin miners They are available for purchase on BT miners is a trusted Source by both and follow the affiliate Link in the description and tell them so Sent you to support the channel alright Welcome back so as some of you may know I started out the Justin TV and Journey as blind run gaming Blind run coming from my gamer tag that Comes historically from me playing Texas Hold'em essentially and going all in too Much and people call me blind run that's Kind of how it is and I wasn't ever that Good at Texas Holdem either I thought The name was cool and so I started to Utilize it way back in Counter-Strike 1.6 and of course it was my first Xbox Live gamer tag and that's where the name Came from in fact here you can see the Original logo for the channel now this Particular video is the oldest video on The channel and it has a very very Strong reason for why it was left on the Channel as well as how it started to Direct the channel why is that because It was a how-to video And the realization here was that no Matter how stupid you think your Question is the likelihood is that other People have the same question so even if It's as simple as how to plug in a

Headset you may want to consider sharing That with the world because it's way Better to have people think you're Stupid than to not do anything at all at Least in my humble opinion what that Also does is it starts to give you Insight in how to present it also starts To give you Insight in how to lead People how to instruct people to do Things and it will only be a character Building exercise as well as a skill Building exercise for you in the future So when I talk to people that want to Start a YouTube channel my very first Thing is like what do you know how to do And the thing about YouTube in general That is extremely special is it is Geared towards teaching people how to do Things and learning and that means Basically if you want to be a content Creator on YouTube in particular I think The best thing is is you have to want to Learn about things and if you want to Learn about things and then you can Teach people about things then you learn Those things even better that's why in Jiu Jitsu for example you can't go to Brown belt without teaching classes you Can't become a black belt without Teaching classes you have to teach Because if you teach you learn better You learn all these principles better And that is why I like to teach you guys This is where it all started and the

Video is very simple the quality is not Very good it's on a 720p webcam but you Know we got through it we showed people Basic things like how all of the buttons Functioned on the actual device itself And how to plug it up into the Television for audio out if you wanted To even utilizing a adapters for Essentially something that you youngins Probably can't even name name them down In the comment section below if you know What these connections are and some of You old guys I know you're gonna you're Gonna say it already you already know Anyways so Here's the thing is that's where I Started to realize that it was all about How to now let's talk about where I Wanted to go well the thing the path That I actually wanted to take was going Down the tech tuber path this is because I looked up the channels like Linus Tech Tips and J's two cents and text Syndicate and all of those when I saw it I said I want to do that so that's what I set my sights on here's the problem I'm going to give you guys like a few Steps here that are going to be like a Key into understanding how the evolution Of the channel happened I couldn't Afford all of the gpus that were Available and especially getting them on Launch day of any of these other Channels but instead instead of saying

Oh I'm defeated I'll never be a tech Tuber I can't do it I figured out a way I'm going to show you guys the website I Used right here it was actually this Website called Cutting Edge gamer which Allowed you to lease gpus and I'll leave A link down in the description below and This is what got me started the thing is Is yes I get it don't lease gpus it's Going to be cheaper to even just put it On my credit card and pay it off over Time yes except in this particular case They have something called the infinite Upgrade program and what that meant was Every 30 days I could upgrade or Downgrade to another GPU which meant That every 30 days I got a new GPU to Play with to test and to make video Videos and content on so I got to Practice and I got the latest gpus which Meant while I wasn't having day one Launch videos like Linus Tech tips or J's two cents I was still putting Content out there and the keys here is I Started to adjust my content into a Niche that would allow me to Garner more Viewership and that's what you'll kind Of see here is that as we go through These videos you'll know notice well we Had the ebga GTX 1060 super super clock We have 78 000 views on this video and It's from 2016 and all we talk about is Overclocking Pascal worth it we started Basically really doubling down on the

Content I had these gpus for 30 days I Had to start doubling down on the I Couldn't just make one video on it this Also meant that I was utilizing that Video card usually in my main system a Majority of the time which meant of Course that I found issues with it that None of the other Tech tubers would find Whether that was sustained overclock Issues or driver issues ETC which gave Me even more content to create because I Could create content from the Perspective of somebody that actually Utilized the card for an extended period Of time and that ended up working very Well early in the channel I would also Do videos of course like just benchmarks On one single game between two gpus once I started having enough revenue from the YouTube channel to have two leases Instead of just a single lease and that Meant I could start comparing and Contrasting gpus and we would do things We'll talk about this one in a second we Would do things like get two 2080s on Lease and Benchmark them and test it out People would want to know nvlink Performance maybe NV link wasn't Something that other channels had gotten To yet it really opened up the door now Were these videos perfect or great at First no in fact like if I show you guys Some of this b-roll it's absolutely Awful it's dark in a lot of cases uh

It's not shot well you know there's a Lot of lessons I had to start learning I Think there's some even worse ones over Here right like not really great video Not great b-roll but if you aren't doing You won't learn and then if you don't Learn you can't teach anybody so that's The entire progression you have to do to Learn to teach that's the way it goes And that's the way I see a majority of Life in general and in particular this One and also look people are going to Give you a hard time it's going to be What it is take all of that with a grain Of salt take the ones that you know are Accurate like for example oh your Footage is too dark for me I was like oh Well I better figure that out right Don't get upset about it you're going to Learn to grow as a human being through This process as well now where did the Channel really shift and that's actually In this video right here called swapping The RX 470 for a GTX 1060. you can see The thumbnail says sell it This was five years ago right when the Ethereum boom was happening and I didn't Actually know why the price was going up All I knew was I could sell an RX 470 And buy a GTX 1063 or six gigabyte and Still have money left over Afterwards right so I did that upgrade To my daughter's PC and then I started To actually research cryptocurrency so

This video is really the reason why I Started making cryptocurrency videos and I started to take everything I learned For making Tech content that wasn't Necessarily that successful with someone Else here and there and shifting it and You can start to see The shift now as opposed to in some Cases getting 15K views in other cases Getting 78 000 views and in other cases Getting like 8 000 views you'll notice That what happened with the shift here And those were all my good ones actually But You'll notice in the shift here when we Start doing hash rates for the 1080 TI For example we hit 30k views and then on The Vega we did 39K views and what was Happening was is people were returning To the channel for those particular Videos And then I realized that people didn't Know how to mine videos remember there's No stupid questions here answer the Question then teach people how to do it No matter how dumb you think it is and This is extremely key because we didn't Just say here's how to mine Cryptocurrency and be done and try to do One full video we broke it down every Single individual coin and showed Everybody how to mine each individual Coin this is what you can basically call Both Evergreen content and a Content

Generation tool and as you're doing that You'll create more questions you'll have Start to have questions and comments Take those questions answer those Questions and make content surrounding Those questions that is primarily what I Do let's talk a little bit about the Cyclical nature of basically YouTube and Content creation as you guys may know my Channel is not getting as many views as It used to that's just nature this Happened to me before actually actually After the initial boom back in 2017 2018 My Views took a tank I only hit like 30k Subs and it wasn't enough to even Sustain I actually let my emotions get Too tied to this and became depressed For a while and quit making content Altogether this was a bad decision but Ultimately I did get back in during the Bear Market which is why we are here Today at 178 000 Subs This doesn't just apply to Cryptocurrency it's extremely obvious in Cryptocurrency as a crypto content Creator but it's less obvious and does Happen in other content streams Including tech for when releases are Happening and of course video games for When releases are happening or if you're Making content surrounding one Particular video game maybe that video Game goes away completely and has no Popularity anymore and you have to

Switch games and rebuild back up The number one thing I've learned is That you just keep doing it even when The chips don't feel like they're Falling in your favor Case in point of course is like voscoin For example who didn't quit creating Content at all during the past bear Market and now has over half a million Subs so if you get down get depressed That's okay make a Content shift if you Need to that's the other thing here a Very key point I wanted to be remember I Set my goal to be a tech tuber like Linus Tech tips or you know jst sensor Whatever But when the opportunity arose and I Basically saw that opportunity to become A content creator surrounding Cryptocurrency mining I made that shift And that shift is what paid off at the End of the day thanks for watching I Hope it gave you some insight on my Channel I'm gonna get this air Conditioner back on because it's hot Leave the like comment subscribe down Below and I'll see you next Tuesday

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