How Does the Lightning Spec Work?

[Applause] You mentioned the the implementations For lightning so how do you there's Multiple implementations so maybe you Could run us through quickly what the Main implementations are and then how do You guys work together developing Lightning Network across all of those Implementations right okay so there's Sort of four main ones lighting Labs Have L&D there's async have eair and Phoenix uh their Mobile Wallet we have Core lightning of course from Blockstream and there is LDK from what Used to be called Square crypto is now Called spiral those people and that's More but that's more of a kind of a a Construction set of pieces there's kind Of a different approach there each of Them in a completely different Programming language so there's kind of Something for everyone in there but the Way it works is there's a there's a spec That basically we follow and that's kind Of a negotiated spec on kind of what we Think we should do how we should add Features and things like that it's Pretty carefully designed so that we can Make progress so that we can add new Features make them optional things like That so people can kind of experiment But also we can go cool okay we want to Migrate we found a better way of doing It you know we want to migrate the

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Network across let's do it in stages so The result is a pretty smooth experience For Fe and sort of a continuous Continuous Improvement both in Implementations and in the specs that They follow so it's you know we have Bi-weekly meetings um and every so often Every 12 18 months there's like a pH Tace Gathering somewhere of all Contributors from all the teams and we Kind of get together and hash things out And that's always a a of fun to to just You know to kind of geek out over the Details and these things um that that Users won't really care about but it's Really important to get right when when Your real money's on the line generally The other teams give really good bug Reports if there's a problem between two Implementations having someone on the Other side who can exactly tell exactly What's happening is is incredibly useful And I get I love those bug reports Because they usually like we do this This this and you do this and that's Wrong and here's the problem um and then Sometimes we debate we but the spec says This we should do this but you know um a Lot of times um that's fantastic Feedback you know uh to get so yeah uh Everyone's really really careful to make Sure that things keep working and that You know it's it's a smooth Experience

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