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High blockchain counts privacy of AI Models running on its gpus Clive wants to provide Enterprise Training in its Fleet of gpus as part of Its pivot to artificial intelligence Bitcoin mining firm Hive blockchain aims To allow customers to train large Language AI models in its data centers Touting better privacy compared to Rivals such as open AIS chat GPT The Firm said on an earnings call with Analysts on Friday well companies are Now mindful that they don't want to Upload sensitive client data to a Company like open AI that has a public Llm large language model well we aspire To offer it high through Hive Cloud as Privacy where companies can have a Service agreement in place ownership of Their data and privacy and still run Artificial intelligence compute Workloads on our bank of gpus now this Is something that I was talking about Previously which was sure we could see Cryptocurrency in general or you know Blockchain technology move into AI for Gpus and GPU mining will be there but Where the real money ends up being of Course is through individual clients and This is really what Hive is is basically Targeting Hive is not going to be Utilizing or leveraging any sort of Crypto specific AI right it doesn't Appear that that's what they're going to

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Be doing what they're going to be doing Is basically shifting into a data center Platform to where they can allow you Know individual clients to go ahead and Leverage their systems and that is what They're doing and so if you if you think That this seems bullish for GPU mining In the future it's not it's the opposite Of bullish for GPU mining what we're Seeing is this shift within the GPU Minor realm of moving from Cryptocurrency mining into of course Ai and the problem with that is one for Most people that are running you know Farms out of their home It's just not it's it's not cost Effective right you need to upgrade all Of your systems for the uninitiated here A majority of these things are going to Require you to have more CPU power more Physical RAM or you know memory on the On the actual server itself more lanes Per GPU to handle all of the bandwidth That's going to be going between the CPU And the GPU and a better internet Connection for that as well so if you're Trying to run like AI out of your home It's not going to be necessarily that Easy to do That being said of course also you can't Attract large clients like someone like Hive can the caveat here is of course What you would hope to see is that Blockchain could solve that in some form

Or fashion with something like flux Where you basically utilize you know the Blockchain to disperse the workload or Cross multiple home GPU miners you still Have to worry about of course the cost Of upstart that sort of thing moving all Of those you know previously mining gpus Over to the server basically server Infrastructure at that point and you Will have a cost there but in the case That you can only afford like one data Center you know grade Server And move eight to ten gpus over or Really probably like more like three or Four really at the home level something Along those lines onto something like a Threadripper and white boxing it if You're really trying to be efficient What does the ROI look like on that Right you know we haven't seen a ton of Revenue as of yet go through like flux In general so at least on the on the Data processing side so flux is going to Have to do a lot of kind of PR moves a Lot of advertising that sort of stuff Naturally that's going to cause flux to Be a little bit more centralized and a Little bit more business focused so it Things are shifting it's going to be a Little interesting to see how it plays Out one of the projects that kind of Gets around this right now is that I Would be amiss if I didn't mention of

Course is going to be Dynex but Dynex is Solvers it's it's not Um it's not AI at least at this point Um so while it is going to be proof of Or it is proof of useful work it's not Proof of useful work in the manner in Which we are seeing the need for the Upgrades to the systems running with the Gpus right so we're gonna have to see You know what happens with some of these Other AI coins I know Pepe coin is Trying to do it the original the OG Pepe Coin but even their AI tests at this Point really for the most part are you Know requiring four to eight pcie Lanes Depending on the generation of your Lanes and and really requiring you know Big old threadripper or server CPUs and A lot of memory that sort of stuff right So This does seem to be the direction of GPU miners in general though so keep That in mind today's sponsor is BT Miners BT miners has been a long time Sponsor of the channel and a proven Reliable source for Asic miners if You're looking to purchase A6 Hardware From Bitcoin to Dogecoin miners they are Available for purchase on BT miners is a trusted Source by both and follow the affiliate Link in the description and tell them so Sent you to support the channel hives

Shares on the NASDAQ gained almost two Percent on Friday obviously anytime you Have an announcement with something AI Related you're going to see a bump I Think in your in your shares in your Stock shares miners have been Increasingly pivoting to AI as mining Economics have interfered with their Profitability with some facing Bankruptcies while the AI sector sees a Boom in interest from investors however It is yet to be deter determined whether Miners can compete with big Tech firms Such as Google and Amazon web services Benefit from both economics of scale and Decades of experience running high Quality custom facing data centers large Language models Understand and generate human language Using probabilistic causes Or calculations excuse me they are often Trained on Graphics processing units a Type of electronic circuit made up of Semiconductors that was originally used For image processing but has been found To be good at running AI loads Hive has A fleet of about 38 000 gpus from the Days when it mined ethereum some of Those it has directed to mining altcoins While others are available to rent as Service or deployed in its Cloud Offering the firm expects a run rate of One million dollars annually for his Gpus

It said on the earnings call already 500 GPU cards generated 230 000 of Revenue This quarter said the firm's chairman Frank Holmes in a press release Discussing the annual and quarterly Earnings what's interesting here is when Discussing that it is revenue I would be Curious you know what kind of their Power cost is that and their operating Cost is going to be on that in general Hive's fiscal year ended in March of 30 Or March 31st on of 2023. So Hive reported a 106.3 million dollars in Revenues from the fiscal year which Ended in March on March 31st of 2023 With a gross operating margin of 50.4 Million or 47 percent of Revenue that's About half of the historic Revenue it Noted for the year of 2022 of 211.2 million at a gross operating Margin of 78 Revenue obviously taking Big hits Hive did make a lot of uh smart Moves I think early on when they're Shifting to Data Center workloads thanks For checking out this clip from the Crypto mining show you can check out the Full episode here or more crypto content Down here also I'd like you to check out My locals page at son of a where you can become a Member for free or choose to be a five Dollar a month supporter that unlocks Additional content

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