Right now there's an historical signal Flashing here in the price shot of Bitcoin and in this exact video I will Be talking about this signal what it Means for Bitcoin and how we can move Onwards from of this point and much much More so don't forget to watch this video Till the end because Bitcoin is still Trading in this sideways consolidation Price range and once we break out we Will experience of course a lot of Volatility so I won't be discussing all My important charts on today's update Video don't forget to slap up that like Button once again right now can we once Again smash it back above 300 likes that Will be absolutely incredible and with That being said let me jump straight Away in towards the content once looking At the image short term for Bitcoin we Can clearly see that over the course of Yesterday we have seen of course a Little bit of a price suppression Towards the downside however we're still Trading in this blue range what of Course is between the Lower Side of 16.5 K and the top side of 16.9 K so we're Still trading and consolidating in this Middle range and I said this several Times before if we really below this Level I'm expecting more volatility Towards the downside and also vice versa If we are breaking towards the upside Right now still we move then but not

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Officially confirmed that move below the Blue box here once looking at the four Early time frame we can see that the Ascending triangle is breaking down here And if you shorted it after we confirm The breakdown here we moved and operated In approximately 1.4 percent so that is Definitely interesting to see however I'm still waiting to also really see on How the one hour time frame on this blue Box is going to be playing out here Because luck you can clearly see here Bitcoin has literally traded in this Range for the past 11 days and this is a Range of an approximately 340 dollars so Bitcoin has been ranging between 340 Dollars for over 11 days now yeah of Course like you can see we're still Officially not broke out of this region And due to that I'm still waiting Patiently really which direction we're Going to be breaking towards but you can Clearly see it also on the top side on The four early time frame this 16.9k Level is an important level of Resistance we need to be breaking above Off due to the lack of volatility in the Market we can also currently see that The 12 hour bullish events is really Squeezing its price action up as well Here and that means that right now we Are expecting also to see some more Volatility at the markets anytime soon Here I do still expect it's going to be

Happening this week here because Christmas is just behind us and usually After Christmas we tend to see Volatility pick up for markets so yeah Ready ones looking at the bullet events I can't really tell you okay now we're Going to be moving towards the upside or Tomorrow we're going to be moving up now It's only telling us okay we're coming Closer and closer towards that turning Point where volatility hit the market And yeah right now I just can't do Anything else then projector is going to Be a lot of volatility hitting the Markets anytime soon here furthermore we Can see uh something very interesting of Course we currently have the downwards Open resist line the weekly time frame For Bitcoin and what is interesting from The past here is that in the previous Bear Market of 2018 the damage sloping Resist line was basically the point Where we were looking at the whole time And the point we broke it was the Turning point of the bear market so that Is why we'll be looking at this level Right here as well and like you can see The downward sloping trend line did not Get started from the exact Autumn High It started a little bit later just like Now here it didn't start it from the Ultima it starts a little bit later but Once started and once we break Above This level that could be the turning

Point of the bear markets for Bitcoin so I will also clearly look at this Downward solving resistance line right Here here and I will definitely look at This downward sloping resist line right Here and if we do touch it somewhere Around 17.5 K I want to see a breakout Above it and if we see a clear breakout Just like this time around here in the Previous bear mark this is a clear Breakout a clear push Above This level If we've seen similar move above it I Could argue okay right now the bear Market is over and really what I Personally look at right now is all These signals and I mean almost Everything is telling me the same story For Bitcoin and it is not that right now Is the exact bottom because just like The signal you can that you can Currently see here in the past it Already flashed well well Bitcoin Officially has not bottomed yet right However in hindsight if you bought or Ran this signal if this signal Flash and You bought Bitcoin you had a very good Average purchasing price so that is once Again what I will be saying right now Here I personally think the Bitcoin Bottom is way closer than everyone is Anticipating and also I personally think That this is a good region for dollar Cost averaging and also a good reason For potentially opening up swing trade

Positions so that is also what I'm Currently doing I am swing trading Bitcoin I am girly long on bitcoin with An approximately 108 000 US Dollars uh with a 1.68 leverage And this is the trade of the century at Least I am going to be building up this Trade as Bitcoin goes down or as it goes Up here so if Bitcoin moves down to ten Thousand dollars I will add more margin Along the way down here if it moves up And breaks above key levels of Resistance I will up the margin also Here so that is my strategy right now For the straight here I am buying more And more in towards this rate as we go Lower and and if you are interested in Trading yourself as well you could do so On vibrate our bit Gap Bitcoin allows You to trade without VPN without KBC in The US here and yeah if you already sign Up using the link in the description Right now you will also get an Additional deposit bonus but currently I Uh am 65 000 US Dollars long on bitcoin And I'm really convinced that this is Going to be a legendary trade for uh for Me and of course I am looking to trade This one all the way up here and I want To just catch the exact bear Market Bottom so that is exactly what I will be Doing right now here but really if I Look at this chart it is currently Clearly pointing us out that this is

Really a time to pay attention towards The market and not to lose attention in This market here and also what is Interesting to see here and what I want To be pointing out here in the 2017 bull Market Bitcoin moved up in approximately 120x in the previous bull market we Moved up in approximately 21x so as we Have diminishing returns will there also Be diminishing returns on the crashes in The bear markets diminishing uh moves Towards the downside so so the previous Bear Market was 84 right now so far we Are down in approximately 77 percent in My opinion it is enough it is enough in My opinion of course we can go lower of Course my opinion really doesn't matter But I mean you can clearly see we have Diminishing returns in the bear markets And in the bull market so uh yeah like You can see the first bear Market we Were down in approximately 86 or sorry Yeah 86 percent the uh the one after That 84 and right now are we going to go Lower are we going to go to the 80 could Be possible I said it several times Before I also set it in this photo right Here it is indicating that the bottom is Extremely close and that we are at the End stage of a potential bear Market but Also it doesn't mean that we necessarily Have been confirming the bottom and it Can mean that we still are going to go a Little bit lower however I still think

It's a good time for accumulation so Will this play out as well that's a very Interesting one then also I'm going to Be pointing out here if I go to the Monthly time frame and zoom in here on Bitcoin we can see one very important Level and that's of course the previous Ultima in terms of monthly kind of close For Bitcoin you can clearly see this one Provides resistance it provides Resistance right here and so far we have Not touched it and if I look at the Weekly time frame for Bitcoin you can Clearly see it right here this was a Love of high con Confluence if you can See as soon as we did broke above it With the weekly time frame we moved up Very exponentially and uh yeah of course You can see this beautiful touch that we Had right here right so what if we touch This level it's it's trading on 13.9 K So if we are going to have another leg Down for Bitcoin I personally think the 13.9 K is going to be the golden range For Bitcoin I don't think we're going to Go much lower and that is also why I Will add double as much margin as soon As we reach 13.9 K as soon as we reach That level as soon as we come close Towards that level I will double down my Margin because I will be very convinced That that is going to be a level or Bitcoin is going to be finding amazing Amazing amazing support and so this was

It for me on today's update video it was Definitely once again a very long video My voice like you can hear it it's not There so I'm trying to keep it as short As possible but anyways thank you so Much for watching towards amazing new Update video I truly hope you did enjoy It and hopefully you did learn anything From the market right now here of course We're still trading sideways almost Nothing is happening boring times but Still these are the times where the most Amount of money is actually made from so Make sure to pay attention thank you so Much for watching and I'll see you guys On the next one peace out goodbye

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