Right now there is an historical signal Flashing for Bitcoin and once this Signal is getting confirmed it is Indicating that the end of the Bitcoin Bear Market is here so don't forget to Watch this video till the end because I Will also go over many other important Indicators that are right now flashing On the market and this will be of course A very important update video so don't Forget to watch this video till the end I will be going over the most important Stuff and of course my trade and much More so don't forget to slop up the like Button on today's update video can't we Once again smash it back about 400 that Will be absolutely incredible and with That being said let me jump straight Away in towards the content and really Once we're looking at the one hour time Frame for Bitcoin we are once again Looking at this consolidation range as Soon as Bitcoin is going to confirm Another breakup of the stop side of Resistance I could be confirming and I Could be looking towards that Continuation towards the upset only Yesterday we yet again try to be Breaking Above This resistance box and Like you can see on the bull flag we try To break above it and at the point we Were trying to do so we got rejected yet Again another time so now I will be Closely monitoring the bull flag for

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Bitcoin as soon as we do breakouts then We are expecting of course that Continuation towards the upside but if We get rejected then we're probably Going to be moving lower and if we break Below the Lower Side of support that is The point where I will be potentially Going with a short position towards Levels of 21 000 US Dollars and if we Ever hit this level right here in the Green books right now that is exactly The point where I will be adding more Margin towards my Bitcoin long position And even open up a new Bitcoin scalp Trading position so that is what I'm Currently looking for only Bitcoin is Just still trading sideways and I'm just Waiting to see this breakout happening Once the breakout happen happens you Will be the first one to know my channel So don't forget to subscribe to the Channel right now of course on the 1st Of February that is Wednesday we will be Having the fomc Federal Reserve interest Rate hike decision and that will be Probably really move the market and I am Really expecting that till the 1st of February the markets are not really Going to move because really what is Going to move the market is the next Federal Reserve interest rate hike Decision and that is also what I'm Waiting for with my trade still in the Same position still the market has not

Removed from off yesterday so still Waiting to see what is going to happen And of course like I told you I will add More margins towards my trade on twenty One thousand dollars but still be aware This is a swing trade position and with The entry I got around 17 000 I could Very well have been longing the Bitcoin Bear Market bottom and that could make Me tons of money so if you're interested In trading Bitcoin yourself as well you Could do so if you sign up in a car Using the link in description you can Write a claim of 30 000 US dollars to Post about this and if you're living in The US you can check out bid get and Picket allows you to transform of the US Without kosc and without VPN furthermore Looking then at a three-day time frame For Bitcoin we can see another three-day Candle has been closed and like you can Currently see the three-day email ribbon Is coming closer and closer and closer Towards that potential crossover and Once this crossover happens it's going To be extremely good for Bitcoin because Historically speaking once the three-day Email ribbon crosses it tends to Signal The end of the bear marker or it tends The signal a whole new run up for the Price section of Bitcoin just like it Did every single previous time around Here so yeah this signal is about to Flash and once that flash is going to

Confirm something extremely exciting for Bitcoin because yeah it's really going To be flashing bullish for the first Time in approximately 400 days so that Is going to be very important I'm Expecting that at the end of next week We could be expecting to see the Crossover happening unless Bitcoin is Going to see a big dump here so that is Going to be definitely a very good thing To see and that could also signal more Bullishness in the market because always Once we do cross bullish that is the Point where we tend to see more upsell Getting generated for Bitcoin looking Then at the legendary support line for Bitcoin what is very interesting to see Actually is all the bounces we got the First bands was on approximately one Thousand percent bounce here the second Bounce was in the bear market and that Was an approximately 315 percent bounce Here and then we saw it in men's bands Of approximately 1100 here so right now We only bounced this is enough that is Going to be the question is 50 already It I don't think so I mean if we really Have diminishing returns we shoot at Least at least at least get around 100 Bands from of this level and a 100 Bounce remove this level somewhere Around 31 000 US dollars so still I Think that this team is not over yet Here I think we're still getting started

With this move towards the upside only Just like we had in the previous bear Market of 2019 once we had that big push Up towards the upside we did sell three To four weeks of cyber's consolidation Before we moved up further on towards The upside and right now actually I'm Expecting the same I'm expecting that There's going to be more boring Consolidation for Bitcoin and as soon as We do clearly see that movement towards The upside then we could be expecting a More exponential move as well happening So so still I think things are looking Quite okay on the bigger picture for Bitcoin looking then in the monthly RSI I mean looking at the monthly RSI you Can clearly see that this is a Historical buying opportunity currently The monthly candle will close in three Days time and this has arguably been the Best monthly candle since approximately October 2021 what is of course the best Monthly candle in the last 15 months There so that is definitely looking very Good we are also balancing from the Monthly RSI downtrend and basically if You always bought Bitcoin on this RSI Downtrend you uh basically always did an Amazing job here so let's see if it's Going to be right again here Bitcoin is Bouncing from it and I am personally Thinking that this is a good opportunity Because currently as well if you remove

All the wrongs you can see that Bitcoin Was arguably on the lowest point on the Monthly RSI in history and that was also Indicating that it was a very good Buying opportunity but basically if You're able to be buying Bitcoin at the More oversold condition than the Previous bear markets it is already Acquired of a big signal that Bitcoin is A good buying opportunity and you can See also in the bull markets we are Extremely overbought on them of the RSI And that is basically the signal that You are in a bull market and once you're Below the previous low there is a signal That you're in the bear Market but Currently we are starting to see the Recovery and that is definitely a very Fun and nice thing to see right now Happening and then let me go in towards This very important signal that right Now is about to get confirmed because in Exactly two days we will be closing the 15 day candles and if you're looking at His where the 15 day can look closest And the macd crosses bullish is the Point that basically the markets tend to Refresh that is the confirmation of the Reversal in the market so you can Currently see this reversal of course is Already happening but it will only get Confirmed if we close the uh yeah 15 Day Candle but historically speaking if You're looking at all these buy signals

If you always want Bitcoin on the Buy Signal you did an insanely good job Maybe not in a For sure in the first week but maybe not In the coming 15 days after that but in The end of the day it was always a good Historical buying opportunity also it's Flashed in the 2019 bear market and After it flashed in the following 15 Days we moved towards the upside with an Approximately 74 here so this is Definitely a signal that you should take Very seriously also what you can see is That the macd has been trading bearish For yeah approximately 600 days here in The previous bear Market it was for an Approximately 440 days and this has been Arguably the longest period of of course This bearish MCD Trend that we have been Trading in so that is absolutely Interesting to see here let's see how This is going to be playing out here we Are still in this bearish schools we've Been here for approximately 600 days and We are about to cross bullish for the First time and this is definitely a Historical signal so don't forget to Subscribe to the channel if you want to Be staying up to date about all these Signals that currently are flashing on The market but anyways there are not a Lot of new developments happening right Now so we'll try to keep it as short as Possible thank you so much for watching

And I'll see you guys on the next one Peace out

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