HISTORICAL BITCOIN RETEST!! [99.98% will lose]

There is a gigantic retest on the price Action of Bitcoin right now on the Weekly time frame and in this exact Video I will talk about what this means For Bitcoin I will be talking about the Most important longer term charts that Are currently creating a very Interesting story on this market and Many more important charts we need to Discuss for now because Bitcoin is Creating a bullish Divergence on The Daily time frame and I will be talking About this more later on today's video So don't forget to slap all the language On today's update video okay we smash it Back about 400 that will be absolutely Incredible and with that being said let Me jump straight away in towards the Imminent short term of Bitcoin and yes There has been almost nothing playing Out on the price section of Bitcoin and Bitcoin just have remained to be super Boring and it has only been Consolidating sideways ever since we had That move towards the downside of the Great skill one that Bitcoin spoke to ETF right now I quickly want to be Straight away zooming out here towards a Very important macro thing to understand In the cryptocurrency market and that is That there are currently no new inflows To the crypto market so do we need to Worry so first of all here you can see The chart about the stablecoin market

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Cap basically since approximately October 2022 we started to see the Decline of stablecoin Market Gap in the Market of crypto what means that there's Basically less people entering the Market and there's basically no new Inflows from new money entering the Cryptocurrency market so currently we Have seen a significant decreasement and If this keeps decreasing we're probably Not going to see new highs for Bitcoin But once we are going to start to see The stablecoin market cap go towards Newer all-time highs we could be Expecting the Bitcoin price is going to Be following as well basically what it Is telling us is that there's no new Money currently coming in towards the Market or there's just more money going Out than there's currently going in here So what we do need here is right now a Catalyst in this market and I've said This numerous times before if we get That Bitcoin ETF this will be a gigantic Analyst for the market and that could Maybe spark the big reversal in the Stablecoin market cap chart to see it Once again turn around here it's very Important to understand what is Currently going on in the background but If we're looking at the foreley time Frame the big support for Bitcoin that We currently need to hold above up is 25.6k and if we break that level I think

24.8k is going to be next year and that Will be also my buy Zone here since There's a lot of liquidity below here Around 24.8k but more importantly as Well here 24.8k has been previously Arrived acted as major major support and Resistance and if we're going to be Retesting it again I think it would be a Very good opportunity to accumulate some More long positions on bitcoin so while This all is happening we can actually Start to see that Bitcoin is right now Creating a bullish Divergence on The Daily time frame so far it's not Confirmed yet but it's definitely one That is currently is in the creation What is a very positive to take in the Market here Bitcoin is of course Currently slowly moving down here on the Daily time frame will affect the RSI is Moving up and personally I am expecting There's going to be a big reversal Anytime soon and once that happened Bitcoin is going to be just bouncing Back here towards previous highs in the Market and personally it will be Actually super stupid to not pay Attention towards this market right here Because here are 10 Bitcoin events that Actually have not been priced in yet the First one is that BlackRock had a Significant Equity stake in Bitcoin Mining and cryptocurrency related Companies also multiple applications for

The Bitcoin spell ttf a Bitcoin Spa tdf In Europe has just gone live Hong Kong Is opening up to crypto Oman has Invested more than a billion US Dollars Into Bitcoin and Bitcoin Supply shook is Imminent as more and more people get Their Bitcoin of exchanges the Bitcoin Whole thing that's going to be happening In 220 days the interest rates are Expected to decrease in 2024. China is About to print a lot of money to save Evergrant and the SEC is losing the war Against crypto so if this is not making Your bullish right now in Bitcoin I Don't know what will and this is a time Of a bear market and you can see this Has been the longest bear Market in History so congratulations Yusuf five The longest bear Market in crypto and Yet many in the next cycle will call us Lucky again here it's not luck and the More you try the more lucky you become So yes if you want to be buying or Trading or do anything with Cryptocurrencies or all coins go to buy Bit because if you go to the link Description of today's video you can Actually get a free 1 000 US Dollars by Signing up an account on buybid and all You need to do here is deposit 100 Within seven days you can claim a free One thousand dollars xrp or Bitcoin long Or short position and all you need to do Here is sign up an account and deposit

100 so go to the link description if You're interested further on the we can Currently see that Bitcoin is actually Flashing quite an historical signal Right now at this moment the storage RSI Is about to be flashing and Crossing Bullish again here and the last three Times this happened it marked the Low Bottom in the market and if it once Again is going to be flashing it could Once again Mark the low in the market And yes we're currently at the oversold Conditions what means it is actually Quite a good time to be accumulon Landing of course sometimes you could be At a longer period of time in the Oversold condition on the storage RSI The gas ones we're going to see this Cross happen it's already probably too Late to be buying Bitcoin I mean right Now if you're looking at Bitcoin this is The two week time frame we are currently Hanging at super super important support Here and I just don't see a very clear Reason why we could easily break below It of course if something is going to be Happening with binance of course we're Going to be breaking below this level But I don't see a reason to be expecting The Bitcoin is going to be breaking Below this level right here also if You're looking at Bitcoin on the weekly Time frame we are currently retesting This gigantic downward solving recess

Line and we're finding support on this Level but it's very interesting to be Seeing here and I personally wouldn't be Surprised to see a bands from of this Level and if you're zooming out here to The bigger bigger things of it all uh We're just basically about to be having A gigantic breakout here in the coming Months weeks ahead of ourselves here and I mean 2024 is really lining up to be That very big year for Bitcoin and as Long as we're holding above 25 000 it's Okay if we break below twenty five Thousand dollars I expect for getting to Twenty two thousand US dollars but the End of the day I really think we're Going to be trading between twenty two Thousand dollars and of course this Urban sloping support line and thirty Two thousand dollars for at least Probably another three to two months Here so won't be surprised if Bitcoin is Going to stay boring for the coming two To three months and personally it would Be a gift if Bitcoin is really going to Be coming down here because looking at The Cycles looking at by where we're Currently standing end of the cycle We're currently 200 days out before the Whole thing and look at what happened Previous times before the whole thing This time last year around we of course Had that pandemic crash that was a big Black Swan event here but if that

Weren't happened maybe Bitcoin would Have already moved up higher but Currently we can see that we're in the Up face since the bear Market face is Behind us or right now in the up phase And you can clearly see and of course in The last two times this happened yeah we Saw some significant rallies for Bitcoin And really approximately a year before The whole thing is the best time to be Buying Bitcoin and after the whole thing A year is the best time to be selling Your Bitcoin so this is not the time to Be not paying attention this is the time To accumulate this is the time to pay Attention and like in approximately two Years from now on then it's maybe the Time to take a small break here but at Least for the coming two years you have To work hard right now here so that was It for me in today's update video I'd Really hope you did enjoy it if you did So don't forget to slap of the like Button and I'll see you guys on the next One peace out goodbye

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