There is an historical Bitcoin Buy Signal flashing right now and in this Exact video I will be discussing this Signal a bit more importantly I will Give a huge update about where we're Currently standing in terms of this Cycle I will talk about what is probably Going to be happening next from of this Point if history is an indication so Make sure to watch this video till the End it's going to be a super important One we're going to talk about the Bitcoin dominance altcoins that are Absolutely getting wrecked over the Course of last night here and many more Important charts we need to discuss Right now here so don't forget to slap Up the like button on today's update Video can we smash it back above 350 Likes that will be absolutely incredible And with that is being said let me jump Straight away in towards the imminent Short term for Bitcoin and once looking At the image short term for Bitcoin we Are actually right now creating a Bullish Divergence on the one hour time Frame so maybe Bitcoin could start to See the bands getting created from this Point onwards and as well we're creating Somewhat of a new falling wedge pattern So Bitcoin is right now creating a lower Low on the one hour time frame well in Fact the RSI is confirming at higher low What means we are currently creating a

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Bullish Divergence only imminent short Term for Bitcoin further on there has Not already been a lot of stuff changed For Bitcoin we are so far still Confirming and higher low on the four Lay time frame but yes if Bitcoin really Breaks below the green box of support Then it will really be expecting Bitcoin Is going to see much more downside Because yes if we do break below that Lower side of support I probably think Bitcoin is going to go to 28 000 US Dollars on the lower side and of course If we want to be flipping bullish on Bitcoin we at least want to be seeing This Bitcoin support line getting hold On because yes Bitcoin is running Creating a new symmetrical triangle and If we do hold on towards this level and Currently Bitcoin is still trading in a Symmetrical triangle and we really need To be bouncing more of the support line In order to be trading in this pattern And as long as we're not breaking Outside of this pattern right here I Won't be really expecting a lot of Volatility Bitcoin is currently trading On support so I am expecting a balance Could really happen from off this point Known words but really I will be looking At the potential breakouts in the coming Hours slash days ahead of ourselves Since yes the Apex of this pattern will Be getting reached in approximately six

To seven days here talking of course About the Bitcoin volatility we do still Know here Bitcoin on The Daily time Frame is currently extremely tight up Here on the bullish bands and you can See is much more tighter than this time Around in 2023 and you can currently Clearly see that the Bitcoin bullish Events is at the moment way tighter than The beginning of January 2023 here and That is indicating that only a bigger Move is going to be happening but like We do know the longer and the more Boring Bitcoins gets the more likely Tomorrow is also going to be boring but Once the breakout occurs once we do see The trend reversal then we do see of Course a very big move hitting the Markets and yes since the volatility is So low on the market if Bitcoin breaks Outside of the low volume range we're Probably going to be seeing a massive Move here do also be on high alert Volume remains to be dropping on bitcoin As well here so probably we're getting Ourselves ready for a gigantic movement In this market we can currently still See that I remain to be long on bits get And remain to be long on by bit Currently my Bible trade is not already In a significant profit it's actually in A small loss right now here but I can Afford to take this loss here because I Will be adding more margin if Bitcoin

Really breaks down towards that 28 000 US dollar region if you are interested In buying Bitcoin or trading Cryptocurrencies you could do so in the Link description all you need to do here Is sign up an account don't buy bit and You can claim with a possible bonus up To thirty thousand dollars so make sure To check it out in the link description Of course I've also been saying on the Daily time frame the resistance to be Breaking is 29.7 K and if we can flip The 29.7 K this horizontal resistance Right here then it will definitely start To become very bullish on bitcoin but as Long as we're not doing so we remain to Be trading in this bearish era in the Market and of course on The Daily time Frame as well we can see that we're Creating a bullflex scenario and Bitcoin Is currently retesting that bullflex Support still at this moment for already More than seven to eight days in a row Here and I'm very curious to see how It's going to be playing out but so far The support is still getting Holden up Here further on we can currently see Here is that Bitcoin is currently Actually retesting that very important Moving average that you can currently See in the pulse really provide Resistance and really the point we broke Below it was the point the bear Market Really started we got a rejection we

Moved down we saw another rejection we Moved down we saw another rejection and We moved even down further towards 15.5 K and what we can currently see here is That in the beginning of this year 2023 We broke Above This level flip this Level into support then back in June we Also saw a retest of this novel we Flipped it into support and currently We're still training above it so at the Moment we do flip below this level I Would definitely start to get worried And of course that if that happens you Will be the first one to know here on The channel because if we do break below This very critical level of support in The market I will be expecting more Dance that could be happening for Bitcoin third on a very interesting Signal is also currently flashing on the Market and those are the hash ribbons That are currently flashing a Buy Signal If you look at the history of the hash Ribbons and every single time they Flash The Buy Signal you would have made a ton Of money in this market so you can see Back in January 2019 so you can see back In January 2019 it flashed the Buy Signal massive rally for Bitcoin towards The upside here in December 2019 massive Rally towards the upside then here after The pandemic crash another Buy Signal Occurred another significant rally Towards the upside then here in July

2020 big Buy Signal a gigantic rally Towards the upside and in the middle Point exactly on the rejection we saw Another Buy Signal but was also once Again a very good buying opportunity and Then of course in the middle of the Small little bear Market in the bear Market recovery we also saw a Buy Signal Occur around August of 2021 and then all The way down here we didn't saw a Buy Signal until it was January 2023 was Also a gigantic good opportunity to be Buying Bitcoin and you can see once Again right now we are once again having That Buy Signal flash there so basically Every single time so far the Buy Signal Has flashed here on the hash ribbons it Has been a super super good time to be Buying here they also have been Predicting perfectly when the market is Capitulating and you can see basically Every single time you see such kind of a Red line you should be going absolutely All in because there's the sign of Capitulation if that will ever happen Again I will be starting to be buying Even more Bitcoin but currently we can See a Buy Signal is flashing and you Should definitely take this very Seriously at the same time we do of Course know that Bitcoin is creating an Ascending triangle and the momentum of Bitcoin is getting squeezed up and we're Getting towards on compression anytime

Soon here in the coming four weeks here We're going to be experiencing a major Breakout and it's either going to be a Break below support or break above Resistance and that is going to really Determine about where Bitcoin is heading Towards the next so be very careful that Once Bitcoin breaks outside of this Range we're probably going to see Massive amounts of volatility before you Click this video away let me first talk About the Bitcoin dominance because this Is exactly what I would love to see here So Bitcoin is moving down here and the Bitcoin dominance goes absolutely up Here so all coins are getting wrecked in This part of the cycle it's super Important that this happens since the Bitcoin dominance is only 50 and I Personally expect it can still go up to 65 to even 70 percent here so there's Way more Reckoning to go for all coins And I've been saying this for quite a While here on the channel because the Best time to be buying all coins is once Bitcoin breaks its Autumn High not in The middle of the bear Market So Currently we can see that the Bitcoin Dominance is once again spiking back Towards the upside and you can see also On the most recent moves towards the Upside the Bitcoin Dominus also takes The lead so what I am expecting just Like these previous moves in the market

Like you can see this is the Bitcoin Price and the blue line is the Bitcoin Dominance you can see every single time Bitcoin creates that exponential Movement towards the upside the Bitcoin Dominance also moves exponentially Towards the upside and that is what I'm Expecting in this next move here Bitcoin Is probably going to take the lead again In the next rally towards the upside Altcoins have been taking some Territorium back here in the Sunburst Consolidation phase like you can see Right here the person I will be Expecting that the Bitcoin dominance and The Bitcoin prices mainly going to be Moving and after that maybe altcoins Could take some territorium back but Still the trend on the Bitcoin nominus Is super bullish and I'm not expecting It's going to be stopping anytime soon Here I'm quickly talking about this Cycle about where we are currently Standing in this cycle of Bitcoin Because yes the whole thing is an Approximately 240 days away here and if I'm going to be comparing this to all The previous cycles that happens we are Currently in this stage right here in The market so you can see we're 245 days Out here last cycle around here 245 days I ran out here was September 2019 and That was of course the point we were in A small liberal strength we had this

Band and then we had the mass of covet Crash here of course this was a crash That didn't really occurred if there Wasn't a pandemic so the pandemic crash Is a black sworn event but what would Have happened if the pandemic crash Wasn't there that's really my question Right what if Bitcoin still crashed so Significantly I don't really think so if That wouldn't have happened I think Bitcoin would have stayed at least Around this price right here and maybe Had a small little rally in towards the Whole thing and then it drops just a few Weeks before the whole thing and then Had that massive rally towards the Upside so you see here the second whole Thing on bitcoin 245 days here was Approximately right here so this is the Place where we're currently trading at And then we had a massive hype Continuation in towards the whole thing And then approximately three to four Weeks before the whole thing we went a Little bit bearish on the whole thing Itself we had a small push up here but Then weeks after we dropped towards the Downside before once again having that Massive rally towards the upside so I am Expecting something similar like this Because I in the end of the day if this Black sworn event didn't happen probably Something similar would have happened as Well over there so if I would draw it

Out here what I'm expecting and what I'm Saying here is that probably we're going To see another push towards the upside Maybe a small little second push but Once the whole thing is going to be There we're probably going to see some Bearish price action and then recover Slowly and go in towards that next Movement towards the upside so that is a Little bit what I'm expecting I still Think there's going to be more highs Going to be discovered before the whole Thing occurs I think that's a very Serious way on approaching it of course So this is what I'm expecting thank you So much for watching and I'll see you Guys on the next one peace out goodbye

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