HISTORIC BITCOIN SIGNAL FLASHING!!! [99% is not seeing this]

Bitcoin history looks to be repeating Yet again and in this exact video I will Be talking about what kind of a thing I'm currently seeing here in the market And it will also go over the most Important Bitcoin charts that are Currently playing out is Bitcoin right Now creating a double top I will be Answering that question and much more Important things here so don't forget to Slop up that like button on today's Update video can we once again smash it Back above 500 likes that will be Absolutely incredible with that being Said let me jump straight away in Towards the content and once looking at The image short term of Bitcoin we can Start to see that on the one hour time Frame Bitcoin is actually starting to Create somewhat of a small uptrend right Now and I wanted to be looking as well At a potential downtrend from the top Side however I'm right now not seeing Enough significance to draw a beautiful Down solving resistance line however we Are starting to create somewhat of a Consolidation phase and we are clearly Having an airport sloping support line That so far is holding us up very well On the price section of Bitcoin Furthermore we can see that on the four Early time frame this level we could Even extend it and you can see that Basically Bitcoin has been trading in an

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Uptrend on this support line for already About 22 days there and on that four Hourly time frame we could potentially Start to look at the downward sloping Versus line you can see here from the Top side towards the downside we are Creating a downward sloping resistance Strength and if we do break Above This Strength right here we could potentially Expect that we're going to be seeing a Breakout somewhere at the beginning Point of February so I give it another Three to four days before we're going to Be having a breakout of this exact Pattern we're creating a symmetrical Triangle and the pattern is said to be Breaking within four days so let's see How it is going to be playing out here I'm going to keep my eyes wide open on This chart right now because it is Indicating that probably the volatility Is going to be picking up for Bitcoin And talking about volatility picking up It is likely actually to see that the Volatility is picking up over the course Of the weekend because like you can see Over the course of the last four Weekends Bitcoin has pumped and on the Monday it started dumping so that is Very interesting to see actually so Could we once again see the same I mean Right now it's Sunday we've got like Another 14 hours in this weekend so yeah It could still definitely happen usually

At the end of the Sunday we tend to see The big pump happening for Bitcoin at Least at the last four times we saw this Signal flashing so this is definitely an Interesting thing to pay attention to And maybe potentially yet again we could Start to see the weekend movement Happening and if we do bump on the Weekend like I told everyone yesterday I Am going to be expecting we're going to Come down in the following week and if We're going to be dumping over the Course of the weekend I think we're Going to recover over the course of the Next week that's basically how I will be Trading it and it's basically how I am Expecting the markets are going to be Playing out here on the four hourly time Frame as well there is a potential Scenario where Bitcoin is creating a Double top we're currently creating Eating one and really what we want to See here is Bitcoin recover because Right now we can see that their strength In the Bitcoin price action is really Coming down you can see that all the uh This structure right here we're creating Less and less exponential Heights there What means that we're basically losing Significant momentum we're creating a Potential double top right here what Could also be a sign of a losing Momentum and right now we're still Holding up towards the upper sloping

Support line but if we do fall below This one as well it could be a signal The Bitcoin is potentially going to see Some more downward sloping pressure you Can also see that we're creating Somewhat of a flag right here and if I Am looking at history this flag has Played out several times before and one Of the times it played out here was back In 2019 like you can see in 2019 in the Bear Market stage here we had of course A massive drop towards the downside Denver recovered we actually formed the Bottom already and then we recovered Towards the upside had a big pump and Had this consolidation phase towards the Upside this boom flag up or sloping bull Flag and if I'm looking at the 2022 Recovery to slash 2023 you can see this Was the initial crash here we came down We had that recovery towards the upside We had that recovery towards the upside We came down formed a higher low we came Now we formed on a higher low we had That Trend here towards the upside we Had the trend towards the upside and Then that initial Spike towards the Upside what was number four so the move Is very similar if I compare the bear Market recovery of 2022 2023 towards 2019 2018. you can see it's a very Similar movement and that makes it very Interesting for me to trade because Right now as well if I'm looking up 2019

You can see we created an airport Sloping bull flag we create an airport Sloping Trend with actually also Weakening highs and many people were Expecting that actually this was going To be the top because yeah it was Looking like a weak move here and Actually right now as well we're seeing The same we are having somewhat of a Weak move towards the upside but if it's Similar to George 2019 I mean like you Can see in 2019 it absolutely Skyrocketed towards the upside and it Didn't stop until it hit 14.4k from of The low of around three thousand dollars What is an absolutely crazy multiplier It's from the low to the high and Approximately 330 move so make sure to Be aware these things can happen in Bear Markets bacon can move up 100 and we Still are in a bear market so I want to Be pointing out that this maybe looks Very weak on the immature term we are Seeing that double top we are seeing of Course some weakening structures on the Lower time frame for Bitcoin it could Definitely just be a 2019-2018 all over again so I want to be Pointing that out here currently with my Trade I've got my stop-loss setup on 19 000 so if we do move down towards Nineteen thousand dollars that is the Point where I will be exiting my low Position and close down at approximately

Fifteen thousand dollars in profit However if we do move down to 21.1 K That is the point where I will add more Margin towards my my trade and if we Move up towards levels of twenty five Thousand dollars that is the point where I will be starting to start taking Profits on my trade so make sure to Subscribe to the channel right now if You want to be staying exactly up to Date how I will be trading this exact Trade and how it will also take profits On this trade right now here as well if You are interested in swing trading Yourself you could do some by bit if you Write your assignment account using the Link in description you can claim a 30 000 US Dollars deposit bonus and if You're living in the US or you can't use Body weight you can check out bit Gap Because bitcat allows you to trade Without kyc without VPN and it allows You to trade in in the US as well so Make sure to check it out but Furthermore looking really at the daily Time frame for Bitcoin what is likely to Happen here if I'm just purely looking At the big support below us if we are Going to be having that movement Correction movement where everyone Almost looks to be talking about the Realistic Target where we will be Finding massive support is 21.1 K but Since so many more people are starting

To talk about it I'm actually willing to Add more margin towards my trades right Because so many people are saying we're Going to go down many people are also Starting to short Bitcoin but if we come Down this is my target 21.5 K that is The big level of support that is also The range why I expect there's going to Be a massive amount of support finds for Bitcoin and if you're really looking at That Weekly time frame I'm going to say Okay where is the big resistance to be Breaking like I told you it's at twenty Five thousand dollars it's the low of The lunar collapse it's the high of the Bear Market recovery phase and we are Currently retesting it again and you can See this red box of resistance it's just The level to be breaking on the weekly Time frame if we do break Above This Level it's going to be absolutely Exciting for Bitcoin the Bulls are Winning at that point again only higher Time frames right now on the weekly time Frame we're still on a bear Trend and Yeah we may broke of course a 400-day Advent like you can see from this high Towards the downside right here but Still we need to be breaking Above This Previous high on the market on the Weekly time frame to confirm that we are Going to be looking bullish as well on The bigger picture so this was it for me On today's update video if you did enjoy

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