The daily macd4 Bitcoin cross beverage For the first time ever in an Approximately 130 days and while this is Happening we are finally seeing a Breakout of this very important pattern While we are seeing that this Consolidation phase for Bitcoin is about To come towards an end so make sure to Watch this video till the end because we Will be discussing the most important Charts I will give an update on my Current ongoing trade I will give an Update on my upcoming trade and much More important stuff so don't forget to Slap up that like button on today's Update video can we smash it back about 400 likes that will be absolutely Incredible and with that of being said Let me jump straight away in towards the Content of course if we're looking at This bigger consolidation phase we can Still see the Bitcoin is creating higher Lows while at the same time it's Creating lower highs so in the bigger Perspective Bitcoin is still trading in The middle of this consolidation phase And the question really remains when are We going to be breaking below the Previous logo to confirm lower low and a Break of the uptrend or the question is When are we going to see a break above The previous high in the market and Confirm an uptrend for Bitcoin that is Currently still what I'm waiting for on

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The image short term and this will Probably occur somewhat in the coming 24 To 48 hours at least that is what I'm Expecting right now and of course once We are going to start breaking out that Is really the point where I would really Start to see bigger moves happening for Bitcoin on the four hourly time frame we Already did clearly saw the Bitcoin Actually broke below the effort solving Support line on the 4la time frame this Breakdown did occur yesterday on this Sunday and the move then started Yesterday on 10 o'clock around the Sunday what is actually quite positively Because that means that currently we do Not have a CME Gap at all for Bitcoin so Yeah we did still clearly broke down of The pattern however it was over the Course of the weekend I should still Take it quite seriously but for me to Really give them confirmation on that Next bigger move for Bitcoin I really Want to be looking at the consolidation Phase because this consolidation phase Will tell us a little bit more about Where Bitcoin is exactly going to be Moving towards right we can also clearly See that Bitcoin is currently retesting Still this very important level of Previous support that currently is Flipping into resistance and yeah once We clearly break Above This level that Is the point where we could see more

Potential upside for Bitcoin so far We've just not seen this level getting Broken so we have to be a little bit More patient we have to be very careful And once we break outside of this range That is the point where volatility could Really start to hit for Bitcoin again The price Target is all the way down to 24 to 25 000 and furthermore we can Currently see that my trade isn't about 1800 US dollars in profit it's Definitely a nice profit but it's not Really the target I've been waiting for I've been looking at so what I will be Doing with my trade here is just Casually keep it open for now on of Course if I see a break of the downtrend And we will start to initiate an uptrend I'm going to exit my short position and Once Bitcoin breaks further towards the Downside but I will be looking to take Some more profits off my trade somewhere Around 26 to 25 000 US dollars so yeah Don't forget to subscribe to the channel Because then you will exactly stay up to Date when I will be taking more profits On my trades I also will be opening up a New gigantic trading position on 24 to 25 000 so don't forget to subscribe to The channel for that one as well because I will be opening up this straight live Here on the channel so don't forget to Subscribe right now and stay up to date Because my next trade is a gigantic

Bitcoin long position and if you're Interested in trading yourself as well You could check out the links in Description right now where you can Claim insane deposit bonuses for just Signing up an account towards any of These exchanges furthermore we can see That Bitcoin is actually creating a 12 Hour falling wedge here and falling wage Is a typical bullish bias reversal Pattern currently we can clearly see the Breakout has not been occurred yet here But of course as soon as we do break Outside of the downswing trend line that Is really the point where we could start To see more volatility at the markets And of course I am talking towards Volatility ability towards the upside so I'm waiting and looking for this next Move here to occur on bitcoin and if we Are going to see that breakout here from The downward solving trend line we could See a small little relief towards the Upside for Bitcoin so don't forget to Subscribe to the channel because once we Break these lines here I will keep you Guys posted exactly what is going to be Next for Bitcoin we can also see that Actually on the daily time frame the Bitcoin daily EMA ribbon has been Crossing bearish for the first time ever In an approximately 130 days here of Course last time it cross bearish was One of the 90 days ago but the last time

It was in this bearish momentum phase Was an approximately 130 days ago it was Definitely quite a long time ago and Currently we can see that we are Training below the daily email ribbon And that we also had a bearish crossover So this is very important to pay Attention towards because the last time We had a bearish crossover Bitcoin Dumped significantly towards fifteen Thousand dollars the moment before that We had a bearish crossover was all the Way back here in April 2022 and of Course that Point while we were crossing Bearish Bitcoin dumped from forty two Thousand dollars all the way down Towards an approximately nineteen Thousand dollars so it's a very Important signal to pay attention Towards right now the Bitcoin daily EMA Ribbon is right now Crossing bearish and This could have definitely more bearish Effects on the longer perspective for Bitcoin of course if we do break back Above it it's going to be very good but As long as we're not breaking above the Daily email ribbon we are definitely Still in a little bit of a more bearish Face in the market furthermore we can See that the daily symmetrical triangle Still broke bearish no big moves happen Yet so far I've talked about this for Quite a while already and if you're Looking at the weekly time frame for

Bitcoin you can actually see that the Weekly macd is also about to be having a Bearish crossover it's super super close Here I will keep you guys up to date Once it does Clorox here because the Last time the weekly macd Crosshair was An approximately 280 days ago what is Quite a long time ago and I mean for Bitcoin to not cross in 300 days it is Actually quite significantly so so yeah Once the signal definitely is going to Be Crossing I will keep everyone up to Date here on the channel because it's Going to be an important thing to pay Attention towards because every single Time so far it has been seeing across it Also indicated a good momentum switch in The market just like once it crossed Right here we saw the momentum going Back up again just like across Bears Right here we saw the momentum coming Down again so important to pay attention Towards the mcds about to cross bearish And this could have a very bearish Effect on the market so that was it for Me in today's update video I truly hope You did enjoy it if you did like the Video don't forget to slap up that like Button on today's update video hope to See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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