This historical signal is flashing on The price section of Bitcoin right now And in this exact video I will talk About the most important charts I will Talk about a gigantic bullish Development for ethereum and many more Important stuff so can we once again Slap up that like button back above 300 Likes that will be absolutely incredible And with that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the imminent Short term for Bitcoin and once looking At that image short term for Bitcoin we Can currently clearly see here we're Creating that downward sobbing Resistance line and ever since we broke It above this resistance line we have Seen Bitcoin shooting back towards Higher levels and pushing up higher with An approximately two percent move Towards the upside finally Bitcoin is Starting to be moving again after Consolidating sideways for a very long Period of time here where right now Finally starts to see a move here to be Very honest if I'm also approaching this From the four early time frame you do Know what I've been saying for quite a While right now on the channel I think The 25.6k is a very big and important Support for Bitcoin if we were breaking Below this level or if we are going to Be be breaking below this level I think 24.8k is going to be next and 24.8k is

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Exactly my buy zone so if Bitcoin comes Down to 24.8 K I'm going to be opening Up massive long positions since that is A level that I'm very interested in on Buying if we do also manage to be Breaking above the next resistance the 26.6 K the previous Range High in the Market that resistance right here if I See a confirmed breakout Above This Level I expect 27.8k is going to be the Next level to be hitting for Bitcoin but Personally in the image short term There's not a lot of stuff happening we Are creating a beliefs Divergence on a 12-hour time frame we're also creating a Ballistic version on The Daily time Frame you can clearly see price action On bitcoin is going lower and creating Lower lows while the RSI screening at Higher low means that we're right now Creating a bully's Divergence and due to The fact that we're creating a bully's Diverges right now I won't be surprised To see that move towards the officer Getting created from off this point Onwards if you are interested in buying Bitcoin or trading cryptocurrencies Don't forget to go to the link Description of today's update video Because yes if you go to the link Description of today's video you can Actually claim a free one thousand Dollars and all you need to do here is Deposit one hundred dollars within seven

Days after signing up the account using This link in description right here you Can get a free one thousand dollars by Only depositing one hundred dollars so Go to the link description if you are Interested in claiming this insane Deposit bonus that currently is running Here on my bed also looking at Bitcoin We can currently clearly see here Bitcoin is right now retesting that very Important open solving support line We've been retesting and sitting and Hovering around this level for Approximately two weeks already and Basically once again we've started to See a small little bands from of this Level what is of course very interesting To be seeing at the same time I've been Saying this for quite a while here as Long as we're holding above the 24.8 K Slash twenty five thousand dollar level I don't really see a reason to be Panicking so you can clearly see this Was support then flipped into resistance Here as well flipped into resistance Here it is holding us up as support and Currently once again refining support Around this level and if you remove all The drawings I've been saying this in my Previous video videos as well here we Right now could be creating a double Bottom here on that Weekly time frame And if that were to be playing out here We could be also create a w pattern and

If we then manage to be breaking above The top side we could be having an Insane price Target towards the upside So I think Bitcoin is actually looking Quite strong here so let's see how this Is going to be playing out here we just Have to be a little bit more patient so You can see also Bitcoin has been Trading between this range here for Already let me say this correctly a few Months here to be exact five months in a Row already and basically we've been Hanging around here twenty five thousand Dollars and thirty two thousand dollars On the top side and that is why I think The Lower Side of support is really a Buy range and the top side is really a Cell range so yeah we're just going to Be hanging around this range and until We are going to be Breaking Inside of This range that is ones I'm going to say Okay right now we're going to be looking More bearish or if we break above the Top side we're going to be looking way More bullish of course at the same time Also Bitcoin is printing right now a Very interesting signal in the Stochastic RSI this Buy Signal only Occurs once the stochastic RZR is Oversold and we're having that bullish Crossover for over there currently we Can see the last time we had this Bullish crossover was on this candle Right here and after that we had a

Massive rally towards the upside and Right now as well we're having a bullish Crossover happening right now here and That is definitely a very interesting Signal if you would ask me here and the Last time that this signal flashed there In oversold conditions was all the way Back here in November 2022 what also Marked the exact bottle for Bitcoin so This is a very interesting signal that Historically speaking has been giving us A very good amount of accuracy on where Bitcoin is going towards and honestly it Makes me quite excited that these signal Is once again flashing so if we will be Approaching Bitcoin and we're going to Start zooming out here you can first of All see this gigantic damage solving Resist line that currently is getting Retested second of all we're retesting That horizontal level of support as well That previously ranked acted as Resistance and if we really are going to Be breaking below this level I think the Next big support is going to be 22 000 Depending on when we're going to be Breaking down here and no matter what's Going to be happening the big resistance Is to break here is 32 000 so these two Levels so the down over-solving support Line and the horizontal resistance They're going to be meeting each other Approximately in July or June 2024 but This retest in my opinion definitely

Makes it a very interesting range to Accumulate Bitcoin and what I am doing Currently with Bitcoin to very clearly Clarify it up here I am dollar cost Averaging always once Bitcoin is below The 32 000 so I don't care what price I'm buying Bitcoin for but every single Week I am buying more Bitcoin and once We do break above this region I'm going To not do that anymore because then the Risk is becoming higher but while we are Trading below 32 000 I think the risk is Most certainly still very low so I am Still Donald cost averaging every single Day for Bitcoin but of course for my Trades I want to get a good entry and Therefore I am waiting for 24.8k but for Accumulation I am doing it every single Day as also if you're looking right now At Bitcoin at the two-week perspective And basically it's a cycle perspective We can currently clearly see here that We're riding on in the part of the bear Market cycle for Bitcoin this is the Re-accumulation phase and historically Speaking this is a period of low Volatility but this is also a period That basically is your last buying Opportunity before the next Ballroom Really starts so I see this as a big Opportunity and the Bitcoin whole thing Is already imminent in 220 days here so It's much closer than most thinker and Before before you know it's already too

Late to be accumulating Bitcoin at the Cheap valuation because things could be Moving very quickly and especially with All these Bitcoin sport ETFs that Probably or most likely are going to Come later this year also very Interesting of course we do know that Caddy would Arc Investments they applied For an ethereum spot ETF the first one To be doing so and can't support also Said that ethereum will most likely Outperform Bitcoin in the next Bull Run What is definitely a very interesting Thing to be seeing here from this large Large institution and if you're looking At ethereum right now for the weekly Time frame we're creating also a Gigantic ascending triangle and Percy I Really think here that we're going to be Sitting around this triangle for the Remaining of this year I don't really Expect many big moves there until Bitcoin maybe is going to be seeing the Same here and in the case that Bitcoin Is going to get a small DTF I think that The ethereum ETF is also going to come Very quickly so yes you should be Looking out for ethereum as well here it May be running behind here also if You're looking at Bitcoin compared to Ethereum in my opinion ethereum is going To be performing very well in the next Bull Run also due to the fact that if You're looking at ethereum you can see

Since the merge it has only seen a Decreasement in Supply here and Basically since the merge here it has Seen a 0.25 decline uh total Supply here On a yearly basis so that is absolutely Crazy so far we've seen more than 300 000 ethereum getting out of the supply And that basically means here is that Ethereum is going to becoming more and More scarce over time and as more money Is going to be flowing in towards this Market it's going to be making ethereum Such an attractive asset to be investing In so that was it for me in today's Topic video if you did enjoy don't Forget to slap all the like button and I'll see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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