Help #Bitcoin users stay safe and with @CryptoGuide & BTCRecover

Yeah so I started the channel like years Ago just because following the uh 2017 Sort of pump I just had a number of People very close to me who would they'd Come and ask my advice after they had Invested in a scam or invested in the Scam no there's no investing in scams or After they you know shared their wallet Seed in Dropbox and you know had the Whole thing taken looking online and Noticing there actually wasn't anyone Really in the space who was trying to Create videos to help you to avoid scams And to help you to recover if you've Made a mistake big part of what I still Do now so like between the channel and BTC recover which is an open source tool That I maintain what I do is is trying To help people stay out of trouble and Then try to provide a bit of help for if They get into it I know there are people Now from all around the world who are Using BTC recover and I only speak English anyone who's happy to translate Stuff on Etc recover that is very very Much appreciated it's very important to Make these tools accessible to as wide An audience as possible Thank you

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