Hands-On Bitcoin: Mastering Taproot and Lightning with @Base58btc

It's a class where you show up and you Get to put your hands on like what is a Bitcoin transaction so that's our Bitcoin developer Basics class where we Learn all about transactions and how you Know some basic crypto Works um this has Been a busy year this year we launched a Um T root in a lightning class so it's An opportunity to come and get your Hands dirty on like writing code that Like for for lightning like um write a Routing algorithm learn how to parse an Invoice learn how to write like a plugin To do HT we see interceptions um in tap Rot class you write our first like tap Script tree thing and then we learn how To spend it um we write the python we Write all the pieces of python that you Need to like make a Shore signature and Verify it we do it all in class with Python by hand from scratch we read the Specs we Implement them um it's a very Like I want to learn what it's like to Be like a an implementation duve or I Want to learn how these things work at Just the basic nuts and bolts um you can Come get like a guided tour basically With an expert

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