Greenlight: Simplifying the Lightning Network with full user self-custody #Blockstream

Well green light plain and simple just Makes it easier for people to get on the Lightning Network it hosts a lightning Node for a customer usually like a Merchant or an Enterprise that wants Access to the network we built green Light based on our own implementation of The lightning uh specification called Core lightning and core lightning was Designed to be very modular so like all The component pieces of a lightning node Are their own little modules and that Means that we can take a lightning node Put it in the cloud host it run manage All of the kind of complexities of Setting it up provisioning scaling all These things but one module is not in Our control and that is the signing Module so the private keys for any Individual user they control they manage On their own and they sign remotely and So the nice thing about Greenlight is That it provides all of the convenience Of a hosted solution but still enables The user of the node to have full Control of their coins and to kind of Have that extra security layer when They're operating on lightning

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