Greenlight: Revolutionizing Bitcoin Wallets with Non-Custodial Lightning Integration

Green is block streams kind of you know Sleeper wallet we've had uh a Bitcoin Wallet since forever we actually bought The company Behind Green years and years Ago now so that green is a non-custodial Wallet we really wanted to take that Model and apply it to lightning because We we we don't want to have your Bitcoin Thank you so we spent a long time trying To think about how to do this to the Standards that that we want and the Answer to us was green light where we Host the infrastructure but the keys and The control stay with the user and so That way you really want your onchain Funds and your lightning well we we have To Green Light Christian Decker uh did a Fantastic job kind of building that Tech Out and making that robust and then you Know the final step was to attach green Uh so you can download green turn on Lightning we're actually hosting a note For you but you still holding the keys So we're just doing all the all the Maintenance and things for you and Upgrading and and you are in control of Your funds at all times

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