Get Your Dynex Off The Web Wallet

What's up Sons it's blindrog with son of A tech once again and unfortunately Dynex is a mess right now and as I had Kind of projected and predicted here we Are starting to see Dynex dump as the Web wallet has come back online and Miners are moving their Dynex off of Their web wallets into exchanges and not Into self-custody unfortunately and that Is causing a price decrease on Dynex as You can see here we've had the price go Down consistently since the launch of The web wallet has come back online and It is already down 30 percent for the Day we'll just have to see how far that Goes now there's more to the story here Too and I'm gonna get into it right After a word from today's sponsor Today's sponsor is myself I recently Launched a crypto mining e-course at son Of a and it includes 9 steps to Cover when you decide to start your Crypto mining Journey this is Specifically pertaining to 2023 crypto Mining profits and taking advantage of The DOW market to achieve skyrocketing Growth as we move into the next having Of Bitcoin you learn buying mining Equipment in a bear Market using outside Investment to speculative mind begin Mining once profit is established sell Mine crypto to pay for electricity hold And prep for the Bull Run sell at the Top of the bull market sell mining

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Equipment at the top of the bull market And begin investing in land and power so That you can bring in outside investors To utilize excess resources thanks Everybody for your support and I hope You enjoy the course let me know what You think of it in the comment section Below welcome back everybody so Unfortunately what we have is a Situation where the web wallet while They do provide Keys Now does not Actually provide all the information key Wise that you would need to recover in Either the GUI wallet or the command Line interface wallet and I'm going to Show you guys what I'm talking about Here so if we go and we take a look at Our keys folder we have a spend secret Key a spin public key in your address There's another secret key in private Key that actually needs to be in here For you be to be able to recover it so Unfortunately if you go to recover it in A CLI or in the new GUI wallet you can't Do that thankfully not All Is Lost for People that are trying to create a new Wallet and self-custody while I've been Usually utilizing the command line Wallet I realized that a lot of people Might not want to do that so let's go Over the windows GUI wallet here real Quick and just get you guys up to date As far as that goes so if you want to Hold your Dynex right now I'm going to

Have you guys basically install the Wallet and then from there send your Dynex from your web wallet over to the Self custody wallet provided All right so down in the description Below I'll leave a link here and it is To the Dynex GUI wallet we're going to Go ahead and click it and then you'll See here that we have the file prepared I am going to right click and just do a Cut option I'm going to go to my desktop Right click and then just say new and Folder we're gonna mine it name it not Mine it Name it Dynex Click into here and then paste that There before we extract it your Antivirus might get in the way so once Again don't install this on anything With personal information But that being said you will go into the Virus and threat protection click the Manage settings option and then come Down to add and remove remove Exclusions click the add exclusion click Folder and then highlight Dynex and say Select folder and it'll add it to your Exclusions that will make sure that when You come here and right click and say Extract all that it won't remove any Files while it's extracting it so we're Going to go ahead and extract all there And you can see here that we now have The Dynex wallet.exe to install so we're

Just going to go ahead and double click That to run it windows will protect it We'll save more info and run anyways And at this point the wallet will be up And at this point we will need to Basically wait for it to synchronize but We can get our actual address here Already by clicking the receive button And we can just copy that out and then Put it into our Dynex web wallet and Send our funds here a couple other notes That you might want to take is clicking The file option and backing up this Wallet so that you have your wallet Backed up and you can just do wallet or At this point just probably like backup Dot wallet it'll save it as dot wallet Save it there and then that way you can Move that file to another machine and Restore this wallet so now you control Your keys another option that I would Like to point out is that you should Encrypt your wallet you can do that by Saying file like encrypt and type in a Password And click OK and then now every time you Open this wallet or try to send a Transaction or anything like that it Will require you to type in that Password that doesn't prevent people From actually taking your backup and Restoring it to another wallet so you Need to actually take that back up and Also put that on an encrypted Drive I

Just utilize USB drives and BitLocker so If you want to learn how to encrypt it Check out one of my earlier how to mine Videos and I always go over that Information for you guys there I just Wanted to get this out real quick so you Guys are aware so right now you can't Restore the web wallet to anything you Have to basically create a new wallet And send the Dynex to it and that is Obviously not ideal in this particular Situation my understanding is this will Be resolved at some point but if I were You I would just get a second wallet Open with the GUI at this point that You're familiar with and understand and Move your Dynex off of it and move your Miners to point to that particular Wallet thanks for watching today please Hit the like comment subscribe down Below and I'll see you next Tuesday

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