Right now the Bitcoin Buller Japan's is Squeezing up significantly and in this Exact video I will be going over Bitcoin I will be talking about the price Consolidation we're currently seeing I Will be going over of course some Important trend lines some important Things we should be looking at right now And much much more will be getting Discussed on today's update video so Don't forget to slap up that like button On today's update video can we once Again smash it back above 300 likes that Will be absolutely incredible and with That being said let me jump straight Away in towards the content and over the Past few hours we start to see Bitcoin Moving up here towards level somewhere Around 16.9 K so on the top side of this Range right here so that is definitely Very interesting to see and if I remove This wrong right here of course the Range Rover currently consolidating and You can clearly see here on the top side That this is clearly the point of Resistance and here on the lower side of This range I ran into 16.4k it is clear Really to support so we're currently Consolidating in a very important level For Bitcoin and what really matters Right now here is whether we break above That 16.9 K to of course confirm a Bullish breakout towards the upside or Whether we see a break below the 16.4 K

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To see a break towards the downside so We could short the market we are just Waiting to see which direction we're Breaking towards however either Direction we break towards is going to Be a good trading opportunity if I will Be looking at the four early time frame Yesterday we discussed of course that The Bitcoin for early time frame is Currently creating a symmetrical Triangle and a lot you can currently see We officially confirmed a bullish Breaker towards the upside so if we are Going to be measuring our price target For a bullish breakout towards the Upside for Bitcoin we're going to be Going for targets around 17.6 K what Would potentially mean that we're Finally breaking outside of this range Like you can see we've been trading in This range for quite a while right now But after we officially broke Above This Downward sloping resistance line right Here where we got rejected from multiple Times like you can clearly see right Here we could finally start to be moving Higher for Bitcoin so that is also why I Will be exactly looking at but more Importantly what I really think that Everyone should pay attention towards Right now is the extreme low volume and The extreme low volatility in the market Because if I currently open up the daily Time frame with the Bollinger Bands you

Can see that the bullet events is Extremely tight it is literally as tight I've never seen Bitcoin be so tight and At least not for the past few years Because like I discussed yesterday as Well here if we're going to look at the Volatility index Bitcoin is currently on A two-year low on the Bitcoin volatility Index what also means that of course is Likely that the bullet Japan is going to Squeeze up so significantly right so the Bollinger Bands is squeezed up Significantly and right now I am waiting To see this breakout occur on the market So let's see where it is heading towards But I am currently really expecting that The volatility is going to be happening Anytime soon of course I've been saying This for a while here but of course it's Likely the longer we're going to trade Sideways the bigger the swing is going To be here and I really think that this Consolidation phase right here where we Have been consolidating in for the pause Let me say this exactly seven oh 18 days Already almost 19 is going to tell us The direction whether we are breaking Bullish or breaking bearish right so This is exactly where I should be Looking at and if we see a bullish Breakout you could long it and also vice Versa if we break towards the downside And if you are interested in trading you Could do so on Bobby bit or bitget and

If you sign up an account using the Links in the description you can also Claim an additional deposit bonus on top Of your initial deposit you can Currently see that I'm long on bitcoin With an approximately 66 000 US Dollars and yeah I'm currently Instill in a minor loss there but this Is a swing trade and really if we break Down to fourteen thousand dollars I'm Going to double down my margin and that Is on where I'm waiting for before Adding more margin towards my trade here Furthermore if you already look at the Daily time frame for Bitcoin you can see That we bounce perfectly from of that Daily support line on the four hourly Time frame you can also see that Actually that candle that touched this Level was a pretty beautiful candle you Saw a big move towards the downside and After we touch this level we wake Towards the upside and even close it in Towards the green so this was actually a Very beautiful candle that Bitcoin Printed and this is also quite a bullish Signal in my opinion in terms of the Candle formation and how the Candlestick Is behaving itself because yeah it's Bouncing beautiful from the support line And it's really showing and indicating That there's a lot of strength currently In the market also if I'm looking at the Daily time frame I can currently clearly

Spot the most important downtrend for Bitcoin and like you can see the current Daily time frame is retesting this novel So whether we're going to close this Daily candle above and 16.8k or 16.9k or Even above it right we're going to be Officially confirming a breakout of this Down solving trend line so very good to See here hopefully we can break it of Course we've seen many downward sloping Trends in history in this um Consolidation range for Bitcoin and Basically every single time we broke it We saw at least a small little rally Towards the upside right and that is is Also what I will be looking at right now Here we'll be breaking this important Level and it could lead towards more Positive price action for Bitcoin so Don't forget to subscribe to the channel Right now because then you are going to Stay up to date exactly on this Potential breakout that currently is Occurring looking then at the legendary Support line for Bitcoin we are yet Again bouncing from of this level and Like we've been expecting every single Time we touched it we bands from it so Far and I personally think it is a very Good opportunity and I personally think That this well could be the bottom for Bitcoin to be very honest if I'm also Looking at the falling which year you Can currently see it we're extremely

Close by potentially breaking out of This pattern currently the resistance is Somewhere around 17K so if we close Significantly above that say 17.2 k Firstly we're going to look quite good On the weekly timeframe as well because Then we're breaking this important trend Line here right so you can see here Rejection and also right here and also Right here so if we close above 17.2k With the weekly candle things are going To look very good for Bitcoin so don't Forget to subscribe to the channel if You want to stay up to date exactly on All these important charts right now Here but with that being said thank you So much for watching and I'll see you Guys on the next one peace out goodbye

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