Get Ready for the Next Bull Run: Experts Predict a New Crypto Cycle is Underway – 249

But let's see why macro catalysts are Lining up for Bitcoin a new report from The brokerage firm set Ftx's collapse was the Catalyst for a New bullish cycle in cryptocurrency Markets brokerage firm Bernstein said in A research report Monday the crypto Exchanges demise cleaned up the final Trench of toxic crypto leverage and Taught digital asset investors the Importance of decollateralization or Decentralization excuse me in Self-custody wallets it is nice the Report said It is nice that like I get a warm fuzzy Feeling when I see Because On coindesk for the entire past bull Cycle Self-custody and decentralization were Not Really at the Forefront of its Journalism right the The actual Forefront was nfts uh C5 Utilizing platforms that basically just Like FTX Celsius and all of that and Everybody just in the bull run Completely forgot about decentralization Self-custody when I would talk about it People would be like well I'm just going To go make the money anyways I don't Really care this doesn't matter blah Blah blah and It's nice to see it back in the

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Forefront I like to see this it puts a Smile on my face I get a warm fuzzy Feeling we're back in the you need you Need the bear Market to remind people Not to be dumb asses right like that's Pretty much what it is you need it to Remind people hey you were being an Idiot and When you were calling me an idiot for Telling you it wasn't a good idea to Utilize centralized services And I'm glad you're back and you realize What the point of all this was in the Very beginning right macro catalysts are Aligning for Bitcoin the world's largest Cryptocurrencies by market cap the note Added with continued weakness in U.S Regional Banks and further deposit Outflows toward money market funds and The big four US Banks all reflecting Concerns about the centralization of Money Quote any potential dislocation whether On the bank's credit side or on Sovereign side positions at Bitcoin Perfectly as a safe haven asset Alongside gold end quote analysts Oh I don't know how to pronounce that Name uh and Manus are Argo Argo wall Wrote so they're basically saying They're equating now and this is these Are macro analysts right they're they're Basically saying Bitcoin is gold now which is is

Has not been the narrative even through The bull run right and not what was Actually happening with correlation with Stock markets but like I said now we're Seeing something very different happen With Bitcoin this is kind of like it's Almost like watching Bitcoin grow up Right before our eyes Bitcoin has Rallied 80 this year with prices surging 23 in March amid multiple bank failures In the U.S ethereum's uh in the U.S Ethereum's native token ether is up 76 Year to date according to coindesk data Ethereum implemented its highly Anticipated chappella hard Fork last Week opening the doors for users to Stake and unstake their ether at will Ether rallied 13 after the software Upgrade lifting the broader Market Higher the ethereum blockchain's fees Are up threefold reflecting the growing User intensity and token prices post FTX The note said according to Berenstein The new crypto cycle is still not fully Appreciated with a number of positive Factors lining up these include macro Catalysts and new Bitcoin mining cycle The continued successful upgrades of the Ethereum blockchain and the success of Ethereum scaling products such as Arbitrum Quote the opportunity to build a new Institutional Financial stack on the Blockchain remains a worthy goal and

Serious participants remain focused on The long-term end quote the analysts Wrote adding that this will be the first Crypto cycle which we'll see Participation from leading institutional Investors do you think that's true Because we saw quite a large amount of Institutional investment and then all of The banks that were basically Facilitating that Got run on Right that's what we witnessed svb Signature Anything that was helping facilitate Institutional investing Stateside Got wiped out So I'm not so sure that this will be the Institutional Investors will be the driving force Behind this bull run Thanks for checking out this clip from The crypto mining show you can check out The full episode here or more crypto Content down here also I'd like you to Check out my locals page at son of a where you can become a Member for free or choose to be a five Dollar a month supporter that unlocks Additional content

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