Right now Bitcoin is getting ready for Another move and in this exact video I Will be talking about the next Bitcoin Move that will happen in the coming 12 Hours out of ourselves and on top of That I will discuss the current ongoing Trend the current most important levels To be looking and much more important Data so don't forget to slap up the like Button can we once again slap it back Above 600 and with that being said let Me jump straight away in towards the Content and on the imminent short term We can currently see that the price Action on bitcoin is really getting Squeezed up and actually if I'm looking At the four hourly time frame you can Really see how boring this sideways Consolidation has been for Bitcoin over The course of the weekend usually the Longer we do have low volatility in the Market we will be probably seeing a more Exponential move also quickly going to Say it while this dump happened for Bitcoin we did so that the S P 500 Actually spiked towards the upside quite Significantly what is actually quite a Bad sign because Bitcoin didn't move up At all so right now I'm definitely quite Worried about what I is going to be Happening next for Bitcoin but if I'm Really looking at them in the short term I could just look at this symmetrical Triangle and this is really going to

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Direct me and tell me what the next Bitcoin move is going to be so of course On the one hour time frame you can Clearly see whether it's going to be Breaking up or down and once we confirm The breakout we should be looking for an Upside Target around 22.7 k or a Downside Target somewhere around 22 000 US dollars but as soon as we do break Outside of this pattern you will be the First one to know on my socials Furthermore we can currently see that The fortnite time frame is still Technically speaking in an uptrend and If he's saying this yesterday as well This is the most important level to Watch here the 22 000 US dollars as long As we hold up the 22k we are in fact Technically speaking still holding up an Uptrend on the bigger picture but as Soon as we do break below it we are Going to be reversing and we will be Most certainly see even further Continuation towards the downside of an Even bigger Trend Direction swing so one Thing will be important and that is to Hold up the support on twenty two Thousand dollars of course there's also A resistance above us if we do see a Bump in towards 22.7 K that is actually A Target where I should be looking at Shorting positions as soon as we do see That move happening I'm going to Announce my next trade I'm currently

Waiting for it I'm getting ready for my Next trade but yeah of course I will Only open up a new trade on bitcoin if I Do see a clear opportunity so I'm really Waiting for that right now we can also Clearly see the four-league time frame That Bitcoin is actually bouncing from Off the support line very well we're Bouncing from off this level every Single time and basically so far we have Been seeing a perfect Bounce from this Level every single time we touched it so If we do break below this level it could Definitely signal that Bitcoin could be Seeing lower lows but what I will be Trying to do is to actually open up a Long position on the re-test of this Exact level so I'm going to keep my eyes Wide open to see what is happening next For Bitcoin but if we can hold this Level into support we are technically we Are technically speaking still an Uptrend for Bitcoin and that is probably Going to result in more continuations Towards the upside so it's going to be Very very important to see what levels We're going to hold up and of course if We break it we should be bearish if we Bounce on it we should be bullish of Course and we can see also clearly right There on my trade still in about 30 000 US dollars in profit already looked in More than six thousand US dollars as Well so currently still waiting I do

Think it could be likely to see small Little bands here however this what we Are currently creating this pattern is Usually a continuation pattern of the Trend we're heading towards and since we Saw significant dump towards the Downside I wouldn't be surprised to Actually see another lag down here and I've been saying it for quite a while if I'm looking at the daily time frame the Structure looks weak for Bitcoin I'd be Saying it for a while now we are Creating somewhat of a rounding top on The top side and on top of that the lows Are getting less exponential what means That we're significantly losing out on Buy momentum we can currently see the Super trend is solver still holding us Up as soon as we do flip below the super Trend I will be definitely become very Bearish because the super trend is a Very good indicator to really look yeah Whatever we should be staying bullish or Bearish on bitcoin so if we do fill the Bears on this one you believe the first Want to know that as long as it is Bullish we should be bullish on bitcoin As well you can see it this is where the Buy is swapped and you can see the trend Significant continuation the years where The buyer swaps and we solved the Significant continuation towards the Downside as well so it will be important To be looking at the super Trend right

Now everything is still looking fine but As soon as we swap it around you will be The first one to know here on the Channel furthermore we can see also in The daily time frame just like on the 4la time frame right here we are Actually still bouncing from of that Upper solving support line and yeah Really the level to break for Bitcoin is Twenty five thousand dollars the top Side is the level to break as long as We're not breaking above it we're still Not entering extremely bullish markets For Bitcoin and of course if I'm Actually looking at the weekly time Frame for Bitcoin you can see that we're Getting a rejection from of that EMA Ribbon right the EMA ribbon is the level To break for Bitcoin on the weekly time Frame but currently we can see some Weakening structure getting created on The weekly timeframes all for Bitcoin But what I do want to be pointing out Here of course I do know Bitcoin can Come down right now it can go up today Or could maybe dump twenty thousand Dollars tomorrow again but in the bigger Picture basically always wants the email Ribbon is read on the weekly time frame It is indicating an historical buying Opportunity and to be exact this is the Third biggest buying opportunity we ever Have seen in the price history of Bitcoin so so make sure to do that you

Do your due diligence and that you know Where you're investing in I'm personally Investing in Bitcoin for the long term But anyways this is it for me on today's Topic video I truly hope you did enjoy It did like the video don't forget to Slap up the like button and I'll see you Guys on the next one peace out goodbye

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