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Today's sponsor is BT miners BT miners Has been a longtime sponsor of the Channel and a proven reliable source for Asic miners if you are looking to Purchase ASX Hardware from Bitcoin to Dogecoin miners they are available for Purchase on bt- BT miners has Recently launched an app on IOS and Android that let you browse their Inventory by profitability and return on Investment follow the affiliate Link in The description and use promo code s o a For a Discount for you nerds out there Building proof of useful work rigs is That we are going to have 64 GB DDR 5 Modules coming Soon and the desktop PC memory is soon Going to get another major capacity Boost with the upcoming release of 64 GB Ddr5 modules this means like for proof Of useful work you potentially just Build a desktop PC and have plenty of Room for as much memory or Ram as you Could possibly need And throw on you know vast AI or flux Os Or whatever it may be and run more Containers that sort of thing right Chore. a whatever you're you you prefer For a long time the maximum supported Memory capacity for desktop PCS was 128 Gbt and the Max Capacity per module was 32 GB this changed when Dam makers Introduced a brand new 24 GB and 48 GB

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Kits based on the 24 GB Dam allowing for 192 capacities MSI was among the first Motherboard makers to offer support for Such high capacities and now the company Will be the first to offer support for 256 gab capacities on its desktop PC Platforms micron's 1 beta D Ram which Comprises 32 GB Dam modules is coming to The market soon with the likes of Kingston's Fury Renegade ddr5 memory kit The kit features four ddr5 modules and Each one is equipped with 64 GB capacity For a total of up to 250 6 GB that's a 33% increase over the past 192 GB Capacities which are still a huge amount For a mainstream desktop PC platform but Once again we're not really looking at It from that perspective we're looking At it from the perspective of being able To buy a consumer grade motherboard as Opposed to server grade components Throwing that in there having all the Latest features like resizable bar and Smart access memory and so on and be Able to deploy it in a manner that is Utilized for things like Chlor AI vast Ai and so on a flux OS whatever it may Be this is a huge deal since you no Longer require require to get four Memory modules to uh hit 128 gigabytes Now that's a good point too from that Perspective for people that are trying To if you guys aren't familiar a lot of These platforms work really well on Dual

Channel but as soon as you go to quad Channel you really get some performance Degradation especially on the XMP over Clocking side of things and so you can Get better performance by putting in two Of the 64 GB modules you still have 128 Gigabyte but you will get into dual Channel which presumably would give you Better performance on the CPU side of Things especially on AMD platforms as Far as that's concerned MSI is Demonstrating a 256 gigb capacity setup On its Pro X 67p Wi-Fi motherboard Equipped with the 7900 XC GPU you will Require a bios update of course to Enable optimal support for the 256 GB Capacities and 64 GB ddr5 modules ack Has also showcased support for 256 GB Capacities utilizing 64 gab ddr5 memory Modules on both the x670 and the z790 Platforms this shows that all major Motherboard vendors are prepping to Support for higher capacities for their Specific motherboard platforms and it's Good to see that both Intel and AMD Platforms are getting support so there You guys go keeping you up to date with That because we are in this weird Shifting space from the crypto mining uh Scene where I think a lot of people will Be moving to proof of useful work here's The thing I wanted to talk about though Because we need to pause go off on a Tangent here and really discuss what has

Been going on with vast AI Chlor AI Etc This is really really funny we talk About it on locals because I've been Utilizing it and doing guides over there On locals so you can check those guides Out if you're interested at son of tech. but a majority of the rentals That are going on on these AI platforms Aren't doing any AI processing Whatsoever and then you have people Coming out and being like oh they're Renting out for so much money well They're renting out for so much money Because you're stupid not minding the Thing that they are and they're they're Hash rate arbitraging your ass that's Really what's going on here across the Board is that if your rental prices low Enough to where somebody can make a Profit mining something they're renting It and Mining something off of it 99% of The GPU rigs that are getting rented off Of vast and Clore are mining and they're Mining a mix of things like if they do Have a good CPU right they're mining a Mix of Ze and then something else so This is really what's going on and the AI Deno uh what AI ticker or whatever on All of these is really just a bunch of from the very get-go because All you're really talking about once Again with this is just virtual private Servers that's really what you're Talking about at the end of the day you

Can deploy a Docker container just like You could with Flux Of course flux now Is going to be at integrating you know GPU support into those nodes it's no Different than that that is pretty much What you're doing and the AI is the AI Marker in the name is just a buzzword at At the very best most people that are Utilizing AI on a pretty hefty scale are Going with private companies and this is Something that I've been looking at for The past year been talking to people That have been getting into it and what The what most people that are actually Heav heavily leveraging AI are doing is They're not throw building Rigs and then Throwing them onto vast AI or something Along those lines they're building the Rigs and then creating a partnership With a company that's actually doing Ai And that's all internal and closed off Maybe that bleeds over but I don't think That the demand is at the consumer Retail level for AI processing so until Really like Joe Schmo uh who is you know Hanging out in his basement and wants to Spin up an AI project real quick is Actually do doing that I don't think That you're going to see platforms like Vast AI or Chlor AI actually do any AI Processing by and large okay so this is Something you should take pay attention To if the vast Ai and the Chlor AI rig Prices are going up it means you're

Missing out on something that's more Profitable and you need to start digging Into that that's really the moral of the Story there okay one of the strategies That you can use that I think is really Interesting is building a building a rig Right putting it at your electricity Rate level so as cheap as you can put it Throwing it on vaster CLA waiting till It gets spun up check what it is Actually doing and then you'll find out What's being profitable right now that's Kind of what I would look at doing That's you know as kind of like almost Like a scop right like you're you're Like figuring out who's doing what by Just kind of you're basically you have a Honeypot mining rig is what you're Creating and that that's a strategy that I think is really interesting now you Guys Min during the bare Market you made It through well at least maybe a half of You I know a lot of you Over here didn't actually do it but the Ones that did I have a new shirt for you Guys and it says I minded with the Bears For the bear Market okay so if you mind With the Bears and you want to rep that You did mine during the be Market go Ahead and head on over to shop.on of And the listing will be down below I'll Put it in live chat right now I have a Sweatshirt there's a sticker if you'd

Rather have a sticker t-shirt premium Shirt all that cool cool stuff um really Like the new shirt I ordered a few for Myself and I just had that design Finished this week eventually it'll be Under on the YouTube channel but that Takes a little bit of time so just give It some time uh proceeds of course go to Supporting me in the channel so there You go and I thought uh we put some work Into it it and I thought you guys might Enjoy It thanks for watching this clip from The crypto mining show you can check out The full episode here and don't forget To subscribe down here as well you can Also check out my crypto mining ecourse At where you can get a free month Of supporter status with a purchase at Sonof tech. also don't forget To check out my merch underneath the Video or at shop.of I'll see you Next Tuesday

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