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Let's talk about the first of two forks You should be paying attention to and I Have actually been extremely I'm always Extremely hard on cryptocurrency Projects I think anybody that watches The channel is aware of that and there Was one that came out a little while ago That was forked from Caspa that promised To be Asic resistant and hopefully like Mitigate or be fpga resistant as well What we found is it was pretty much a Direct Fork except they added in the Blake 3 to the hashing algorithm that Did temporarily push as6 and fpga off But fpga were adapted very quickly and Were on the network within like a week And that was Carlson the actual algorithm was called Carlson hash and now we have an Announcement for Carlson hash V2 a GPU Optimized hashing algorithm with fpga Mitigation and Asic resistance we're Excited to share that the Carlson team Is currently evaluating the latest Iteration of our hashing algorithm Carlson hash V2 this version is Specifically designed to enhance GPU Mining performance while simultaneously Diminishing the efficiency of fpgas in Ensuring complete Asic resistance it Design draws inspiration from the fish Has white paper which is of course going To be the algorithm that was developed For ironfit

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And then of course on top of that was Developed by the developer of the LOL Minor so to keep in mind this is Definitely this the the same developer That also created the hashing algorithm For Flux and is very focused and has been Very successful at both fbga mitigation And Asic resistance so that's something You keep in mind and is currently being Evaluated by the Carlson team in Addition to Carlson hash V2 we are also Actively encouraging the development of Community generated hashing algorithm Proposals we believe that the combined Expertise of our community members can Lead to the creation of even more Innovative and efficient algorithms if a Community generated proposal surpasses Our own we are committed to allocating 50% of our Development Fund to support Its further development we anticipate Launching a public test net for Carlson Hash V2 in the coming weeks this will Allow our community members to test and Provide feedback on the algorithm before Its official Release so a couple things here that I Want to address is one obviously super Bullish on this this can also have a Pretty large impact on price because Fpgas are so efficient their cost toit Is lower which means that they can Afford to sell lower which means that

You add that selling press additional Selling pressure onto that particular Cryptocurrency which drives the price Down in theory once you get those off of The network and you are have a larger Supply of gpus mining your cost to Mint Goes up which then has a driving Factor On the price typically to go up we've Seen this before on other coins that Have had this transition back and forth It doesn't always happen but it is Possible it just depends on if the coin Can do other things that attract the Retail Market which is up in the air With Carlson hash as it sits because We're really the main seller of this is Going to be the Asic resistance version Of Caspa now in my humble opinion There's still a large Factor here that Is potentially negative on the negative Side with Carlson hash or Carlson in General and that is the fact that it has Been released with potential fpgas on The market already and what happens when Fpga build up their bag and then they Get kicked off the network they sell so You can have an immediate price impact Of decrease in that cost the other thing Is what you have is a basically an Incentive for manipulation of the volume And you have a community that doesn't Now doesn't care about the the coin Because they're not mining it anymore That potentially has larger bags of that

Particular Cryptocurrency I would have preferred I Think if you're going to do a project Like this where your aim is to basically Have Asic resistance for a fork of Something that is minable with as6 is to Not release the network until you have The hashing algorithm in place which Doesn't seem like rocket science to me But nobody appears to do ever and I Don't know why it's just baffling to me That it's like we're going to put this In our white paper we're going to Release the network but and we're going To Straight Fork it but we didn't have The forethought of being like Oh if this Is our goal why don't we have that goal Met before we even release it it's very Weird to me but you should be paying Attention to Carlson nonetheless I think It's the stronger of the two forks Because of this that being pyron hash And of course the Carlson hash hopefully We'll see this move forward in the Proper direction I think they are Looking at the correct direction going Off of fish has what they've done there Which of course has been developed long For a long time you know starting with Essentially flux so it's been around a Long time as far as like the practices They were put into place there it's Proven to be effective in the past so Hopefully it'll be effective in the

Future the second token that we have to Talk about here is going to be hypra AKA R ethereum the reason why hypra is going To be interesting is that it is now the Only proof of work chain to enable Shanghai and so this is coming from Ethereum remember we had ethereum out And everybody was worried about like Trying to figure out what the next proof Of work ethereum was there was you know Talks of Ergo which had its struggles We're going to be talking about Ergo in The future too of course here in just a Second but you had then you have had Ethereum classic which went a completely Different route and then now we have This basically this version of ethereum That replaced Shaw with Blake 3 and then Now in addition to that was able to Apparently fork or or basically copy Over all the changes in in AEL Shanghai This is pretty awesome in my humble Opinion a a technical feat for proof of Work mining that I think is important Says hyperd development team is proud to Announce that the Gasper Fork has been Successfully activated on the Cryptocurrency network on block after 1.6 million blocks Min the hyper Blockchain is on par in features with The ethereum main net the hyper network Is a proof ofor ethereum chain that has Implemented the Blake 3 algorithm which We have covered in exhaustion on this

Channel of course the biggest Trend in Proof of work cryptocurrencies right now Is Blake 3 everything is moving from Shaw to Blake 3 this has been you know The thing to do for lots of reasons Including of course efficiency and Etc Ease of use as well but Blake 3 is kind Of the new standard a lot of people are Even just forking to basically old Projects replacing Shaw with Blake 3 and Moving On this algorithm is a variation of the ET algorithm used by the ethereum Network before switching to proof of Stake but with increased efficiency and Security measures hyper cryptocurrency Has implemented Blake 3 algorithm to Achieve decentralization and prevent the Dominance of specialized mining Hardware this creates a fair environment For Miners and reduces the risk of Centralization in the network the Shanghai evm upgrade is a major Milestone for the for the hypra as it is The first proof of work ethereum chain To implement this upgrade this upgrade Was proposed by ethereum community in April 2023 to improve the overall Efficiency and security of the network The Shanghai upgrade also introduces new OP codes that allow for more efficient And secure smart track smart contract Development these new OP codes enable Features such as push zero in comparison

To other ethereum Forks such as eth Proof of work or eth Fair hyper stands Out with its implementation of proof of Work and now with the Gasper upgrade Bringing shangh High features onto their Network the other important thing to Note here is that because of the Blake 3 Implementation also so because of some Of the other changes they did to the Algorithm they are a lot more Asic Resistant than any of the others meaning Even right now with eth proof of work And eth fair you can put uh ethereum as6 On the network you cannot do that right Now with hypra so there is that Important note to make as well with this Accomplishment hypra solidifies itself As a competitor in providing fast and Efficient transactions while remaining True to decentralization principles Overall the upgrade brings significant Improvement to the hyper Network making It more attractive platform for Developers and users alike by Implementing this upgrade hyper is Further solidifying its position as a Leading proof of work ethereum chain and Paving the way for future advancements And developments so it does go on to say Why and I think this is important but I Do want to mention Something the the because of the this is Obviously a feat in and of itself so I Don't want to take away from that but

It's important to keep in mind mind that All of the things that Shanghai were Supposed to bring along like cheaper Fees faster transactions etc for Ethereum have proven out not to be Effective so I think you still run into The same problems of slow transactions And high fees on hypra if given the Amount of activity on ethereum moved to Hypra but that can also be a good thing For GPU miners because it does Drive Fees up which means the GPU miners get Paid out more kind of a double edged Sword there once you start thinking About it right hypress implementation of The Shanghai upgrade is a significant Achievement that we are able to Accomplish because we have an active Team of experienced Developers other proof of work ethereum Chains May face technical limitations or Challenges in implementing the Shanghai Upgrade as they may not have the same Level of experience and knowledge of Ethereum as the Hyper Team additionally Hy dedicated team of developers and Community members have worked tirelessly To ensure a smooth implementation of the Upgrade the potential growth and Development for the network Hypra achievements in implementing Shanghai features through Gasper upgrade Have certainly put them ahead in terms Of technological advancements among

Other evm networks which I would agree With this could make them more Attractive uh make them an attractive Option for developers seeking a reliable Platform that offers Po scalability and Security without frequent disruptions or Upgrades by being the first and only Proof of work ethereum chain to enable The Shanghai upgrade hypra is setting Itself apart from other networks and Establishing itself as a leader in the Space blah blah blah goes on to pump Themselves up So excuse me the cedar is getting to me Today so obviously the important part Here is that Hyper's done something on The proof of work side that other chains Have not done which is obviously Commendable so it's important to pay Attention to that it's also nice that They've already moved over to adding Blake 3 into ET hash pushing off all of The as6 giving GPU miners in Advantage Here so two forks here that are really Important for GPU miners to be paying Attention to as we move forward for Those that are not mining it you might Want to pay attention to these two in Particular because they will drive a Higher cost to Mint which means you have More potential for growth in the future Just from a purely economic standpoint So take a look at it now you guys mind During the bare Market you made it

Through well at least maybe a half of You I know a lot of you Over here didn't actually do it but the Ones that did I have a new shirt for you Guys and it says I mined with the Bears For the bear Market okay so if you mind With the Bears and you want to rep that you did Mine during the bar Market go ahead and Head on over to shop.of And the listing will be down below I'll Put it in live chat right now I have a Sweatshirt there's a sticker if you'd Rather have a sticker t-shirt premium Shirt all that Co cool stuff um really Like the new shirt I ordered a few for Myself and I just had that design Finished this week eventually it'll be Under on the YouTube channel but that Takes a little bit of time so just give It some time uh proceeds of course go to Supporting me in the channel so there You go and I thought uh we put some work Into it and I thought you guys might Enjoy It thanks for watching this clip from The crypto mining show you can check out The full episode here and don't forget To subscribe down here as well you can Also check out my crypto mining ecourse At sunate where you can get a Free month of supporter status with a Purchase at sonof tech. also Don't forget to check out my merch

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