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And we are moving into a Completely different infrastructure For GPU mining Um most of the coins that will or Cryptos that appear to be Sticking around and not going anywhere Are appear to be moving along this trend Of proof of useful work now proof of Useful work Will mean uh different uh different Build outs for your GPU Mining and it Does mean that you're going to need more Expensive Cases server cases as opposed to these Octos that you see behind me you're Going to need basically larger CPUs that Support more PCI e-lanes it usually Means that you will probably also be Seeing a lower amount of gpus per rig a More expensive infrastructure but what That will also allow you to do is Leverage your mining Farm as a data Center for AI processing machine Learning and potentially give you a Different mode as a GPU Miner to Actually Earn something with your data center Whereas now in the bear Market if you're Built out like a traditional mining Farm You don't have that capability of Shifting into you know the the data Center processing side of things Shifting into all of that but the other Big problem here of course is going to

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Be your internet connection it's not Going to be like it was before where You're fine on like a home internet Connection or even like for a long time You could utilize hot spots for mining Ethereum right not going to be the case Here there's going to be a lot of Changes that come into play here But we have a really interesting uh Announcement from flux and octo Miner Flux is fully dedicated to the ethos of Decentralization And it will always be a proof of work Blockchain committed to building the Best ecosystem for the GPU mining Community we have flux and OCTA Miner Here why is this important well flux is Building a large-scale infrastructure For web3 AI and storage a pre-requisite For technological progress and for the Internet to evolve to succeed web3 has Been truly decentralized otherwise or Has to be right otherwise it will fail To deliver on the Promises of Transferring ownership back to the users From the big Tech stewards with immense Power over the current Internet this is Why the flux blockchain is fully Committed to proof of work consensus Model there will never be a true web 3 Without proof of work GPU miners put Their Hardware to work to secure the Flux Network and they are essential to The continued operation and

Decentralization of flux in return they Earn block rewards to fund their Operations its symbiotic relationship Where the flex blockchain and miners Depend on each other to provide a Fruitful and mutually beneficial Partnership okay to provide an Attractive ecosystem to the miners flux Is dedicated to building new technology To make mining more attractive while Expanding the incentivization model for Miners previously flux introduced Parallel mining to increase the rewards Miners earned and added bonus earnings To mind blocks that contain Titan nodes Claiming transactions now Flex is Working on a much more fundamental Change for flux mining that will bring New opportunities for miners In Q3 of 2023 flux will launch the proof Of concept for proof of useful work We're like Almost there we're almost there we're Going to get to see what this looks like I don't even know I'm not ready are you I'm not ready I don't have the money to do this and I'll have the equipment to do this But I'm excited right Um this will enable miners to make their Rigs available for on-demand work for Compute intensive tasks such as AI deep Fake detection rendering Etc proof of Useful work creates a new Revenue stream

For miners as they can automatically Switch between Mining and doing On-demand proof of useful work tasks to Optimize profitability any Miner will Always be focused on optimizing and the Efficiency and profitability of the Mining rigs the good note here as I read It at least as I understand this is that It sounds like your old rigs can still Mine the blockchain you just won't get The incentives for the proof of useful Work side of things Um initially right so that's kind of What it sounds like to me Um We'll read on a little bit more but To collaborate with the mining industry To find Optimal builds for proof of Useful work flexes thrilled to announce A partnership with the pre uh Premier Mining Hardware designer and Manufacturer OCTA Miner octominer is a Supplier for mining focused Hardware Founded in 2017 by a group of Cryptocurrency Mining and computer Hardware enthusiasts they strive to Design and manufacture mining rigs that Reduce downtime and labor costs and Increase efficiency providing clients With more Innovative and reliable mining Hardware that increases profitability And shortens Roi times you can find more Out on OCTA Miner products and services On their website you can also find the

Latest news and updates on their Twitter Now here's what's what these are looking These are basically servers I mean at The end of the day what we are seeing is Going to be like AI rendering servers Um so it won't necessarily be Here's where things get weird from For the uninitiated to the channel my Background is specifically in this type Of uh in this realm okay and if you're Running a data center which is basically What we're what what we're turning this into is a data center okay Um They're They're Becomes a lot more There becomes a lot higher standard Let's say for building out Infrastructure for a data center than Building out for even a GPU mining farm Right from redundancy to like from Power Redundancy to VM redundancy machine Redundancy like uh from Internet infrastructure like all of this Stuff that's going to be needed like You're taking you you're going from Something that is reasonably attainable I think on a home level To requiring not only a lot more money But a lot more expertise And then if we look at like something Like octominer like this is a cool

Partnership However if I look at like this and and We'll look at the pricing see if they Announce the pricing my mind immediately Goes to Well why am I just not buying vdi Servers and repurposing them or Something along those lines right Um why am I not going with someone like Dell or HP that has four hour SLA where If I have a rig go down I go hey get Your ass over here and fix my Within four hours because I need to make Money Right as opposed to basically what this Is is a white box server that has no Support in their supports way off in Like China And you're not going to get that uptime So the price in this case has to be a Lot lower for it to make any sense Whatsoever okay Um And that's really where If How do I get how do I explain I mean I'm Uh you know been a infrastructure guy For many years Um Over a decade now Um if it was a white bot if I went in to Do like you know talk to people about Redoing their infrastructure and they Were like well we can save money with

Like super micro like white box service I'd be like then I'm not doing the work For you right You need to buy HP you need to buy Dell You need to take this seriously or I'm not going to take it seriously right Um And you pay that premium for a reason So Once again this is just we're we're Completely changing the game is Completely changing now And the and the upstart cost to all of This in general is going to be insane So I don't I go like It's really cool But the barrier to entry goes above that Of an Asic now at this point right The barrier to entry here goes to way Way above what even in what what even Asic mining is right so we're going from GPU mining being accessible to being Inaccessible for a majority of people If we're talking about moving into proof Of useful work Design and sell ready-made proof of Useful work servers with high quality Car Hardware compatible and optimized For flux proof of useful work here some Specs you got 10 GPU HPC server that's High-powered Computing server right you Got 10 pcie gen 3 by 8 links so they're Not going Gen 4 here they're going gen 3 This does mean if you're going to build

Your own box Technically threadripper epic these Things are going to be or gen 1 Threadripper still going to be fine here Four and a half use server lid including An account to account for taller GPU Dimensions 19-inch server form factor You'll get two Xeon E5 2698s and that's going to be 32 cores Total 256 gigs of RAM I mean there's Just no way This is Affordable and then is it even Worth it like at this point At this point why aren't you just Building out an AI Data Center Going with HP or Dell servers And Like with You know proper Remote Management I lows You know or ILO for HP idrac for Dell Um proper response times on repair Uh because that that's what this is this Is a this is a high-powered Computing Server That's going to cost frankly a ton Of money Because there's no way it doesn't cost a ton of money I mean these are really cool you got two Terabyte m.2 SSD uh 10 three and a half Inch hot swappable it's a server In a three year warranty upgrade And you can get 10 OCTA server RTX 4090

AI dual slot gpus I guess is what it can Fit More news will be at mining disrupt in July Hmm thanks for checking out this clip From the crypto mining show you can Check out the full episode here or more Crypto content down here also I'd like You to check out my locals page at son Of a tech.locals.com where you can Become a member for free or choose to be A five dollar a month supporter that Unlocks additional content

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