FK33 Radiant

What's up Sons it's blind rod with son Of ACH once again and today I have yet Another howto I'm going to show you guys How to mine radiant on the forest Kitty FK 33 or Force Kitty 33 to not be Redundant you can pick up this Particular fpga from Coastal crypto Mining for $630 and I will leave a link to that in The description below this is not a Sponsored video however it is an Affiliate link so I will get Kickback if You decide to purchase one if you Already have an FK 33 well welcome to The radiant party hopefully you will be Able to earn yourself some radiant Before the having in April let's get Into [Music] It welcome back everyone so I had Already done a video on mining radiant On the E300 from Osprey and that was doing very Well for me until I had to unfortunately Send it back to to Osprey so I don't Have any more testing it was doing quite A bit per day though prior to this and As you can see here if we go by the day We were making anywhere from 75 cents to 91 cents a day I was solo mining a Little bit with it as well so it was Kind of it depended on what uh I was Doing with it at the time while I was Testing it but this went away for me so

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I wanted to continue to mine radio I do not really like dual mining on my Gpus but that is an option for getting More radiant I do have an FK 33 here That I have begun mining radiant with Right now it's showing about 548 mahash A second it should be much better than That but this particular fpga bitstream Is not fully optimized yet it's only Using 75% of the actual card itself and Then I have it at its lowest setting for The core clock at 500 mahz you can Change that and go up to like 600 it Should sit around 1.2 gigahash a second Once you have it fully tuned in in fact With a quick refresh here at 500 mahz You can see we're almost at a gigahash So this is quite a bit more efficient Than mining with gpus and we will be Running this here on my system you can See here it says so fk3 3 but I'm going To show you guys how to go ahead and Obtain this if you're not familiar with Radiant and you haven't started mining It yet I will leave a link to the Electron wallet down in the description Below you'll download it go through the Wallet setup and get your information of Course check out my how to mine radiant Video and for the GPU side of things if You want to know how to basically set up Your wallet that's all covered there We're not going to cover that in this Video because of course this is is a

Little bit more complicated I assume That most people that are going to be Doing this have uh a little bit more Mining experience than needing to set up The wallet however if you don't don't Worry about it I have covered it on this Channel before now in this particular Setup if we went to the calculator and We run the lowest at 1 gigahash we'll Just do 1,000 it's running about 65 Watts right now we calculate that out we Are making about 50 radiant per day Which is currently only about or 9 cents After power at 10 cents a kilowatt hour So really actually sorry we're making 88 Radiant a day but after power we're only Making a 50 radiant per day this is kind Of up in the air as far as how much It'll be worth later on but with the Having coming up in April it's presumed That the price of radiant will go up at The same time especially considering That it is around the same timing as the Bitcoin having cycle as well so as you Guys know a rising tide raises All Ships You have a having of both this Cryptocurrency as well as Bitcoin around The same time that's going to have a Compounding effect so my strategy here Is to mine and hold this radiant until April now let's go ahead and get into The actual process here it's going to be A little convoluted I cannot send you an Invite to Hash reactors Discord which is

Where we are getting the software so you Will have to go to the fpga Discord Which I I will leave a link to down in The description below and then you will Need to request an invite to the hash Reactor Discord and then you will be Able to access these releases and the One that we are going to go with today Is 2.14 and you can click the download Button it will open a browser window for You to download it and then you can just Click save I'm going to replace it in This particular case and get it Downloaded now that I have that Downloaded I'm going to need to open a Putty session to my Ubuntu machine that Has the FK 33 connected to it I presume If you have an FK 33 that you already Are familiar with this process in General at least with running team red Miner as I have done how-tos on that if You are new to Linux command line please Go check out my Linux guides which I Have done on this channel as well as on My locals at son ofate tech. For a beginner's guide in Linux so you Have an understanding of what we are Doing right now but that being said Let's go ahead and now hop into a tool That I like to utilize for transferring Files which is going to be win SCP I'll Leave a link down below but essentially All you have to do here is connect your

Putty and once you've connected your Putty and you can even click new site Here but once you've connected your Putty on first startup it will basically Import all of your putty settings Including any SSH Keys Etc and you can Just log into your system right there I Use RSA keys so I don't need to type in A password unless I need to elevate Permissions and you can see I actually Already have file here but what I do Want to do is open my putty session Which is right here and I want to create A new file so I'm just going to do a Make directory and we're going to name It hash reactor to make this easier we Can do a refresh over on the win SCP Side and we have the hash reactor I'm Going to then go from my downloads Folder which is what you would do in win SCP and drag it over to Hash reactor and Then it will basically transfer that File and you can see here we have the Hash reactor file in here so now what we Need to do is we need to go into back to Our putty session and we need to change Directory into hash reactor remember you Can always do a tab to auto complete After a certain amount of characters Have been typed in and then we're going To run an LS command and you can see we Have the hash reactor file right here Now in this particular case what I'm Going to need to do is make this

Executable and create a config file what You'll notice over here is that I Already have a config file named [Music] Config.lua actor you can see we have the Config file here now as well if if you Needed to create a new one you would Type in Nano and config DOL and press enter and it will open it Up because I moved this file it already Has everything that I need so if you are Running a single type of card like the FK 33 you can just do the fpga default Here in these brackets I will post this Over on locals for the guide and then You have the plugin will equal the Radient make sure you have the Quotations the clock like I said is Actually set to 500 mahz and the max Temp is 65 this will throttle it of Course if you want to change that you Can change that to a higher number 65 is Going to be the safest though and then I Have these commented out which are just The voltages you can get better Efficiency by playing with these so Consider doing that and then the most Important part is setting up your url Now you're going to use the stratum plus TCP we are utilizing the [Music] Viper.tag col 5067 it might be a different area for You so the way you can find out the best

Pool for this is by going to the Viper Website right and then you can go to Viper.tag here go back to your putty Session and then just paste it in here Make sure you have the quotations on Both sides of the URL this is commented Out over here so it's kind of irrelevant It's just saying use Viper net 5066 port For radiant uh we are not using that Port we're using 5067 that's going to be up to you as Well so the next thing that we have is Reflash equals true and enabled equals True you're going to need to make make Sure both both of these equal true so That you will begin to mine this point I Will do the crl X and then you can press The yes to save in this particular case I'm going to do no and then we're going To go ahead and clear what I need to do Real quick though before we get going is I need to do a screen and list oh it's Going to be under my root and I need to Cancel my minor so I'm going to do just Contrl C this there we go and then I'm Going to click clear this out I'll exit And now what we're going to do is create A new screen called exit again yeah so We're going to create a new screen with Screen Dash uh s and then we are going To name it minor and now we've created a New screen to leave our screen we can do Crl a d to see which screens are running We can do a screen Dash list you can see

We have the minor screen running here to Reconnect to it we will do a screen- r And then minor press enter and we are Reconnected at this point we need to Make the the file here executable to do This what we're going to do is just do a Pseudo command so make sure you have Your password ready for your elevated Permissions and then we're going to do Chod and we're going to do you which Means everyone basically plus X allow This file to be executable And then putty you can just highlight The file you want to modify right click And it'll put it into the command line For you and press enter it will then ask For your permissions and then you can Once it's complete you'll do LS and you Can see that it has changed the color to Yellow or green I'm not sure one of Those it is brighter if you're color Blind like me that's what you can see so To start running it does need elevated Permissions it appears to access the Fpga device so what we'll do is an LS And then we'll do Pseudo SL highlight it right click and Then press enter and it should start Right up you'll see it say fpga started Radiant started because that's what we Told it to start and then it will begin Programming the fpga it'll go through From 0% to 100% and then eventually It'll start telling us that it's

Connected to the pool and they'll tell Us what our hash rate is all right so You can see there that it's starting to Show the one gigahash or a th000 Megahash it will bounce up and down here And there and it will show you your Clocks Etc as well as the temps and so On and we are good to go once you have That done of course you can go back to The Viper and you can put in Your mining address and begin to watch It mine so there's how to start mining Radiant on any fpga really at this point It does support other fpga like the C1100 we already covered mining radiant On the Osprey E300 V 33p check out that Video if you're interested and if you Are curious this isn't financial advice But my expectations before April uh for Radiant is to be between 10 and 100x I'm Hoping towards the ladder of that of Course will be X which will then make This look a lot more profitable than it Currently looks right now either way Still able to cover costs because it is Profitable on these particular units and Able to still hold if I am paying cost Daily an extra 50 radiant per day if we Get those big pump ups that could be Anywhere from 50 cents to $5 per well Just depends on how the Market reacts Etc if you'd like a WTF is on radiant Let me know in the comment section below Please don't forget to support me over

On locals at sonof tech. Where you can become a supporter for $5 Per month and I put my early moves up Over there and you can also check out my Crypt mining ecourse at son of Where now is the perfect time to take That course because it will be too late In 2025 I will see you next Tuesday

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