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It's official iron fish is going Asic Resistant and to top that all off it's Coming at us with a brand new hashing Algorithm which means we'll see Something we've never seen before on a Project that is unfortunately VC backed But this is still a positive note Overall for GPU miners let's go ahead And get into [Music] It yesterday around 10:30 the votes were Con conf firmed thanks to a post on my Locals at C of tech. by Ghost AM we have this screenshot from the AI De DEA I don't know how to pronounce That I'll just be honest and it says Hello and welcome actually we do not Record we weekly miners calls but you Can learn more about the algorithm Options here and then it goes on to say That here is the actual result from the Voting for The algorithm that we covered Previously if you want to go over all The benefits of all the algorithms Definitely check that video out but fish Has had 72 votes remember this is coming From the LOL minor dev then Blake 3 had 29 votes which was just to basically Remain on the current algorithm that Iron fish is already on auto Leos with Five votes ET B3 with one vote and then Prague pal zero and ET 33720 thus fish has contributed by the Well LOL loli DB

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There you go has been chosen so I had a Feeling this was going to be the route That everything went especially after Making the last video with all of the Options and the proposal from Mr LOL Miner and all of the comment section From you guys definitely looked like That was the route that we are going to See take place now I did ask what the Timing for this was going to be and it Looks like I couldn't find the actual Original post I'll be honest I clicked This little link that he gave me this Monthly pulse they didn't have the Actual answer but the best answer I can Give you guys right now is that it says A few weeks so apparently it's a few Weeks for the deployment now from what We heard uh from the developer on this Particular hashing algorithm it was Stated that it would take about a week To really get implemented because some Of the changes and everything were Already completed so this makes a little Bit of sense I assume that we'll have a 4 here as well I don't know if it's Going to be a soft fork or a hard Fork Hopefully I'll be able to answer some of Those questions as we get closer to it But within a few weeks we will see a Shift for the mining algorithm and we Will start to see all of those fpgas get Kicked off of iron fish which is going To drastically change the network and

This is another interesting point too Because this will have the exact Opposite visual effect that we saw on Caspa recently with the hash rate of Caspa going up and up and up and up but In reality the amount of miners actually Going down because no GPU Miners and no Fpga Miners And there's like 3,000 to 5,000 as6 deployed so obviously smaller Number as compared to you know hundreds Of thousands of gpus being deployed but The hash rate showing lower we're going To have the exact opposite effect over Here on iron fish that is going to be Essentially what we see on the iron fish Uh hash rate charts if we go to mining Pool stats. stream I'll show you guys Here you'll see essentially this number The 1.2 pah has begin to significantly Decrease and this is because the actual Hash rates will be quite a bit different Even on the GPU side because as you can See here if we take a look at the Proposal H algorithm it'll be 39.5 mahash a second on an RTX 3070 now If you were to look at what that would Be on iron fish in general right now Obviously much higher 11,710 megahash a second so this Decrease is going to look really really Crazy it's going to look like iron fish Is losing a bunch of hash rate but in Reality it's going to be basically going And shifting all the way over to gpus

And using an algorithm that Significantly changes that metric so Keep that in mind as we move into there It doesn't mean that we're losing miners Or gaining miners in theory we'll see a Lot more GPU miners pop onto the iron Fish Network especially early on as they Try to capitalize on the early you know Rewards or yields that could possibly be There and then we'll kind of see how it Settles out and try to do a calculation As to how many gpus are actually on the Network there now if we're talking about How much it's going to cost you to mine At 10 cents a kilowatt hour right now it Does look like according to the test Results for the proposal a 3070 will be Using a 115 Watts this means you know Using a calculator here we'll get rid of These and the minor fee and the pool fee Calculate that out you'll have about 27 Cents a day 28 cents a day at 10 cents a Kilowatt hour for an RTX 370 running on It so hopefully your yields will be high Enough to compensate for that that's Something I would keep in mind it's Going to be a bumpy ride here's the Advantage you can get the faster you can Get onto the network and start mining it The higher the yields will be especially Right off the snap meaning that the Early bird gets the worm in this Particular case but as everybody moves Over and the hype kind of builds up

Behind it you may want to consider Moving to something else that has higher Yields as people move off of other Algorithms to check this out now right Now if we look at hion statistics of Course course it'd be important to take A look at what people might be moving Off of I think in general you know most Of the gpus are sitting over there on Dinx right now at 222% of the GPU Market On in hos that doesn't include of course Things like MMOs and you know custom Dros and all that sort of stuff but That's still this is a significant thing To look at because most GPU miners are Still utilizing hion and then it kind of Goes down from there right we've seen a Huge drop off in Caspa of course as the As6 have taken over and then you have Some things like Nexa which would be Pretty much primarily GPU right now at 6% you have Ergo at 4% watching these Balance out with this introduction into Hios will be really interesting I look Forward to seeing exactly how this is Going to shake out and I'd like to hear Your thoughts and opinions down in the Comments section below are you stoked on This hashing algorithm change for iron Fish will you be moving over to it Immedi immediately or giving it some Time to work itself out what are your Thoughts what are your plans behind this Move don't forget to hit the like

Comment subscribe and notification bells Down below don't forget uh that I have The crypto mining ecourse at son Which you can get a free month of Supporter status on locals at sonof Tech. if you're wanting to Track my daily moves and progress and All of that also make sure that you are Got that notification Bell click down Below we have more videos coming out This week I think we have a really Interesting GPU release on the Horizon Here that's been leaked I'll be talking About that tomorrow I'll see you next Tuesday

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