First Intel GPU Mining Rig

What's up Sons it's blind ride with son Of attack once again and today I'm going To show you guys my brand new Intel Mining rig built in the rosewill server Mining case I'm super excited to share This with you guys and we'll get the Performance numbers and everything lined Out for you right after a word from Today's sponsor today's sponsor is Coastal crypto Coastal crypto can be Found at Via the Affiliate link down in the description Below they don't want to take up a lot Of your time and neither do I because I Want to get into the video they're here To help miners find parts if you're Looking for Asics or even gpus or any Other parts be sure to check them out Use promo code soat at checkout for five Percent off any purchase on the website Welcome back so real quick I wanted to Make a note that I made a huge mistake Moving some usdt from text bit exchange Over to coinbase because text bit is Bep20 which is on the binance smart Chain and coinbase only supports erc20 I Haven't made a mistake like this in Quite some time but I bring it up Because just wanted to put out a Reminder that you check those networks Now if I was to send it to uh For example it would support both Networks across the across the board so I've been used to using and I

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Didn't really think about it and and Double check there is a petition right Now for basically having coinbase adopt Bep20 so that we can recover those Additional funds I'll leave the link to That petition down in the description Below I think it's a little ridiculous That you can't just recover them because If it was metamask or anything else it Would be as simple as connecting to the Binance smart chain within metamask and Then bridging them out to ethereum so That's kind of it just wanted to bring That up let's talk about the Intel Arc A750 50 mining rig first of all the Parts are as follows I'm utilizing a Rose will mining case these are the 4u Server mining cases that support six to Eight gpus I found that six gpus is Pretty much the maximum unless you're Going with a lower power draw GPU and You can just reverse the rails depending On how you want to configure it I Actually really enjoy these mining cases And I highly recommend if you can pick Them up second hand for super cheap to Go ahead and do that if noise is not an Issue right basically if you want to Have high air flow and cool keep your Cards cool while also keeping custom Parts in there it may be something that You want to look at the reason we are Not utilizing octo miners is because Octo miners do not support resizable bar

And resizable bar is needed in this Particular case for the Intel Arc a750s For their optimal performance now for The power supply I highly don't Recommend this power supply in general But I was missing a few parts and pieces To my Seagate 1300 watt or see Sonic Excuse me 1300 watt power supply that I Did want to utilize so we are utilizing A 1600 watt mining power supply that I Had laying around one of those gold Rated ones off of Amazon it has been Functioning well for quite some time it Did run for a couple years mining with Some RX 5700 so I'm not too worried About it because we're also keeping the Power consumption relatively low next We're utilizing the AA ways or the AAA Wave risers these risers are fantastic And I I got a bundle of them a while ago From them directly they sent them over And I hadn't had a chance to really Utilize them outside of the steam mining Rigor the steam deck mining rig that we Built so I went ahead and put them into This rig so that I could show them off To you guys and you can pick them up With the affiliate link down in the Description I also had to come up with a Fan controller solution because on this Particular rig what we have are 320 Millimeter BG Bears B Blaster server Basically high flow high air flow fans In the front and then we have four 80

Millimeter Delta server fans in the back So you push a lot of power you can't Utilize fan headers off of the Motherboard with the amount of power That you're pushing through there so This one this fan controller in Particular utilizes a six pin pcie power And it has a little knob to turn the Amount of power supplied to the fans up And down so basically we were able to Hook up all seven of these fans and They're running at full speed and this Is keeping the cards presumably cool However I do need to figure out how to Check temperatures on the intel gpus on Ubuntu because there doesn't seem to be A way to do it so I don't actually know How cool the cards are running the CPU Is running nice and cool but I don't Know what the cards are at for the Motherboard we went with the MSI b550 Gaming plus motherboard I did have to Update the BIOS to get the support for Resizable bar on this motherboard but it Is supported and that's the reason we Chose this motherboard in addition to That to support the resizable bar we Went with the cheapest CPU available That also had video out so I wasn't Having to mess with pulling the fans out And plugging into one of the gpus just Makes it easier to troubleshoot if Needed so that is going to be the AMD Ryzen 5 4600 G which I picked up off

Amazon for 99 The memory is special here because I Found this memory quite a while ago and Was utilizing it for my CPU mining rigs Because it has that sweet spot of 3200 Megahertz Speed which means that you can Essentially get the four full Performance out of AMD ryzing and then It has a low capacity per stick at four Gigabytes driving the price down however You can get them in two so that Essentially you can run them you know in Not dual rank but dual Channel and then I needed to find a way to hook up more Than the four gpus that would be Available utilizing the b515 gaming plus Motherboard I had this m.2 to pcie one Pcie buy one 3.0 USB adapter that I Utilize for my steam deck mining rig and That performed pretty well on that so I Moved it on over to this rig and just Took up one of the m.2 slots and that Seemed to function pretty well in Addition to that I had a 500 gigabyte SSD laying around that we put the Operating system on you can get these Extremely cheap for around 20 bucks now On Amazon so just pick up whatever you Want there are possibly cheaper options At lower capacities but typical solid State drives are just super cheap these Days there is enough you know on there To go ahead and possibly run a couple

Nodes if I wanted to depending on if They're new coins and have a low amount Of data on them so there is that option And because I'm running the 4600g I also Have the option of doing some CPU mining On this particular rig for the gpus we Want the ASRock Intel Arc a750s there is One Reference design Intel rk750 in there And the I have five of those and then I Added an ASRock Intel Arc A380 as well Now adding in the A380 is kind of a Detriment to the 750s because it doesn't Allow you to turn the intensity up and What I found is if you turn the Intensity up on the SRB Miner you can Basically take the a750s from around 1300 Hash a second to 1700 Hash a second Which is quite a performance bump that Being said I did want to check the A380 And it's currently in the system and the A380 is performing quite well at 1100 Hash a second for a GPU that's around 129 dollars this is impressive getting Into hash rates of course the total rig Hash rate right now as it sits is 7189 hash a second but that's not really The whole story because like I had said If we turn the intensity up on the a750s We can get better so maybe per GPU we'll Change that up and play around with it And then on in addition to that if we Take a look at the actual pool what You'll find I had just rebooted this so

Our overall is a little low we haven't Even been running for an hour but our Reported is actually 9.1 kilohash a Second even though the software is Reporting 7.1 kilohash a second so we're Actually getting two more kilohash a Second than anticipated the only Downside here though is no overclocking Capability now when I had the a750s in There alone and the intensity was set to 500. what I was getting was 500 watts For the entire rig however when I added The A380 I got some interesting results Where we were seeing essentially on a Much higher power consumption closer to A thousand Watts for the entire rig so At the end of the day probably going to Pull that A380 out and just leave it With the a750s because they perform Better and they also run at lower power And that makes a huge difference right Because at this point what that actually Means is that if we calculate what's Reporting in software we're at a loss Right and then if we are calculating What's reported on the pool we are Actually still at a loss at a thousand Watts however if we were to report you Know the 1700 that you get if you pull The A380 out and 100 watts per card we Actually go into profit so I just wanted To bring that up to you guys there's a Lot of weird things going on part of This is primarily due to the fact that

We are also utilizing a beta version of Ubuntu we needed support for Intel which Means we needed Linux kernel 6.2 there's A couple ways to do this and initially I Actually messed up and not realized I Needed to run sudo when running the Script for SRB minor so I wasn't Actually able to get it initially Working on the beta for Ubuntu but I Went back to that after I upgraded the Kernel for the LTS version of Ubuntu to 6.2 and found out that I needed to add The pseudo and everything seems to work So if you want to utilize the beta you Can do that if you want to upgrade the Kernel on Linux you can also do that as Well so either way that you want that to Work out you can go ahead and get it Done I also wanted to go over real quick With you guys because I know some people Were curious on how you mine on Linux It's pretty dang simple so what I'm Going to do here is just share with you Guys a little bit it of a how-to as well So let's see all right there we go so to Get started mining on Ubuntu the first Thing you're going to need to do is just Get the actual Miner so you can do a Sudo wget and you can just copy the Linux link off of GitHub and paste it Into here and it will download it at This point what you will see is that if You run an LL command you'll have your Tar file here so at this point you can

Just do sudo tar Dash XF and the tar File and press enter press LL again and You'll have the new folder that's been Unpacked so you can then just run a Change directory and move into that Folder and then you'll have your bash Scripts and so on you just basically run The sudo dot forward slash saying this Directory and run the guided setup and It'll just have you put in all of your Information so this actually ends up Being extremely simple you'll name it Right and then you'll say no for Multi-mining you'll type in the actual Script so this one or the actual Algorithm this one is Dynex solved you Can list these if you need to as well I Believe it was Dynex solve might just be Dynex there we go it's just Dynex in This particular case and then it's going To say ask for your pool so you can just Select the pool that you want to utilize In this case I'm using Echo pool and us And then you'll put in your wallet Address You can always copy it and then just Right click into putty and press enter Password would be the rig name so we Could say so Dash Intel 01 enter we'll Say would you want to enable logging I'm Going to say no and then it says setup Complete so you'll see here that we Actually have the Script now here so to start it we just

Do sudo and then the dot forward slash To say run and then the start test and It'll begin mining so there's a quick How-to for you guys on how to mine on Ubuntu as well I hope you guys enjoyed This video if you did hit the like Comment subscribe down below I'm going To pull that A380 out so that my rig is Profitable and I'll see you next Tuesday

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