Find out how a paper CPU can help you learn about #Bitcoin self-custody and Shamir’s Secret Sharing

Here's a picture of the Volvo three of Them that you use for all the various Computations essentially what it is you Use the one on the right to look up what Are called recovery symbols you use a Two-sided one on the left which is a Potion you spin that to your recovery Symbol you flip it over and then it will Translate your shares and then the Middle one you use to add together add All the shares together and that's how You do Secret splitting that's how you Do recovery it's always this like Translate and add kind of process it's Actually very mechanical you don't need To know any of the underlying math to Follow these instructions because that's The kind of cathartic and kind of fun to Do it takes a while probably like 30 to 60 Minutes to do a key recovery but That's it's really not bad at all right It's not like you're spending a day Doing a whole bunch of computations Where a single mistake will mess you up Right you just do it you can use the Checksum will protect you from mistakes And so here's the the other side of the Two-sided one there right and you're the Close-up so you can sort of see how These work right you can see I just took An X-Acto and I sliced out some windows And threw these together [Music]

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