Exploring Bitcoin’s Story: From Commercials to “Satoshis Don’t Exist” with @AlexWaltz21

What I'm doing right now is I'm making Bitcoin commercials and one commercial That I made recently is the lyan Commercial lyanna is a wallet that Allows you to use miniscript and a lot Of other things and uh well the Interesting part about uh making this Commercial was that I was facing an Incredibly abstract concept which is you Know digital keys and then never mind What miniscript is so the real hard Challenge was how how do you manage to Communicate this and also how do you Manage to make it in a cohesive pseudo Narrative type story but somehow I think I managed to do it with the pile of keys At the end yeah well currently I'm Making a movie that is called Satoshi Don't exist I was talking with a friend Of mine and and he just mentions this in A whim he goes like by the way you know Sosis don't exist I just got so excited And I went everyone I went around and Tell everyone that hey satosi don't Exist and people had this crazy urge to To just prove me wrong and you know when There's conflict that means there's a Good story so that's when I realized Like hey I should make a movie about It

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