Everyone will need #Bitcoin hardware wallet like the #BlockstreamJade πŸ”’

One of the biggest things that happened Last year is that Bitcoin played a very Pivotal role in the trucker convoys up In Canada and so a couple of truckers Have really gotten involved in Bitcoin And they're doing their best to exploit To other truckers the importance of Bitcoin I think really is that we are Going to help the 1.8 billion people in The world that are currently unbanked And the countless billion more that are Living under hyperinflationary regimes And you can do that a little bit through Software But ultimately for the long Term everybody is going to need a Hardware solution and so it's really Great that companies like block stream Are making something like the Jade that Can kind of suit these different Demographics that still has all the full Features that you want out of a hardware Wallet but is in a smaller form factor And is Affordable for people of all Different varieties People will find Bitcoin one way or Another but my hope is that I can create Content that kind of debarks their Imagination and leads them down this Rabbit Hole discovery of Bitcoin [Applause]

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