77-day downtrend is coming together with This massive over sloping support line And Bitcoin is about to be getting ready For a massive move and in this exact Video I will be talking about this move The consolidation phase is that Bitcoin Is currently creating a big support and Many more important charts we need to Discuss right now as well I will talk About Kathy's work Arc investment Bitcoin spot ETF proposal that currently Got postponed and I will be exactly talk About what this means for the market Right now here what could we be Expecting further on and when is the First Bitcoin sport ttf coming so Without any further Ado don't forget to Sub of the like button on today's update Video can we smash it back about 400 Likes that will be absolutely incredible And with that as being said let me jump Straight away in towards the image short Term for Bitcoin once looking really at That imminent short term for Bitcoin we Can clearly see there is not a lot of Stuff happening yesterday we saw a big Pump towards the upside and straight Away after we saw a big dump towards the Downside and right now big one is once Again creeping up towards the upside a Little bit here but definitely there's Not been a lot happening so far here and Basically if you're looking at the Falling witch pattern Bitcoin broke

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Outside of the resistance with a big Pattern towards the upside then we broke Down again here retested support and After that we've been bouncing a little Bit towards the upside once again so yes I think the image short term for Bitcoin Is looking quite exciting however if you Are trading Bitcoin right now here Because the volume and volatility is so Low I don't really think that if you Really want to catch that next big move In the market I mean where you should be Looking at in my opinion is this higher Time frame she can first of all see Clearly on the 12 hour time period we're Creating this down resolving resist line Every single time we retested we get Rejected and as well on the daily time Frame we can clearly see it every single Time we retest it we get rejected and Basically this is the level to be Looking at right now here and once we Can clearly break Above This level right Here then I will be expecting a massive Continuation is going to be happening For Bitcoin but you have to also Understand the Bitcoin also is currently Literally creating a symmetrical Triangle to remove this downward solving Resist line from top side and a small Little upper sloping support line from The lower side seems to be right now Find some support on this side right Here and of course and you could also

Approach it completely different and if You're then going to be approaching it From the bear Market bottom from 2022 Here you can also see that we're Creating someone of a consolidation Better right now here and if we're Looking at this Banner right here we're Expecting that the massive breakout for Bitcoin is going to be happening within The coming 10 days ahead of or so so get Ready for that Bitcoin is right now Consolidating and it's getting ready for At least a breakout within the coming 10 Weeks here Percy this is not my most Favorite support line but this support And that you're currently seeing right Here is definitely the one to be paying Attention towards and works and we're Expecting that in the coming 10 days we Are going to be having that massive Breakout for Bitcoin and I mean further On we can currently still see that Potentially this is maybe a little bit More of an important resistance line to Be looking at we didn't retested this Reset slime this time around here but it Is still sitting above us so I will be Definitely watching this level very Closely then yesterday we had some Breaking news here the SSC officially Postponed the Bitcoin sport ETF from Arc Investment this was definitely very Interesting to see here but I am Actually thinking a little bit different

About the scenario so like you currently Can see here the final deadline of the Arc Um Bitcoin sport EDF is on the 10th of January 2024. so if the SEC decides to Accept any spot ETF at all it will be Probably likely to approve them all at The same time and they won't deny arc's Invest spot ETF and then accept a week Later blackworkspot ETF that is a scenario that for me seems Very unreal and due to that it is going To be likely that the SSC is going to be Approving all Bitcoin small dtfs before The 10th of January 2024 and since of Course before that we're going to be Having New Year we're going to have Christmas we're going to have all these Things here and due to that I won't be Surprised that potentially the Bitcoin Sport ETF could already get accepted in 2023 here so additionally it's Anticipated that all the Bitcoins will DDS are going to probably get approved On an unforeseen date and thus I think It's very probable that the Bitcoin Sport ETF could be happening this year I Mean you have to understand once the Bitcoins will ttf probably gets approved I expect a huge God candle for Bitcoin At least to 35 000 and that will be of Course an absolutely massive liquidation Because no one else is foreseeing it and No one is expecting it so if you're in

Massive short positions I should Definitely be very careful but this is What I am currently expecting in my Opinion and it makes also the most sense In my opinion because they can't deny The arc investment spot ETF of Bitcoin And then moments later except the BlackRock ETF because that wouldn't make Sense and that wouldn't also hold up in Court so I mean if you want to retrain This I think there are some very Interesting development right now here Because Bitcoin once again its spending Rate is negative what means that Shorters are willing to pay a premium And also that shorters are massively Having the edge on the long positions on The market right now here so yeah there Are more short positions active making Myself only more excited about this Market right here I mean if you want to Be trading Bitcoin I've been saying this For the pause wall here but we've only Got another 33 days before this deposit Bonus runs out here but you can Currently claim a free 1000 US dollar Airdrop position on bitcoin and all you Need to do here is sign up using that Link below on today's update video and Also you have to deposit 100 within Seven days 2K will see and you can claim This free 1000 US dollar Bitcoin air Drill position so yeah this is Definitely a very interesting one to be

Paying attention towards and I mean if You're looking at Bitcoin on the weekly Time frame there are also actually quite A lot of interesting developments if you Would ask me we're creating this cup and Handle pattern for Bitcoin we're Creating a massive comp and Rhino were Seeing the weekly sign with Consolidation for Bitcoin and this Consolidation is literally one of the Most important ones to be paying Attention towards I mean Bitcoin has Been very boring especially if you zoom Out you can see the weekly candles are Not so big as the pause but however we Are right now in part of a super Important pattern that is called a cup And handle pattern and once we do break Above the resistance on the top side we Could be seeing massive massive upside For Bitcoin getting created I mean Further on we can currently also see That here on the bigger perspective for Bitcoin I don't really think that this Is the time to be worried this is the Time where Bitcoin is of course Retesting support and I mean the last Two times we retested this level we saw A massive projection and right now we're Seeing a massive support getting fanned I mean this makes so much sense to Expect Bitcoin to be best from off this Level I don't really think that this is The exact region to be starting to be

Panicking on bitcoin this is more the Region to start to be accumulating and Get excited about Bitcoin I mean it the Same thing while this is happening we Can currently see the macd is creating a Lower load not only on the histogram but Also on the moving average while the Price section is forming an higher low So we're creating in fact a bullish Divergence and as well we're having a Bullish crossover on the three-day macd Here but also makes myself quite excited About the price action of Bitcoin right Now and I mean I've been talking about This as well in the previous videos on The weekly time frame we are creating a Massive consolidation phase and this Massive consolidation phase is said to Be breaking out in the coming 5 to 10 Weeks ahead of ourselves and this will Be meaning that we're going to see a 100 Week downtrend come together with like a 55-week uptrend and this will just cause A massive breakout and like we know from The previous bear Market we also create It created just such a very important Pattern and I mean the moment this Pattern broke out we basically saw a big Rally for Bitcoin towards the upside and I mean you have to also understand that In exactly 200 days from now on the next Bitcoin halving is going to be here and If we're going to be looking back at What Bitcoin always does once the whole

Thing happens historically speaking it Has never took longer than six months For Bitcoin to hit a new Ultimate after The Bitcoin whole thing so will this Once again happen if this were to be Happening I want to be looking at this Very closely I am expecting a new Ultimate for Bitcoin is going to be Happening in November 2024 so yes we Still have to be very patient it's Probably going to take even longer than A year from now on to see Bitcoin hit New album Highs but I am definitely Patient enough here and of course the Only question that I have to ask you Here are you prepared enough for the Next Bull Run because I am and the Question remains are you right now Pepper so that was it for me in today's Of the video thank you so much for Watching and see you guys on the next One peace out goodbye

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