Okay listen up Bitcoin is still creating Lower highs with higher lows low effect On the daily time frame Bitcoin actually Broke this downtrend so what do we have To do next here what are we expecting Next I will be exactly discussing this From today's update video because yes on Some time frames we're breaking above The critical resistance but on others We're still trading against it so I will Be exactly discussed what this means for Bitcoin the current ongoing Trend and Many more important charts that we'll Talk about the image short term Bitcoin Is creating currently this massive CME Gap and many more important charts so Don't forget to slap up the logarithm Back about 400 likes on today's update Video that will be absolutely incredible If we can do that and with that being Said let me jump straight away in Towards the image short term for Bitcoin I mean if we're looking at Bitcoin on The internet short term it is brand new Once again weekends and over the course Of the weekends Bitcoin tends to be very Boring there tends to be low volume and Bitcoin tends to be creating a CME Gap And right now this time around the CME Gap is trading around 27.1 K what means That I am expecting at the end of the Weekend Bitcoin is going to trade Somewhere around the 27.1 K level so That is of course quite a good

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Development and if we're not trading Above that level and if we won't be Trading a dead level at the end of the Weekends and we will be training below It I will be expecting on the Monday We're going to pump and yes if we're Trading above it on the Sunday or Monday I will be expecting we're going to have A dump on the Monday so that is Definitely what I'm currently expecting And I mean further on bitcoin has been Creating a very bullish movement here on The one hour time frame we created the Bull flood pattern that we're currently Still training in here but nothing is Really happening so far if you're Looking at the four early time frame Bitcoin is really creating a massive Downward sloping resist line and so far In the past three times we've been Retesting this novel right here you can Clearly see we've got some massive Rejections and once again this time Around we once again saw another massive Rejection for Bitcoin so yes well we may Have been moving upwards we are still Creating lower highs on that 4 hourly Time frame and also we're still getting Rejected by that massive damage sloping Resist line so yes I'm am of course Pretty excited about Bitcoin however if You're just looking at the image short Term or even on a daily time frame you Can clearly still see Bitcoin is still

Trading in the downwards Trend and I've Said this as well in yesterday's video If I were to be flipping bullish I need To see the previous High getting flipped Because if that doesn't happen I won't Be surprised to actually see another Move towards the downside and I mean Here on the image short term we can also Clearly still see Bitcoin is creating The downswing resist line that Previously active test support currently We have not broken above it and in my Opinion the most important consolidation Phase to be looking at right now here is This phase on the 12th hour or you could Be approaching it on a daily time frame The Bitcoin of course remains to be Creating lower highs on the imminent Short term and also higher lows so the Question really remains whether we're Going to be Breaking Upwards or whether We're going to be breaking downwards so So without any messing around here I Mean the next move for Bitcoin is really Going to get determined whether a break Above This resistance or whether we Break below the support because yes that Is going to identify which the trend is Going to be continuing towards so yes if We brake support we're going to confirm A lower low and we're probably going to See lower lows for Bitcoin getting full Loads and yes if Bitcoin breaks the Previews High we could be starting to

See a massive option getting created so That is exactly how I will be playing it Right now here and I'm expecting that Probably next week we're really going to See this move really getting started so Yes looking at by bit I'm currently Still trading Bitcoin and ethereum on Two weeks leverage so if you are Interested in trading or if you are Interested in accumulating crypto Yourself make sure to go to the link Description of today's video because you Still got 30 days here to claim this Free 1000 US dollar air drill position On bitcoin all you need to do here is go To the link description sign up an Account deposit 100 within seven days And you can claim a free 1 000 US dollar Aerial position you can literally go to The link description to see the Conditions how you can claim the airdrop And literally what I just said that is All you need to do here it's super Valuable and it's only valid for another 30 days here further on we can currently See the Bitcoin of course broke above That daily downward sloping resistance Line and I mean yes we broke above the Daily resistance and we are currently Literally retesting it as support but This could potentially be a trap the Only reason that I am currently saying This is because if Bitcoin can't confirm That higher high on the daily time frame

I won't be surprised that we are just Going to see a move towards the dance Again and created so yes Bitcoin did Indeed broke above resistance but for me To see the confirmation of the breakouts I need to see a higher high on the daily Time frame but in my opinion if I'm just Zooming out here I don't think that this Is the time to be panicking I actually Think that this is one of the most Interesting ranges for accumulation for Bitcoin because yes we create this Massive move towards the upside and Right now potentially we create a double Bottom pattern and if we Bounce from Here we will be creating a beautiful W Pattern and I mean the structure is Looking very good on the weekly time Frame don't get me wrong I am not Bearish on bitcoin on the bigger Perspective however only even at Short Term if we break support I am just Expecting we're going to see lower lows For Bitcoin getting created and I mean Looking at the bigger perspective if Bitcoin really creates Advanced back Towards sale site then we could be Creating a massive W pattern and then we Could even even have another training Set up here for if we break above the 30 000 US dollar level to potentially Create a w pattern and potentially have A massive price darker towards the Upside so I am looking closely towards

This as well if we do break above 31 to 32 000 we're going to be breaking out of The carpet handle better what also got An insane price Target around 47 000 US Dollars so Bitcoin is indeed shaping up To be getting ready for a big move here And I mean if we're looking at the Monthly returns for Bitcoin we're about To close September in the green and Historically speaking October or we can Better call it October as being a super Bullish one for Bitcoin I mean the last Period we've seen October at least give Us uh approximately 30 to 40 Returns on Bitcoin in general so I am pretty Excited about October and especially Q4 Because yes Q4 is about to be starting And Q4 is literally the period in the Market where we tend to see the biggest Gains for Bitcoin getting realized so I'm quite excited about Q4 and Personally I won't be surprised to see Q4 be very bullish for Bitcoin and Crypto so looking forward towards it and Yes I mean if we're really going to be Looking at Bitcoin we're creating a Multi-week downtrend and we're creating A multi-week uptrend and these levels Are about to be meeting each other and Once they meet each other we're going to Be having a massive breakout so get Ready for this once this level breaks Out here whether it's going to be up or Down it's going to create a massive move

And a massive moves also means a big Buying or a big trading opportunity so That is what I'm looking out for we'll Keep you guys updated so that was it for Me in today's update video thank you so Much for watching and I'll see you guys On the next one peace out goodbye

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