Bitcoin is about to generate a gigantic Move and I think that the majority of The people are wrong about what the next Move is going to be for Bitcoin so in This video I will be exactly explain What will be happening I will start to Zoom out at Bitcoin to see what the next Move is going to be I will talk about my Next trade and much more important stuff Potentially altcoin season could be Starting right now I will be talking Exactly about this I will talk about the 1.4 million ethereum that we'll be Getting unlocked over the coming days And what kind of effect this will be Having on the ethereum price and much More stuff so don't forget to slap up That like button on today's update video Can we smash it back up at 500 that will Be absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content and once looking at The image short term for Bitcoin we do Know that ever since yesterday we've Seen a slight decreasement for Bitcoin After we created the significant bearish Divergence on the top side right now Bitcoin is still creating a higher high On that one hour time frame and we're Basically still trending towards the Upside however if I'm looking at the Price action for the four hourly time Frame for Bitcoin right now we actually Officially confirmed the bearish

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Divergence happening on the Farley time Frame after we've seen that red candle Getting confirmed after we confirmed Another higher high on the four early Time frame and a lower high on the RSI So right now we're seeing a bearish Averages getting confirmed on a Four-league time frame and if I will be Looking at a very important Target for Me to be opening up big long positions For Bitcoin it's going to be this range Right here around the 28.8 K I will Still be buying more Bitcoin on spot Right here but in order for me to open Up a gigantic trade on bitcoin I want to Be a little bit more patient and I want To be seeing this retest coming down Towards 28.8 K here if you're looking at The 408 time frame you can clearly see That the 28.8k is actually the level That previously it Ryan provided the Significant resistance and right now Could be providing but then potential Very big support looking then at the 12 Hour time frame we can currently still See the Bitcoin is running in towards a Potential upper sloping resistance line And every single time we've touched this Level we've seen a significant rejection Like you can see here we got rejected For in four times in a row here we saw Rejection here we saw multiple Rejections and currently yet again we're Seeing two major rejections from all

This exact trend line right here and What is interesting to see if I'm Opening up the RSI we can currently Actually start to see that the price Action of Bitcoin is creating a lower High on the RSI for the 12 hour time Frame while the price section is indeed Confirming and higher high what means That we're currently creating that Potential bearish Divergence on the 12 Hour time frame for Bitcoin so this is Very important to be paying attention Towards and like I've said for quite a While already if I am looking at the Daily time frame for Bitcoin I am Actually quite cautious why is because The momentum is really drying up right Here and I've said this for Approximately three days in a row here Ever since we broke above thirty Thousand dollars the momentum is drying Up here and this is a dangerous signal Because we're creating of course a lower High on the RSI a lower high on the McD While the price action is confirming and Higher high what means that we're Creating a bearish Divergence what means That momentum is drawing up and what This means for the price action of Bitcoin are two things one thing is Either we're going to see a lot of Cybers price consolidation for Bitcoin That will be a good thing in my opinion The other thing could be that we're

Going to see a bearish momentum getting Generated for Bitcoin and we're going to See a slight cool face just like we had Right here so if that will be happening I wouldn't be surprised we saw it Happening over here and eventually we Continue to Trend up here and I am not Bearish for the longer perspective if we Will be seeing that small decrease Within price I still think the trend is Overly bullish so we will see that Continuation towards the upside the Reason why I'm also saying the trend is Overly bullish is because if I'm looking Actually at the 3D time frame we are Literally training in somewhat of a Parabolica for Bitcoin right now and for The bigger perspective I'm bullish only For the imminent short term I could be Expecting that we can still see a small Decreasement before potentially pushing Further on towards the upside So Currently I am still in a small short Position it's not a big one for me to be Opening on big positions like I've said Already a couple times in this video I Want to see Bitcoin come down to 28.8k If that does happen that is the point Where I will be opening up gigantic Trading positions if you want to be Trading Bitcoin yourself you could do so Also on vibrate in the link in Description and if you sign up an Account right now you could claim the

Postal bonus up to thirty thousand Dollars and you can trade all kinds of Other all coins including ethereum Arbitrim and many more altcoins that are Providing huge opportunities because Talking about all coins I mean yes we're Currently seeing that the Bitcoin Dominance is actually running towards Resistance and this is suggesting that It is not a bad time to be actually Looking and investigating into all coins Because every single time if you bought All all coins on the top side of the Bitcoin dominance range right here you Would have done an extremely good job Here whether it was ethereum whether it Was being b or arbitrant you can buy of Course all coins once the Bitcoin Dominance is high and then you could Probably make way more money than the Bitcoin dominance being extremely low Because at that point there's just less Upside for the altcoin market so yes I Am currently quite excited about the Altcoin market especially since I see The Bitcoin dominance is currently Running in towards this very important Resistance if we confirm the break Above This level for the Bitcoin dominance Bitcoin is probably going to see a Further continuation towards the upside And then realistically speaking my Targets are going to be around this Range right here what is previously

Around being a very big support Target That after this probably is going to be Flipping into big resistance what is of Course another six percent towards the Upside and one of the reasons that Bitcoin potentially could be reaching This is if the ethereum that currently Is getting unstaked is going to be Dumped on the market we do know that Currently in approximately 1.4 and Actually on the time of recording is Almost already 1.5 million in ethereum Is currently pending for withdrawal and This is an approximately 3.1 billion US Dollars that is currently getting Withdrawed from the ethereum network This is very seriously to take into Account and we can see that actually in The coming approximately eight to six Hours we're going to see some very big Unlocks happening here we're going to See an approximately 150 000 ethereum Getting unlocked in the coming 12 hours And what you have to know here is that Ethereum withdrawals will be a rate Limit to 1800 validators per day Translating to a daily withdrawal of an Approximately 57 000 ethereum based on a 32 ethereum per Validator of course if validators got More there could be more ethereum Getting withdrawal today but there are Only a limit to 1800 validators Withdrawing their ethereum a day so that

Is very important to pay attention to Parts they did this because then we will Never see a bank run on ethereum staking So that is pretty interesting that they Did so but be aware approximately 62 Percent of all the unstaked ethereum is Coming from Kraken and Kraken of course Has to stop with other staking rewards Out of the us so that could be also a Reason why we're seeing so much ethereum Getting pending withdrawal this also Doesn't necessarily mean it's going to Result in sell pressure that is just Pure speculation but yeah make sure to Take an account we could see a lot of Cell pressure occur in the market it Could also be that the people that are Stopping to uh We could also see that potentially the People that are actually stopping to Stake their ethereum are not going to Sell their ethereum at all and then it Will definitely not do anything with the Price section of ethereum so that is Very important to be paying attention Towards right now here but I still want To be pointing this out here because While looking at the ethereum price Section we do currently know that Ethereum is actually running towards This most important level of resistance This level that we're currently running Into art is this previous level right Here the previous high right here and

Currently we're seeing already a small Rejection I talked about this level Yesterday I think that this is the level To break for ethereum and I also don't Think that this is a good buying range For ethereum yes if you're buying Ethereum you're going to hold it for a Long period of time I think there it is Never a bad time to be buying ethereum But if I'm going to be looking at let's Say a four week time Horizon this isn't Necessarily the best place to be buying Your ethereum ad so I'm going to be very Cautious right here and for me it's also Very important what Bitcoin is going to Be doing next year because Bitcoin will Obviously have a lot of effect on the Price action of ethereum Bitcoin is Going currently still running in towards This weekly resistance while we're Creating all this bearish momentum on The Daily and three day and 12 hour time Frame it could be a potential sign of Worry that Bitcoin is going to see a Huge rejection from of the weekly Resistance and while this is happening Of course on The Daily time frame we Broke back in towards this range right Here and the next resistance to clear on The Daily time frame to really see Further continuation towards the upside Is the 31.8k here and since I'm seeing a Lot of bearish divergences I think it Would be maybe potentially very likely

The Bitcoin is going to see a long Period of consolidation around this Region right here and the region where I'm aiming for is 31.7 to 28.6 K so yeah What I will be doing here is long to 28.6 K and of course potentially shorter 32 000 if we're going to come towards That level on the top side but of course Just like I've said on the momentum Indicators I'm very cautious right now Here because if you're also looking at The money flow index we can see the Money flow index created the bullets Diverges on the lower side and once that Bullish diverge got created we of course Obviously saw a very big move towards The upside it did took some time but at The moment we confirmed the bearish Divergence on the top side right now we Are not seeing anything yet so far but Be aware these are lacking indicators Momentum indicators are not telling us Something about what is happening next Hour or what is happening tomorrow it is Something that is going to be playing Out over the coming weeks for Bitcoin And I honestly think that we're right Now should be a little bit more cautious And I'm not saying that I'm not buying More Bitcoin but I'm very careful with Opening up long positions to bitcoin Right now here of course we're still in A bigger perspective uptrend but I do Not want to be longing Bitcoin in the

Middle of the run-up I rather want to be Long in Bitcoin on the beautiful retest So if you want to be trading Bitcoin Don't forget to check out the links in Description but anyways this was it for Me in today's update video I truly hope You did learn something from of this Video if you did so don't forget to Subscribe to the channel and I'll see You guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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