Bitcoin may be retracing right now here But I don't believe that this is the Time to be panicking I mean everyone is Turning bearish right now but I've got Some very important charts that you need To be paying attention towards so make Sure to stick in this video because in This exact video I will discuss the Imminent shortterm for Bitcoin the most Important charts the most important Resistance and many more important stuff So without any further Ado don't forget To slap up the like button back up at 500 likes it will be absolutely Incredible and with that of being said Ley jumps straight away towards the Imminent shortterm and once looking at The immin short term of Bitcoin of Course we've seen a big big retracement Towards the downside for Bitcoin and Ever since we have been creating still An higher low on that 1 hour time frame And what is interesting that here on the RSI we're also still creating a lower Low so in fact we're right now creating A bullish Divergence on the one hour Time frame for Bitcoin and I mean Looking further towards Bitcoin to Really zoom out about what currently is Going on here and if I'm scrolling Through Twitter I can see that the Majority of the people are actually Turning bearish and calling for targets Around 20 to 12K for Bitcoin but

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Personally I don't really see this as a Region to be panicking since this is Actually a very big support level and Since we have been confirming an higher High not only on the 4ly time frame but Also on the daily time frame we are in Fact right now trading in an uptrend and What do you want to be doing in an Uptrend you want to be looking at the Support to be actually longing it it's Not smart to short the support So Currently I am actually quite excited About Bitcoin and as long as we're Holding above 27.3k I don't really see a big reason to Be starting to be panicking on bitcoin Right now here because as long as Bitcoin is training Above This level I Don't see a reason to be actually Panicking on bitcoin right here since You can currently clearly see that if You're looking at the structure of Bitcoin we have actually stayed in quite Of an interesting consolidation phase I Mean Bitcoin has really first seen more Downside and after that the price rted And we are right now creating higher Lows so we are right now in the middle Or actually at the end stage of this Reversal pattern and I mean right now We're starting to enter the more Parabolic phas and I've been discussing This as well in yesterday's video we Broke out already of the symmetrical

Triangle on the 12-hour time frame as Well you can clearly see we create that Downward sloping resist line we already Clearly broken above it and if you're Looking at the daily time frame you can Also see we created the downward sloping Resist line and we have clearly broken Above it and ever since we've done so we Have seen Bitcoin continue towards the Upside and I mean right now as well Maybe the most important thing to see Here is that Bitcoin has confirmed a Candle close above the previous high in The market what also currently means is That we're actually creating an higher High and that we're currently actually Trading in an uptrend and that really Makes myself quite excited about this Market right now here and I mean I've Been talking about the trend I've been Discussing the trend for quite a while Right now already and I mean we have Already flipped the previous high in the Market and the high before that and and That is actually quite a bullish signal In my opinion and you can really see That also once we flipped the previous High that was exactly the level that Flipped into support So if you're Looking at bitco right now here I made An heat map of the most important and Most bearish levels in this trend right Now here and what I'm currently looking At is first of all the 28.7k is the

Level to break as soon as we break about That level I think we're going to be Entering the range on the top side Between 31.5k and 28.6k so that is the level to be Breaking to enter this range between These levels right here so that is what I'm going to be looking at very closely And you can currently also see that we Actually got rejected from the previous Liquidity level of that bush up towards The upside around 28.2k and then to talk About what are the most important levels Below us because yes we're currently in A small little retracement and everyone Wants to know where should we be looking To actually accumulate Bitcoin right so I see a very interesting level and that Is the previous high in the market right Here that got us rejected also got us Rejected right here so the daily Resistance is really sitting and hanging Around 27.2k and since we're trading Above it right now I think that if bit Coin retraces back to 27.2k is actually going to be a very Good opportunity to accumulate Bitcoin So right now since we're trading in an Uptrend like I've discussed earlier on Today's video I think we're actually Looking quite strong here and yes the Big support trading below us is 27.2k so If we come down towards that level I

Will be definitely interested to be Looking to accumulate a long position on Bitcoin and I mean at the same time Defending rates remain to be negative on Bitcoin what means that the majority of The Traders are actually trading short And if you want to be trading on buybits You can right now claim an insane Deposit bonus up to $1,000 and all you Need to do is literally deposit $100 and You can claim a free $1,000 air position On bitcoin or an xrp depending what you Want to be having here it's super simple But super valuable further on on The Daily time frame for Bitcoin I mean I See so many people turn bearish on Bitcoin right now while in fact we've Just only seen a minor retracement after A significant pump towards the upside And you can clearly see that Bitcoin was Actually retesting this massive 95 we Downtrend you can see we created this Massive downtrend and this was the first Time for Bitcoin to retest this level Again after an approximately 54 days Here and I me we retested the level and We straight away got rejected so this is Definitely a super important level to be Looking at and I personally think as Soon as we do break Above This level Right here we're going to be seeing Massive massive breakout so I will be Waiting for that I'm going to be looking Out for that and once we do decide to be

Breaking Above This Mass of downtrend Right here we could start to see a big Big rally getting created for Bitcoin And I mean I've said this several times Before I don't think we need to be Worrying about Bitcoin I mean we're Literally creating actually a double Bottom pattern right here and Potentially even a w pattern and that Could be quite bullish and as long as Bitcoin is trading above $26,000 I don't See a reason to panic and of course if We break below $26,000 the next support Is going to be 21 to $22,000 but that is Only a plausible scenario as soon as we Do break below that level what is Already a very unlikely scenario in my Opinion and I mean if you're really Looking at Bitcoin you can see that we Once again B from of that Weekly support Right and we're actually creating a bull Flick pattern and if this breaks out From the top side we could be in for a Massive but massive Target on the top Side what I'm really really excited for In my opinion further on we can Currently see that actually on the Weekly time frame Bitcoin of course not Only bounced from that horizontal level And the down Sol resist level but in my Opinion we are just part of a way bigger Consolidation phase we're creating a Massive Asic triangle and I do think That potentially the Lower Side of

Support is going to still get retested Maybe it's going to happen in a couple Months but yes the Lower Side support in My opinion worst case scenario is going To be 22.5k and not $112,000 where uh Some other crypto influencers are Talking about so I don't really think We're going to go much much lower I Think this was already the bottom we Could definitely still have another move Towards the downside and that would make Potentially ultimate depression if we Create another lag towards the downside But in my opinion if that were to be Happening it would be only a bigger Opportunity to accumulate even more in This market then of course yesterday we Actually got some bullish news for Ethereum because Graco has failed to Convert its ethereum trust in towards a Spot ETF and that could also even drive More money towards ethereum since Ethereum is only a00 billion US dollar Market cap and Bitcoin A500 billion US Do market cap the effect of an ETF could Even be bigger on ethereum especially Once the bull market comes up here so Super excited about the future but that Was it for me in today's update video Thank you so much for watching and I'll See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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