This is the most important resistance For Bitcoin and on this exact video I Will talk about this exact level of Resistance about the C Me Gap that Bitcoin is currently creating a many More important charts that we need to Discuss right now so without any further Ado don't forget to slap up the like but Them back above 400 on today's update Video that will be absolutely incredible With that of being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content and Yes once looking at the iminent Shortterm for Bitcoin we can straight Away see we're creating that CME gap for The Bitcoin price action right now on The 30 minute time frame or just in General over the course of the weekends And yes straight away we can see Bitcoin Is creating a massive C Gap with with Currently the C me close price hanging And sitting around 28.1k so since we're right now trading Around 27.9k I am still expecting that over the Course of this Sunday we're probably Going to see a little bit of a bench Towards the upside and yes most likely We're going to trade somewhere around 28.1 to 28.2k over the end of this exact weekend So make sure to be paying attention Towards that because that is the most Likeliest Target where we are going to

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Be aiming for further on we're going to Be looking for Bitcoin of course on that 4 hourly time frame and on that 4 hourly Time frame you can clearly see that the Big level of support is 27.2k exactly The level I've been talking about for The past period will everyone on the Internet flip bearish on this level Right here I actually was the one that Actually said I probably think we're Going to still have a bench from here on And I mean ever since we've been still Creating some higher highs and really What we want to be seeing right now here Is Bitcoin break Above This level of Resistance right now here so I've been Diving in towards this level you can Clearly see this previously round acted As support here acted as resistance Resistance as well resistance as well And once again it is providing Resistance so you can clearly see this Level right here that level around $28,000 approximately is definitely the Most important resistance to be breaking Above off and as soon as we do can break Above of this level we will will be Definitely see some more bullish Momentum towards the upside and you can See it also on this chart I think if we Are then confirming the break up of 28.6k we're breaking back in towards That previous range and that would be The confirmation for me that Bitcoin is

Probably going to be pushing back up to 31,000 US dollar so that is what I'm Going to be aiming for Bitcoin is Actually looking very strong right here Only we've been just going sideways and Not a lot of have been happening but of Course do remember usually in the Sunday Bitcoin started to be moving again here And tomorrow it's Monday it's a new week And Bitcoin can then start to see Potentially some new volatility hitting The markets again here why I am Definitely super excited for so yes I do Think next week is going to be a crazy Week again here I mean if we're looking At Bitcoin we have officially already Flipped the downtrend back into towards An uptrend right now here and actually The previous resistance from of this Trength hanging and sitting around Somewhere around of the $27,000 level previously United got us Rejected and Now is acting as support What is definitely a super good Development and due to that we're Already seeing a little bit of a rebound Back towards the upside but in the Bigger perspective we have already Flipped this trend here back into Towards an uptrend what for me looks at Least super strong right now here and at The same time the funding rates remain To be negative what means that the Majority of the Traders are actually

Trading short and they're not willing to Be paying a premium and that also means That you have to be paying a premium if You actually want to be shorting this Market so be very careful with shorting Bitcoin first of all you have to pay a Premium to open up a position so looking At Bitcoin we can currently see that There is not a lot of stuff happening Right now here on this Market really and I mean if we're zooming out on bitcoin We can currently clearly see that Basically on the 1 hour time frame Bitcoin is just going sideways here There's not a lot of stuff happening Here I'm looking for some new trading Opportunities but I'm just waiting I Mean for me if we really come down Towards the range low here or the Critical support level I will be Potentially starting to be looking Towards opening up a new trade here but Ever since we already tested the Critical support more than three times And the top sign also more than three Times we could literally break towards Any direction right now here and it's Super hard to exactly predict where Bitcoin is heading towards so I'm just Waiting for some more confirmations for Me to be opening up that next trade here On the market but there are definitely Of course some good long-term trades Here in the market right now here

Because looking at this massive Symmetrical triangle I think we could be Taking a very good trade out of this P Right here so if you interested in Trading you know that currently you can Claim a free $1,000 airw position on Bitcoin and all you need to do here is Sign up an account using the link below Deposit $100 within 7 days here and Complete K wec to claim that free $1,000 Us Bitcoin or xrp longer short position You can choose it whatever you want here But it's super valuable and it's running Out in 26 days here so make sure to be Very quick and yeah it's definitely one Of the more valuable deposal bonuses That currently is running here in the Market but Bitcoin is creating this Massive centical triangle here we're Currently once again knocking on Resistance and it's expected that Probably in the coming 15 to 20 days We're going to be breaking out of this Better and it's got a insane price Target somewhere around $50,000 what is Of course absolutely epic and I mean We're just waiting for the down Trend to Get broken right so you can clearly see Also here uh we're creating that inverse Head and Shoulders pattern and basically It's the same downward soing resistance Line as this massive Weekly downtrend Right here so we just have to be Breaking Above This 95 we downtrend and

If we can do that it would definitely Mean some very bullish price section in Money being for Bitcoin and I mean if You're zooming out on a bigger Perspective it can clearly see that if You're just looking at horizontal Support and resistance the big support Is below is around $25,000 like we Already knew but there is still also a Big gigantic level here on the top side Sitting around $32,000 and let me say This correctly because this $32,000 Level is just not such a small level It's like the level that previously Around in the bull market acted as Massive support and currently is acting As resistance so already two times we Retested it and we got rejected but Maybe the next time we are going to test It we are potentially going to be Breaking above it and once we break Above This level guys it will be an epic Break guys and we will be probably Seeing massive vola through getting Created on the market and the me de on The 5day time frame is also about to be Having a bullish CL cross over so let's See what is going to be happening there And also of course on the weekly time Frame Bitcoin is creating a massive Massive pattern here because yes we are Creating somewhat of a bull flag Scenario right now for Bitcoin and if we Break out of it we could be seeing price

Targets $50,000 and of course looking at Ethereum is not much different compared To bitcoin since ethereum is as well Creating a massive consolidation phase Right here and once this breaks out here We will be seeing NASA volu getting Created for ethereum and yes I mean Every single time we retest this support We balance from and every single time That uh we retest the resistance we get Rejected so it's really a matter of time Before we're going to be breaking it but Do understand that the national debt is Currently sitting around 33.5 trillion US dollar it is currently growing at the Rates of an approximately $1 trillion of Depth every single month and that is Absolutely insane that's twice the Market cap of Bitcoin that the US Government creates as depth a month but In the end of the day uh as this Continues the US government could be def Falling or they could be starting to be Printing money and probably it's going To be the second option and it will be Super bullish for Bitcoin so a lot of Things are currently happening do also Know here that we are currently in stage One here of the uh stock to flow model And that is the blue range here that is Basically the reaccumulation range here Slash the beginning SL preo Market stage So I am currently very excited I think The next Bull Run we could easily hit

$100,000 I mean that would be an of Course an absolutely insane Target if we Can reach it and of course just like I Said this downward sing resistance line Is maybe the most important resistance Line to be looking at for Bitcoin Because yes it's going to be providing Resistance on the weekly on the Three-day and of course on the twoe time Frame and once we break Above This level We're going to be having some massive Moves here in the market so get ready For that that was it for me in today's Up video guys thank you so much for Watching and see you guys on the next One and hopefully tomorrow is going to Be a little bit more of an exciting day Here since the last few days have been Very boring for Bitcoin so thank you so Much for watching I'll see you guys on The next one peace out

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