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The at Ergo platform Twitter account has Finally been deleted this has been an Ongoing saga since Charles hoskinson From cardano had gifted the ethereum Classic Twitter account to the Ergo Foundation and it was repurposed for Ergo this has been something I have been Against from the very get-go because it Gives a false kind of perception to Potential Ergo investors of how popular Ergo actually is for a catchup this Account had 600,000 Twitter followers as Opposed to the original Ergo account Which is now named Sigma knuts and we'll Be covering a little bit of changes and Potential votes for that here in just a Second as well which only had 60,000 Twitter followers meaning that it Appeared to potential investors to be 10 Times as popular of a cryptocurrency as It actually was but there is as always a Lot more to the story so let's get into [Music] It on October 5th I noticed that the Ergo platform Twitter had been deleted You can see here that my screenshot Showed originally that there were 6377 th000 followers on this particular Account upon further research of course Almost enough stepen uh Alexander or Steve m Alexander excuse me uh Twitter Had notified me that this change had Taken place now this change wasn't Enabled or enacted because of some

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Reverse position by either armeno or CW Or any of the devs or community members Over at Ergo that you know this was Wrong to do to the ethereum classic Community which is one of the arguments The ethereum classic side has of this of Course but as opposed to that it was Decided because this particular account Once run through analytics was showing To have a very Hefty amount of bought or Purchased followers or bought accounts Following this particular account now This is not uncommon within the Twitter Sphere and crypto Twitter in particular Because anything that you can make Appear better than it actually is has a Better chance at of course getting more People to invest in said crypto currency Etc so basically what was decided was to Go ahead and delete that account due to Not the issue between ethereum classic Community and Ergo Community but because Of the actual bots on the account now From my perspective in general I'm okay With this because my primary argument Was that this particular account gave a False perception to potential investors In Ergo so I'm all good there but that Doesn't mean that everybody is happy With this cuz remember we still have the Ethereum classic side of the argument Which is this was taken from ethereum Classic now there is a huge thread which I'll leave with you guys from almost

Enough and Bob summerwell over on Twitter covering this and essentially The account has been deleted it was not Handed back over to the ethereum classic Community as opposed to that of course Now the Twitter account is completely Gone a originally some of the arguments That popped up is that there were a Bunch of missing you know historical Tweets from ethereum classic but luckily What we have found is that the history Has been given back by urg armenio to The ethereum classic foundation so they Can go ahead and have an archive of all Of the previous tweets that were made When the actual account was ethereum Classic this won't be recovered onto a Twitter account best uh to my best Knowledge at this point that isn't Something that's possible and there is Of course the question of what will Happen to the Ergo platform Twitter Account as well so let me know what you Guys think in the comment section below Is this sufficient enough of a kind of a Act by the Ergo Community if do you Think that they should have maybe given It back to ethereum Classic in general What are your opinions on the bot count All of that sort of thing like I said This is sufficient for me to say okay Now I feel better about being like well Here's the information for the Ergo Twitter and here's where you can follow

Him on this platform Etc without feeling Like I am kind of maybe masking the Actual popularity of Ergo to potential Investors so I feel better about talking About Ergo in General on the channel Again and I will be covering updates in The future and be a little bit more Plugged into exactly what everything is Going on there now now if we take a look At the developer update I will say I was A little bit disappointed in this Particular video it was very sarcastic Uh kind of demeaning in a lot of of ways You know talking down not acknowledging You know that what the real issue here Was it was definitely kind of a play Around tiptoe around the actual problem And the reasoning for all of this in Their entire you can see I watched the Entire Twitter part portion of this I'll Watch the rest later as I normally do um It it felt very Disingenuous and um I didn't like it I Will say that I think that it could have Been addressed a lot more professionally And and that is primarily due to the Fact that all it was was hey we got rid Of this cuz there were a bunch of bots On the account after I ran it through Analytics so I decided to delete it That's pretty much what it is uh with a Lot of like awkward giggling and Laughing you know that kind of weird Like I know that I shouldn't have been

Doing this or this was wrong laugh when When people are chatting that's kind of What it felt like it felt like that Awkward like I've been lying to you Giggle for a a lot of it but I'm going To let that go I'm just saying I didn't Really like feel like it was done in it Or acknowledged for what the impact it Had on the crypto Community as a whole CU you got to remember this really had a Negative impact on the relationship Between the ethereum classic community And the Ergo community which at one Point were pretty tight-knit they were Together right and and that kind of Broke that apart of course the bare Market doesn't help with that either now Finally there is going to be a decision On what happens between the sigma knuts Which was the old Ergo platform Twitter And the Ergo platform Twitter handle and How that's going to be well handled pun Intended and I'll leave a link down to This in the comment or the description Below but the choices are to keep the Sigma knuts handle or to migrate it over To the Ergo platform handle there are Four different choices which you can go Over in this particular Twitter thread And then as far as I understand these Votes will be done by the sigma knuts But you can have your opinions come into Light via their chats and comments Etc Discord all those links will be down

Below right now it does look like the Version one which is going to be the yes Um and basically moving the sigma knuts To a new account and taking the Ergo Platform Twitter handle and placing it Back into the sigma knuts account which Is this one right here which made the Post is the winning vote as you can see Here the number of transactions so far Is eight and then we have zero Transactions for no which would leave Sigma knuts as the original if you want This to change or if you think this Should be different you can go ahead and Make it I'm of no opinion here I think For you know the the the reduction of Broken links and Etc all that sort of Stuff I think putting at Ergo platform Back would be the best decision for the Community as a whole and putting it on That account so I guess I would say yes But you know I think either way is it it Really doesn't matter at this point Taking a look at you know Ergo Health in General on the blockchain today's a Little bit of a red day so it's going to Be a little hard to analyze this but you Can see uh pretty much on the eth here We had a little bit of a pump up in the Price of Ergo then it came back down It's starting to recover you know on the 5th when the announcement was made there Was pretty much no change so this didn't Impact price necessarily at all if we

Look at hash rate over time hash rates Really remained pretty consistent with a Little bit of a dip off on October 8th Probably just due to the fact that the Price was dipping down and you can see Here a corresponding dip in the Difficulty as well but that can change Over time if you are interested in Mining Ergo of course you can go over to Hash rate. click the coins button here We can go down to Ergo in general and Then we can go ahead and look at the Benchmarks to find the most efficient Gpus the 470 TI coming in first with the 3070 laptop coming in second and then Performing quite well on the 40 series And then kind of Dipping down you know Still a very strong Contender for the RTX 3070 which is obviously very good For a majority of the crypto mining Community because the 3070 has been Performing quite poorly in you know a Lot of the newer algorithms compared to Like the 60 or the 6000 series from AMD So this is an option you know outside of Something like conflex that you could m And is really efficient on 307s which Are still you know according to hion Statistics some of the most used gpus in The crypto mining Farms here you can see Taking up 133% of the entire a or Nvidia Models but if you compare that also to The fact that that is 70% or Nvidia is 70% of the brands for you know

Essentially mining that is quite a bit Of a a large portion of the entire Market still being 307s which like I Said if you look at something like DX For example which has been one of the Most profitable if we pop over to there And boom right here and we pop over to The benchmarks you know the 3070 isn't Coming in near as high I think the 3070 Laptop is okay but if you get down here I believe it falls a lot further down Than I thought even below the 380 12 G By at 56 hash per watt so not near as Good as it is from an efficiency Perspective on something like Ergo we'll Have to see how it looks on iron fish as Well with the new algorithm change for The RTX 3070 in general just to make a Note there it does look like the Developer of that particular algorithm From LOL minor is very heavily focused On the RTX 370 so I would keep an eye Out on its performance over there from An efficiency standpoint let me know What you guys think of how Ergo handled This Twitter account in general down in The comment section below for me Personally I'm going to leave it here Not going to talk about it anymore Unless something significant changes if It does you can always hit me up on Twitter at son ofch and let me know if There's something I should be paying Attention to but I'm back in the game

For Ergo I'll probably be throwing you Know my Intel cards on there in Particular I really like the a750 is on The Ergo algorithm for sure be sure to Hit the like comment subscribe and Notification bells down below don't Forget to check out locals at Sun of. for my daily moves and you Can get a free supporter status month With the purchase of my ecourse at son Ofate I will see you next Tuesday

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