Ensuring #Bitcoin Data Integrity: The Power of Shamir’s Secret Sharing

And then the other big benefit is that Using the error correcting code and Using these vbls every year or however Often you want to check that your data Is intact you can run the check some Verification algorithm by hand and you Will know that your data is still intact And it has not changed and nothing's Been swapped and nothing's you know Failed or become erased or like you just Imagine that you originally loaded it to Begin with so you can have an ongoing Assurance without involving any new Trust requirements on electronic Computers and then we have Shere secret Stering split your secret up choose a Threshold value that's say three you can Split your secret into 10 pieces hand Them out you know bury them in in all 10 Corners of the world and any three of Them are sufficient to reconstruct your Seet but if you have only two of them They have no information about The Seekers It's Kind of a cool like just Like threshold that happens there so you Can split your Seekers up using this Scheme you can bring them back together Using the scheme okay again no Electronic computers [Music] Here

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