The last time that this signal flash on The Bitcoin price section Bitcoin went Towards the new Ultimate and right now Bitcoin is about to flash the signal yet Again here on the price chart of Bitcoin Right now so in this exact video I will Be talking about this signal that is About to flash for Bitcoin in the coming Four days ahead of ourselves so make Sure to watch this video till the end Because I will be going over the my most Important traits of course that is Currently in a profit of 1700 US Dollars The most important charts in crypto and Much more important things so don't Forget to slap up that like button on Today's update video can we once again Smash it back above 350 likes that will Be absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content and once looking at That imminent short term of Bitcoin we Can currently start to see that the Image short term of Bitcoin is just Absolutely going parabolic and the Question really remains how long is this Parabolic trend going to be sticking With us because yes the today I talked About the price chart of Bitcoin and I Talked about this region right here I Said if we're going to consolidate Sideways for a little bit longer Probably the parabolic trend is going to End and we're going to see some more

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Suppression in the price action or some More cybers price action right and I Also said if we are able to create more Faster higher highs and more exponential Higher lows we could of course continue With this trend but right now it's going To be important to look at whether we're Going to be breaking below the previous High in the market what currently is of Course important support AI we should be Looking at if we are potentially going To create a potential bull flag right Now in the price section of Bitcoin There are many things to look at right Now here however if I do open up the RSI So the momentum indicator on bitcoin I Don't want to break the party I don't Want to be the the guy that's going to Tell you Bitcoin is going to come down Now however I am taking this low I am Not opening up a new sculpture right now Because in my opinion it's just too Risky because right now on the immature Term we can see the Arizona is forming a Lower high well in fact the price action On bitcoin is forming in higher high so We are are currently creating bearish Divergence I want to point this out here We could still see a further Continuation towards the upside because We're still in the parabolic trend but Currently the are some warning signals For the aiming short term for Bitcoin However if I do look at the bigger

Picture so at the foreign time frame I Have said it several times before my Target after we broke above seventeen Thousand dollars is around at 18 000 US Dollar barrier where we're going to be Breaking it right now in a straight line Towards the upside or whether we're Going to be breaking it in a couple days And we're first going to see some Sideways or some price suppression on Bitcoin it doesn't really matter I am Still expecting that Bitcoin is going to Crush up towards 18 000 however we are In a pretty exponential move you can see It also in the four-way time frame and For me the question really remains for How long can we keep up the space here Because yeah usually if Bitcoin is going In such kind of a parabolic move it Tends to come down very quickly also Again so I will remain cautious I am Currently still long on bitcoin like Everyone knows so for me if the price Action goes up it will be amazing but For everyone who's asking me in the Comment section down below when should I Open up my new trade on bitcoin I just Should not open up a new loan position Right now because in my opinion it's Just too risky if however Bitcoin falls Down to seventeen thousand dollars that Is the point where I will be opening up A new long position and that is going to Be a skull position because that is

Going to be a beautiful entry in my Opinion however we've not touched it yet So far also on this potential upper Solving support line we could find a lot Of support So if we do move down a small Retracement then I'm going to look at New long positions if we continue to Trend towards the upside it will be Amazing however I am not opening up new Trades right now here looking then it's Deforly time frame we also exactly reach Our price target of the sabbatical Triangle we have been talking about for Quite a while on the channel we broke it Towards the upside beautiful retest we Move up and right now we reach the Target of 17.5 K what was of course our Initial price target of this exact Breakout of this medical triangle so That is beautiful we reached another Price Target then looking at the daily Time frame for Bitcoin and really Looking at the email ribbon on The Daily Time frame we can see since Bitcoin is Pushing towards the opposite so quickly We are starting to see a potential shift In the EMA ribbon and listen up the last Time the email ribbon crossed bullish it Was a fake ad we stayed bullish for an Approximately what is it five days but Still we moved up from of the point we Feel bullish and approximately six Percent towards the upside but then we Had the FTX collapse however

Historically speaking once the daily Email ribbon crosses bullish it tends to Indicate a lot of bullish momentum look At over here so we cross bullish and After we cross bullish we moved up in Approximately 13 in just a matter of Four days here as well we cross bullish And after we cross bullish we moved up Over 44 in the coming 39 days and like You can see also over here boom 43 in Approximately 30 days and so go on and Go on and go on and like you can see We've been basically trading in a very Long downtrend right here on the daily Email ribbon and right now we are coming Closer and closer towards in Daily the Email ribbon cross and that could Confirm some more bullish momentum on The Daily time frame for Bitcoin however I'm still going to look at this range Right here the 18 to 19 000 as the main Resistance so 18.5 K is definitely for Me the main level to break here Bitcoin Bitcoin can move up but still in my Opinion the 18 point uh yeah 5K is the Most important level of resistance if we However break Above This level right Here I will flip extremely bullish Talking about my strength rate I'm Currently still long on bitcoin because I am convinced that I am going to be Able to catch the exact bear Market Bottom whatever I have another crash Down to 13 to 14 000 I will add more

Margin if this was the bottom I Currently got a beautiful entry with an Approximately four Bitcoin and a Position size of 114 000 US dollars so I'm currently in a Swing trade on bitcoin with one hundred And fourteen thousand dollars and I'm Enjoying the game so far over Naproximately 1800 US Dollars and if you Are interested in trading yourself as Well you could do so if you sign but Again using the links in the description You can also claim in addition to Possible bonus I'm currently trading This trade on buy bits so you can also Trade on buy it if you want so but if You're living in the US I would Recommend to check out bit get big get Is an exchange that allows you to trade From of the US without kyc without VPN So make sure to check it out in the link In the description right now here but Then talking about this insane signal That currently is slashing if I am Looking at the two week time frame on Bitcoin opening up the macd here you can Currently see that the two-week macd is About to cross bullish for the first Time and let me say this correctly for The first time in an approximately 392 days here and once we cross bullish It's exactly more than 400 days ago for The last time we've been seeing any Green on the two-week macd and the last

Time that the two-week macd cross Bullish was right here and where was That that was exactly on this Scandal Right here and after this Scandal we Moved up towards a new Ultimate with Bitcoin so this is quite a big signal And like you can see in the previous Bear mark could where did the bear Market end at exactly once the two-week Macd cross bullish this is an insane Signal that everyone needs to pay Attention towards right now no one has Been looking at at it no one has been Talking about it but exactly once this Cross happened on the two-week macd on The 2019 bear Market the bear Market was Over and we had a significant follow-up Rally afterwards because we cross Bullish on this candle right here and The week after boom we saw an insane Move towards the upside of an Approximately 30 to 40 percent in just a Matter of one two weekly candles so that Is absolutely insane and no one is Talking about this signal right now here Just like you can see in 2018-2019 Bear Market it lasted for 385 days and look At where we are currently at we have Been sitting in this stage for 392 days So it's so close to each other things Are making so much sense and this could Definitely be in confirmation of the Potential end of the Bitcoin bear market So make sure to share this video with

Everyone out there this is a huge signal That currently is flashing and of course In four days from now on we're going to Close the Scandal and then we could get A confirmation or if we are going to Pump even more towards the upside we Could get the confirmation of the exact Bitcoin bear Market bottom and that Could also all mean that my swing trade Position is an absolutely legendary Trade and I'm going to definitely scale Up my trade even more after that so make Sure to share this video with everyone Out there because this is a signal that Is absolutely mind-blowing it's epic It's big and no one is paying attention Towards this signal right now here on The daily time frame as well we're Running in towards the middle range of That bare flag that we're potentially Creating right now here if we break Above it definitely good to see here and Of course on the weekly time frame I've Talked about this so many times guys Talk to everyone out there that I was Buying on the legendary support line and Like you can see we're currently Bouncing from of this legendary support Line towards the upside and currently We're trading somewhere around 17.5 K we Moved up an approximately few percent Ever since we lost touched it we moved Up seven and a half percent so is this The exact bottom that will be absolutely

Epic because then the legendary trend Line did not only call the uh the bear Market bottom in 2018 but also the bear Market bottom in the pandemic crash and Also right now in 2023-2022 right so that's absolutely Epic this was it for me on today's Update video if you did enjoy don't Forget to slap all the like button and Subscribe to the channel and I'll see You guys on the next one and please Don't forget to share this video with Your friends because this is a signal That is absolutely epic see you guys in The next one peace out goodbye

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