EMERGENCY: BITCOIN UPDATE! price targets, ETF update, support, resistance all discussed.

The Bitcoin SP TF just went live on the Market and like I've been expecting this Morning we indeed had that significant Pump towards the upside so on today's Video I will keep it very short but I Will quickly explain about all the most Important things that you need to know About this Bitcoin SP ETF how this is Going to be playing out on the market my Price predictions where is the big Support lighing for Bitcoin and what are The most important things to look at so Without any further Ado don't forget to SL that like button on today's update Video can we smash it back up 500 likes That will be absolutely incedible and With that being said let me jump Straight away in so before they were Launching I already said it on my Channel if you watch my previous video And of course I tweeted many times about It and the forecast is that an Approximately 4 billion US dollars is Going to be entering the market and the Forecast was is that 44 billion US dos Is going to be entering the market on The first day and actually today just Moments after the Bitcoin sport ETF Launched 20 minutes later to be exact We've already seen more than $2.5 Billion US dollars in volume so I think We're going to be absolutely crushing This expectation So currently the chart That we're looking at is the I shares

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Bitcoin sport ETF the sport ETF of black Rock it has been a going up more than 3% Already and so far I think they've got Attracted an approximately 5 to 600 Million us of course if we're looking at Bitcoin we're seeing that the Bitcoin Price is going absolutely exponential I Mean there are many reasons for it first Of all the Bitcoin SP ETF has got a One-on-one becking with real Bitcoin so If there is new capital flowing in Towards Bitcoin of course the price of Bitcoin is going to go higher and due to The fact that right now so many new People and large skill institutions and Large scale companies have access to be Buying Bitcoin throughout the SP EF I Think that this is causing the buy Pressure of course we do know that Literally $2.5 billion US dollars in Volume has been recorded in the first 20 Minutes so this is clearly the reason Why Bitcoin is moving up and the Question really remains what people are Asking me okay so what is the next Resistance and where is Bitcoin heading Towards So currently we're actually Breaking Above This rep box of Resistance and of course first we have To see the again the close confirmation But like you can see this is massive Weekly resistance but honestly if we Break Above This level I won't be Surprised that Bitcoin is actually going

To continue even higher and to be very Clear I've said this several times Before once the spot ETF goes live it Literally allows billions and billions Of new capital to flow towards the Market and that is just going to create Higher prices for Bitcoin so I think yes At some point we could be getting a Pullback but it's very hard to say when It is going to be happening because Honestly Bitcoin could also easily flow Up towards 55 or even $60,000 before having that massive Correction so on the bigger perspective We're seeing a massive breakout and if We're just looking about where the big Resistance is laying ahead of for Ourselves for Bitcoin it is going to be This very important level right here That we're going to be approaching the $ 52,000 so Bitcoin is currently trying to Break about $48,000 but if we see that continuation Towards the upside I think that the Majority of the resistance that Bitcoin Will be finding ahead of ourselves is Going to be 52 to $51,000 I think that Is the point where Bitcoin could Potentially start to struggle a little Bit here so if you want to be trading This here make sure to go to buy it in The link description like you can see my Trade right here I'm in an approximately What is it like 400% profit and you know

What's quite sad I showed this trade Many times on the channel before I was Like shorting this move towards the Downside right here and I wanted to get Entered and I had several entries set up And one was right here and one was a Little bit lower but unfortunately the One lower didn't got entered but still We are making a decent amount of profit So if you want to be trading yourself Make sure to go to the link description Of today's video where you can get a $40,000 deposit bonus and on top of that You could claim a free $1,000 trade and All you need to do for that is literally Only deposit $100 in your first seven Days so massive thing that you can check Out right now here but anyways guys this Was it for me in today's update video Smash up that like button and I'll see You guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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