This is a very quick emergency update Video regarding the Bitcoin spot ETF I Will quickly talk about my price Predictions what will happen to the Bitcoin price and also the most Important development so without any Further Ado don't forget to slap the Like button on today's video and let me Jump straight away in towards the most Important developments we're currently Seeing in the market so currently all The Bitcoin spil ETF issuers are Expecting that they are going to get Accepted today and that they're going to Be going live for trading tomorrow and What is even more importantly is that They all requested the SEC for an Accelerated S1 approval and then also Very importantly James sepher a Bloomberg ETF analyst that is focusing Itself on the Bitcoin spot ETF is saying This is the correct take the only reason These issuers are requesting an Accelerated approval is because they Were asked to by the SEC so basically This means that approval is imminent an Approval is going to come and that they Will be starting to trade life very Quickly and what it will mean for Bitcoin that they're going to go live so Quickly I will talk about in a second so Make sure to stick in the video so so This basically means that the Bitcoin SP ETF could start to go live trading as

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Soon as tomorrow what is massive news of Course and if we're going to be talking About the timeline we're expecting that Today the Bitcoin SP ETF is going to get Accepted between 46 p.m. eastern time so that is in an Approximately 2 to 4 hours from now on We're expecting that the Bitcoin spot ETF is going to get accepted so make Sure to keep your eyes wide open on the Market it could also happen a little bit Later also earlier today we saw many of These issuers once again announcing new Uh fee structures for the Bitcoin SP ETF To make it Mo as attractive as possible So uh to quickly talk about what I'm Expecting with the price for Bitcoin I Said this many times before on my Twitter page and if you want to be Staying up to date about all the ETF News to follow it on real time it's Twitter and a little bit later I will be On YouTube so make sure to subscribe to The channel and follow me on Twitter but Basically what I'm expecting here is That today once it gets accepted we're Going to see a slight pump and then a Slight rejection towards the downside And then tomorrow if it's really going To go live starting to be trading then I Think the bullin will continue and we Will see a massive rally towards the Upside because you have to understand The moment it's going to get accepted is

The moment where money will be flowing In towards the market and what is very Important to understand while I'm Scrolling through my page the Bitcoin Spot ETF has got a one-on-one backing With real Bitcoin so tomorrow if it goes Live that is the point where we are Really expecting massive amounts of buy Pressures actually going to be entering The market so this is my very important Take on the market right now so if you Did learn anything from it make sure to Stap out the like button share this Video with your friends but I see you Guys on the next one peace out goodbye

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