E300 Radiant

What's up Sons it's blindroid with son Of a tech once again and today we have The new beta firmware for the Osprey E300 to mine radiant coin so worried About iron fish moving to GPU only worry Not you do have something else to mind Yet again on the Osprey E300 the support Over here has been amazing a quick Backstory for you guys before we get Into it they sent me this unit for Testing and I had been going through a Ton of different uh personal life issues As far as handling Health Etc and didn't Really quite get to it and then about a Week later or a week before this I went Ahead and reached out and said hey we're Going to delay the you know the review Because I have a newer model the V33p instead of the V35p and they said that's fine but we do Have a new firmware coming out check out The radiant firmware so that is what We're doing today the announcement is Official on the Osprey Electronics Twitter account says hello ospreyers I Think is how that goes thanks for your Waiting we upload the beta version on The below link it's at a Dropbox link And it is integrated for radiant on the 35p the Vu 35 pciv and the vu33p the Final one there being the which which One we're going to flash today they Fixed change host name you can download And make the manual upload and it gives

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You the firmware version here the mining Log when you mine radiant will show on Miner log web page after clicking the Start button around three minutes they Suggest that you run with a set of core Clock at 450 megahertz and a VCC int or Int at 625 millivolts or core clock at 500 Megahertz with the v-synced at 670 Millivolts we are in proving the loading Bitstream speed hash rate and streaming Login will release a new version soon They go on to say and then we are going To hop into it I have already downloaded It I am not on site for the farm so I am Vpned into my farm to go ahead and make These changes real quick and then I have You know their sales page up here if You're interested in purchasing one After this please check the description For current coupon codes as well as Links to the product and let's go ahead And hop on over to the miner itself once You get logged in the main thing you're Going to need to do is go go over to Update firmware after that you're going To actually click this little drop down Button and click manual and then click Save and then click OK at this point you Can choose the file so it'll pop open Your file explorer it did for me but you Know I you can't see it but I'm going to Go ahead and select the file that we Downloaded early earlier click open and

Then click upgrade firmware all right so Now that we have it updated the current Version will show n 2.0.22 Rco2 at this point I think we can go Ahead and go down to the minor Configuration this will be white fire And then we're going to use the menu Configuration option we'll leave auto Start on and we will select the Algorithm as radiant the pool that we're Going to go ahead and utilize will be Viper pool at viper.net and they have a Handy dandy millisecond counter here Latency counter here for you to see Which pool is best for you we're going To go ahead and copy that address out And head back on over to our Osprey Settings and paste that in here let me Go ahead and get my radiant address and Paste that into the radiant address here Apparently we have white spaces Somewhere probably over here there we go We'll just go ahead and leave it named As E300 I am going to put the Vu 33p so We have that denoted and then according To them the core clock will go with the Higher core clock at the 500 megahertz And we'll need to set the v-sync to 670. Gotta Stop The Miner from running its Previous one which was the team red Miner I don't know if it saved that hopefully It did we'll go ahead and refresh it hit

Minor log Minor configuration And we'll go ahead and click the start But actually let's go ahead and check The settings here and we'll set this to The 675 that was recommended 670. we'll do that to all fpgas and Click apply Says success and we'll go to our Miner Configuration and click Start And my understanding is you have to wait Up to three minutes for it to start Mining with this beta configuration so We'll just hit the logs sit back relax And see what we end up getting It looks like it has started cranking Along but we're going down in hash rate As we continue it looks like we started Out at about six gigahash a second and It is kind of started settling back down It is hot over at the farm so let's go Ahead and give that a little bit of a Leeway there you can see we're at 53 Degrees Celsius On the boards and we're showing about 4.3 gigahash a second on this particular Unit now at the 670 millivolts if we take a look At their stats page And go to the Vu 33p here And look and see that it's probably Somewhere between 256 and 300 watts Let's see if there's anything closer Here's 675 that's the problem is it's

Like depending on the algorithm that Shows 161 Watts I am not at the farm so We'll have to test this later initially What I'm seeing on the Vu 35p is that Rapid mining is reporting seven gigahash A second at 500 on the core And then he is getting about 261 Watts I think what I will go ahead And do here is go ahead and turn this Core voltage down and then turn the Speed down to their original recommended Of 450 megahertz at 625 millivolts and See if that works better in my operating Temperatures so I'm going to stop the Miner change the clock And change the voltage to 625 apply the Change there Go back to the minor configuration Take this back down to 450 once again And click Start go ahead and go to the Logs and then we'll give it a little bit And then we'll check back after a tad it Looks like this is a little bit less Around 3.2 to 4.3 gigahash a second depending On the wattage this could be very good Worst case it is still on par with the K1 which was recently added supported 18.23 Mega hash per watt and I just do That calculation as four thousand Mega Hash a second divided by 300 watts which I know it's definitely under that at This point I'll get out to the farm Later this week and check it out and let

You guys know we will also continue to Be doing some monitoring on viper.net And let you guys know exactly what that Ends up being at the end of the day so This will have to turn into a part two But if you have an E300 or an E100 Depending on if it's the vu33p or the Vu 35p please be sure to go ahead and get Me your numbers down in the comment Section below very excited to see Radiant support for the E300 coming in In perfect timing as we get closer and Closer to iron fish moving to or back to Gpus only we also have some other coins Including deck grid that I just heard an Announcement of moving back to a GPU Minable only algorithm so a lot of Exciting news coming down the pipeline For GPU miners as well I hope you found This video interesting if you did hit The like comment subscribe and Notification bells down below don't Forget to check out part two and don't Forget to check out the coupon codes Down in the description I will see you Next Tuesday

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