Dynex Exploited By SRBMiner

What's up Suns it's blind red with son Of attch once again and today we need to Talk about SRB minor and DX essentially SRB minor is going the way of the Dinosaur and has been banned by DX However it will remain for a little While until a new AMD minor is presented Let's go ahead and get into [Music] It welcome back everyone so to give you The quick and short of it SRB minor Found in advantage that was slowly Implemented over multiple releases since As far back as at least 2.3.1 and that eventually led to the Fact that in practice SRB minor would Never actually solve the useful work on The SAT side of things remember you have Sat and you have ml so depending on Which one there you could say that it Was still solving some of the work now I Dug into this and tried to pull up Everything I could but the first obvious Release announcement from DX has been Posted on Twitter now we'll go over that This is an important update after Thorough analysis of the SRB minor Software we deem necessary to report the Following findings one machine learning Job calculations are computed accurately Like I just stated functionally of the DX SDK has never been compromised or Functionality it was detected number two That sat jobs which are run by a

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Different kernel in SRB are only Partially being calculated to be Specific there has been a limit variable Introduced which limits the number of Chips being calculated to 40% of the Number of chips being reported in the Terminal it was identified that this Ratio was consistently lowered over Previous releases to increase hash rate The interesting thing here of course was Just doing this this optimization Essentially of removing some of the work On the SRB developer side of things to Kind of make it not super obvious but Just make it look like it was Incremental improvements in that Miner's Ability to mine DX when in fact it was Just removing portions of the work over A long period of time SRB managed to Bypass our internal test benches with The separation of two different Computing kernels one for ML and one for Sat that's another lesson learned and we Can report that things like this cannot Happen in DX solve 2.3.5 maless mining newly introduced Validation and reading of voltages of Arbitrary chips as well as rigorous test Vectors which have been deployed Yesterday is eliminating such Possibilities is further strengthening And in the entanglement between proof of Work and proof of useful work and forms The foundation for removing proof of

Work entirely such news are never pleas Doesn't but on the positive side we did Evolve and improve our project got even More hardened against malicious Activities it is also worth noting that We expect the new miners releasing their First versions shortly which all of them Will have passed the enhanced test Vectors SRB will be removed from the Network through a transitional phase to The upcoming AMD versions now I'll give You guys a little bit of a hint I think This new version for AMD on DX will be Coming from bz minor there may be some Other in-house ones I'm not aware of as You do have of course the DX solve 2.3.5 Which is inhouse so maybe they're also Working on AMD Support over there now as As a minor if you are mining with AMD Gpus it does appear that you're going to Be able to continue to use SRB Miner so I suppose you could take advantage of That and that's kind of where ethically Things are a little confusing ethically Of course something here was done by SRB Minor that is questionable now because Dinex doesn't want to kick a bunch of AMD gpus off of the network they're kind Of letting this slide so as a minor you Can technically get an advantage still If you have AMD gpus until this is Resolved which is kind of interesting The question is should you do that from An ethical perspective or should you

Move on to something else now when I Went ahead and was digging into this we Do have Yeti that deep dived the issue Here is the memory dump kind of going Over it I would definitely check out his Post in relation to this issue so you Can get a better idea from a technical Perspective and then I did talk to Doctor and get permission with from him To share this I just said the D Situation they he went on to say that Everything they wrote in their Announcement is true doctor is the Developer by the way for SRB minor he Did say he would add these three things So I'll let him speak his mind he said One miners got more profit by using my Minor many mind DX only because they Could do plus zelica at least on the Nvidia side of things number two DX got Zero damage uh is his claim or harm for Me doing less chips on the never going To be solved job number three Calculations or number job number three However calculations were done correctly Now I talked to yeti in this particular Case and my understanding is that this Problem the job number three could be Solved it would just take a lot of GPU Power and obviously it would never get Solved if one of the largest miners is Not putting any work into it so the Whole point is to solve this problem or This job and that's not getting done now

Number three machine learning jobs had No cap on chips everything was working And was calculated as it should we were Aware of that we covered that number Four he says competition with one Z Minor uh who could use or is using he Says he doesn't know because he didn't Reverse engineer the one zero minor this Advantage 2 is the only one that got Hurt by less users using it and then he Asked what my perspective on this is and I'll tell you my response was DX should Still be in testet and in fact when I Was talking uh with this on Twitter a Lot there was a post by Fox crypto which I will get for you guys up here in just A sec and he said that I keep seeing DX Centralized crap in my feed over SRB Minor support being dropped from the Project the software was exploiting code To make cards more efficient why are we Not bashing SRB minor for exploiting a Project instead DX devs are Under Fire Come on man to what which I replied I Think your take should account for the Nuance here the fact is that DX should Probably still be in test net I think The reason you are seeing this is it can Only be reliably stopped on the algo Side it cannot be reasonably stopped by Trying to force third parties to play Nice essentially you don't blame the Hackers for the impact of a ransomware Attack on a network you rework your

Disaster recovery and security to Prevent it and reduce the damages Essentially on the disaster recovery Side and I still stand by this post DX Is responsible here more than SRB minor It should be the de facto default to Expect people to exploit things for Financial gain if you have that Vulnerability available and you know if We talk about this completely frankly I Did ask do you regret it by uh to doctor And he said I do but greed was stronger Than me and that's the entire problem Here at the end of the day is like you Need to understand that once greed comes Into play people will do unethical Things for profit you have to understand That doctor made a lot of money off of DX by having the fastest minor and by Supporting dual mining with zelica and That temptation to maintain that higher Hash rate and a competitive Advantage is Sometimes too strong for people to Ethically basically handle and if you Are a project or a company that's trying To mitigate these damages that's on your Side to make sure that you have all of This stuff lined up my response at the End of the day was that DX should Probably still be in testet and that is Kind of the fact of the matter the thing Is is once again if we're talking here On the the the the reality is first to Market is a big deal and we're talking

About proof of useful work being first To Market DX is first to Market with Proof of useful work which gives them a Competitive Advantage you could say just On the flip side here that it is it was An ethical mistake for DX to release With a product that was not ready to be Secured against these vulnerabilities so You know this is a lot more of a Nuance Topic DX is doing the work that they Need to do to get it to basically a Functional uh proof of useful work Solution and SRB minor is obviously Regretful over this like we just showed Doctor is regretful over this but Unfortunately this does mean the SRB Minor is going to lose a lot of faith I Think with Miners And as it should right Uh however you know this is also going To impact DX as it should because the Project isn't fully ready yet now with The mous IBL end points that are coming In which is going to f further Decentralize essentially the mining on The network so you're not going through A single malib Endo that problem should Be resolved along with it we'll just Have to sit back wait and watch and I Think I'm still bullish on DX because They are first to Market I do however Think that maybe some more testing Needed to be done beforehand keep in Mind though DX at the end of the day was Not a blockchain project from the ground

Up either it really started as the Entire machine learning side of things And then developed into basically taking Advantage of Hardware that's been laying Around from miners after the merge from Ethereum which was a smart thing to do So I think the experience as it grows on The DX team over the next few years or Months or years or whatever it may be That you will see basically a more Polished Pro product and project that is Out there I do think that hopefully you Know SRB Miner can recover doctor's done Some really great work obviously he's Able to find these vulnerabilities Unfortunately he didn't he didn't report Them as he should have right off the bat And I think once again you'll have some New minor support from bz minor Etc in The near future doctors kind of Reasoning behind this is that basically DX should build their own Miners and Their own inhouse miners but of course That's going to lend itself more to Centralized platform and that is the Problem with proof of useful work that Needs to be resolved at the end of the Day is proof of useful work is extremely Centralized and I'm not sure that we can Resolve that fully if you look at the Capability that dyx has had to basically Get rid of older versions of Miners and Get rid of mining pools having more than 30% of the hash rate it means that the

DX team does have a lot of control over The network which does mean just in General it is extremely more Decentralized or centralized excuse me And that does mean because it lacks the Decentralization if the development team Were to go and just ditch the project Well everybody else the miners the Participants on the network the holders Of DX coin are basically so so keep that In mind when you are looking at this Project thanks for watching hit the like Comment subscribe and notification bells Down below and I will see you next Tuesday don't forget to check out my Crypto mining ecourse at sonof tech.com With a purchase of the ecourse you can Get a free month membership of my Supporter status at sonof tech. Locals.com where I post my daily Moves

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