Dynex Drama…. – 271

Today's sponsor is BT miners BT miners Has been a longtime sponsor of the Channel and a proven reliable source for Asic miners if you are looking to Purchase ASX Hardware from Bitcoin to Dogecoin miners they are available for Purchase on bt- miners.com BT miners has Recently launched an app on IOS and Android that let you browse their Inventory by profitability and return on Investment follow the affiliate Link in The description and use promo code s o a For a Discount DX because we had this kind of Drama surrounding of course doctor and DX and all of that with SRB minor There's been this thing going around Forever and it's so Frustrating I didn't want to talk about This I kept ignoring it because it is Frankly in my humble opinion the dumbest Reason to call DX a scam but there is an Article here I linked it down below you Can go through and read it I'm not going To read the whole thing this thing Started out with Daniel Keller from flux Uh when DX first launched it's been Perpetuated through articles and crypto Twitter and all of the the crypto Discords and look you guys need to sit Down and shut the up because here's The deal just attacking a cryptocurrency Off of the actions of an individual that You can't even prove as a part of the

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Network is dumb and then let me ask you This can you mine DX to your own node Wallet and or to your own wallet and Self- custody it yes can you send that DX to an exchange and sell it that day Yes how the are they going to scam You maybe if you're an idiot and you let It all tank to zero and you're not Mining and taking your Profits there this isn't like a token Project that was similar to like the Scams that this Daniel Matts guy was a Part of Anyways so unless you have a technical Reason a technical reason to call DX a Scam like let's say you come out and you Prove that they're not finishing jobs on The back end or something like that Which clearly after the the that we Had go on with doctors not the truth Okay clearly after basically DX caught One of the largest mining software Skipping jobs they cancelled that Minor they're they're clearly trying to Solve the jobs that they're trying to Solve Okay so if you're going to come out and Just throw shade at individuals Because why because you want your flux Bag to go up I mean great I'd love my Flux bag to go up too but attacking Individuals on a personal level isn't Going to do that for you so I I keep Getting this people are like what is

Your opinion on it they pay paste it all Over the place they're like oh but Daniel mats is involved in it I don't Care can I mine it can I send it to an Exchange and sell it the same day if the Answer is yes then you can't scam me It's my fault if I hold it right or Something along those lines but there's Not the the variability in a proof of Work cryptocurrency to to scam on this Level is not there let me give you an Example of of a proof of work Cryptocurrency that was able to scam the Ones that typically are are ET Forks That have a token component uh proof of Work blocks pink Flora these things and What they do is you mine it and then They convince you to take that token and Then stake it into some sort of stable Coin platform or something right and Then they rug the and then they rug that Token aspect of it so that's kind of how The the the proof of work scams happen There's none of that going on in DX Maybe there will be later on the flip Side I've not been a fan of the Direction DX is going I I get it they Want you know people to purchase it more And they want it on exchanges that don't Like privacy coins but I quite preferred The Privacy options of DX that also though is just proof that They're not trying to hide anything Either right so obviously the purpose of

The DX token is to utilize it to pay for The work to solve these jobs so having Transparency in it isn't the worst thing I just prefer to keep privacy features Intact in my humble opinion so I did not Agree with that move Thanks for watching this clip from the Crypto mining show you can check out the Full episode here and don't forget to Subscribe down here as well you can also Check out my crypto mining ecourse at Sun.com where you can get a free month Of supporter status with a purchase at Sonof tech. locals.com also don't forget To check out my merch underneath the Video or at shop.on of ach.com I'll see You next Tuesday

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