Right now Bitcoin is getting ready for Another move and in this exact video we Will be talking about what the price Targets towards the upside or downside Are and it will be going over the most Important charts because I will be Discussing the Bitcoin Parabola cap Because right now I am seeing some very Important Market structure that you need To pay attention towards and this group Maybe be a sign of worry so make sure to Watch this video till the end I'm going To discuss the most important charts in Crypto right now here and can we once Again snap up the likes back about 400 That will be absolutely incredible and With that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content and Once looking at the imminent short term Of Bitcoin we can start to see that We're creating potentially a falling Wedge right here we can see a clear Downward sloping resist line getting Created the downward sloping support Line is not my most favorite one however Currently it looks to be that we're Creating another falling wedge here if You're looking at the falling wedge the Also breaking towards the upside is Around 60 to 70 percent here and the Price on Target of a falling wedge is Not so special it is always going to be On the top side of the wedge what is in This case going to be somewhere around

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23.3 K so yeah if we do break bullish we Could be seeing of course a small move Of about two percent towards the upside For Bitcoin however if we do break below The downward sloping support line we Could see a retracement towards the Following levels and this is very Important to know so I'm going to go Towards the four hourly time frame I'm Going to open up the shot right here and You can clearly see the next big level Of support for Bitcoin is somewhere Around the 21.5 K so if Bitcoin breaks Below this level the next Target is Going to be 21.5 K basically the top Side of this previous consolidation Range so if we do break bearish what is The next level of support it's going to Be somewhere around 21.5 K and that is Also going to be a new long opportunity However I want to quickly point this out Because if we are looking at the four Hourly time frame for Bitcoin you can See the first initial move towards the Upside it was very exponential then we Consolidate it for a bit and now we're Seeing a less exponential move and once Again consolidation and what I think Could be very likely to be happening Right now here is just an end of the Parabolic structure so you see this this And then this is even smaller move and Then we see the retracement then we see A small pullback maybe towards twenty

Thousand dollars maybe something of very Positive news comes out and we can go Further towards the opposite however if I am looking at the shot right now and We're going to get another push towards The upside and it's going to be an even Weaker push towards the upside it could Be so that this is an end of a Parabolica because looking like you can See the parabolica is getting weaker and Weaker and usually at a point where the Parabolic is getting weaker and weaker You could start to see a minor reversal And it is not bad for a Bitcoin I mean We still broke above this key High here On the daily time frame and we're Clearly have been breaking above it so If we do have that small cool off period Towards let's say 21.1 k it's still Going to be very good for Bitcoin so if We are having another push towards the Upside and it's going to be a yeah minor Push towards the upside and we could see Something like this I think it could be The end stage of the parabolica and that Could deliver a significant pullback for Bitcoin and if we then see that Retracement towards 21.3k that is the Point where I will be starting to scale Up my long position I'm still waiting to Add more margin towards my trade I am Still going to do so but I'm waiting for The right moment I want to add more Margin towards my trade but I'm just

Waiting for the right moment right now Here and currently if I'm looking at the CME Gap we do know we've got a CME Gap Somewhere around 19.9 K and we got Another CME Gap around 22.5 K below this Level right here but if we're starting To zoom out here we also do know if I'm Going to go to the Daily time frame Right now here is that there is a CME Gap above us around 27 to 29 000 US Dollars and another one somewhere around 35 000 US dollars so there are currently See me guys below us but they're also Seeing me gaps above it so that is Definitely interesting to see I mean Bitcoin could definitely go to towards Both directions right now here it's very Hard to say which direction we're going Towards so my strange is going to be the Following right I think it could be that We're going to see another push towards The upside and if it's going to be Weaker like I told you we can go down Right that is my expectation my main Scenario I think that's the most likely Scenario however let's say the next push Towards the upset is going to be even Stronger than this push right here we Could even extend the parabola guy Because if I am looking at the daily Time frame uh sorry it's a three day Time frame on the RSI you can see also The three-day RSI right here was at the Beginning of the move just just a little

Bit overbought here and at the end of That bear Market recovery we went Extremely overbought on the three-day Time frame and like you can see Currently we're not even close to be Extremely overbought on the three-day Time frame so I definitely think there's More room to grow on the three-day RSI There's more room to grow in general for Bitcoin there could be I'm not a big Push however if it doesn't happen it's Also going to be okay for me so I'm Ready for both scenarios my strategy is To basically add more margin towards my Trade if we drop and if we go up I just Benefit from the prices going up and at The same time I'm still dolicles Averaging into work to Market like Always every single day so make sure That you have your strategy yourself as Well this is my strategy this is how I Will be trading Bitcoin and if you're Interested in trading Bitcoin yourself You can right now get a 30 000 US dollar Deposit bonus if you sign up but account To buy it in the link in description and If you're from the US you can also check Out bit Gap because big cat is currently Allowing you to get a 20 000 US dollars To post a bonus if you also sign up with You with the link in description and Bitcat allows you to trade from the US Without kyc and VPN so that's definitely Very nice from bitcat Furthermore

Looking at the daily time frame we can Currently see the Bitcoin is still Getting rejected from this most Important level of resistance right so You can see clearly 21 22.8k is the Level to break for Bitcoin you can Clearly see previously around provided Support resistance right here support Right here resistance resistance and if We do break Above This level with daily Candle close the next Target for Bitcoin Is going to be 25.3k approximately you can see 25.3 K Was pretty via support in that Luna Crash and also it was resistance in the Retest right here and if we're then Going to be having a retest it would be Likely that it could be providing as a Result or some resistance and if we Really break Above This level yeah then I mean the recovery could be uh very Quickly towards thirty thousand US Dollars so all eyes on bitcoin right now Here I mean if we do continue the trend Towards the opposite right now and if we Break above 25.2 k then I'm going to Become extremely extremely excited but Yeah that is the thing that we have to Be looking for in the coming week if It's really going to be happening I will Keep everyone up to date so don't forget To subscribe to the channel right now Because then you're going to stay up to Date exactly on all these important

Levels however I am like I told you I am Prepared for both scenarios and that is What you should be doing as a Trader as Well you should always adapt to the Scenarios that Bitcoin is going to give Us every NDB breaking towards the Opposite right now we could of course go In with a small long if we do have a Bearish breakdown we could go in with a Small short and we could long the Support of course that is just the way How I am currently trading this market Like I told you the three-day Arizona Way more room to grow right now here and If I'm looking at the weekly time frame Like we talked about yesterday this Insane signal it finally got confirmed After an approximately 400 Days of Bearish trend here on the super trend For Bitcoin finally we confirmed the Yeah the the weekly super Trend flip and Like I told everyone in the previous Bear Market once we flipped it that was The end stage of the bear market and Basically this signal has got such and Height significance that right now I'm Expecting that q1 of 2023 is already Going to be very good for Bitcoin it's Probably going to allow us to see more Upside and just a minor uptrend so I'm Not saying the Bitcoin is going to go to 50K no just a minor upturn the slow Uptrend some higher lows and higher Highs and that's basically what we are

Expecting right now here so things are Finally looking good for Bitcoin yet Again and also what could be a big big Thing for Bitcoin is if the s p breaks Above this down sloping resist line so Far we've not been able to do so and Like you can see Bitcoin is Outperforming the S P 500 significantly But I mean yeah in the FTX collapse of Course as the S P 500 outperform Bitcoin So we're already just taking back Territorium but if the S P 500 breaks His downtrend right here it could be Very good for Bitcoin because yeah then We could also start to see an even Bigger rally for Bitcoin happening Because yeah Bitcoin usually tends to Follow the S P 500 as well here so we Are also going to closely monitor this Level right here and in exactly one week From now on we will have the fomc Meeting and that will have a gigantic Influence on the market so don't forget To subscribe to the Channel with the Bell notification enabled because then You will be staying up to date about What is going to be happening at that Point because I will also live stream The fomc meeting the last thing I want To say here is that on the four early Time frame we're still seeing a loss of Momentum getting generated the pump is Getting weaker and weaker and if the Next pump is going to be even weaker

Than this here this could be meaning That we're going to be having a cool Period in the market so make sure to Keep your eyes wide open market Structure analysis is the most important Analysis to do and that is exactly what I want to tell everyone out there on the Market I am currently still long my stop Losses on 90k in profit if we come down Towards levels of 20 000 to 21 000 I'm Going to scale up my trade and that was It from you today it's update video it Was a short update video but still There's not a lot of things happening Right we're still consolidating sideways We're waiting for the breakout Bitcoin Creating a falling rights right now here Getting ready for the next move but Anyways thank you so much for watching And we'll see you guys on the next one Peace out goodbye

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