Do I Regret Selling Kaspa

Casper didn't go subpenny in September As I suspected it may and so I was Incorrect on that the question of course For the follow-up there is do I regret Selling my Caspa at a lower price we'll Go over that what that has turned into Now and when will I invest in Casper Asic miners if I decide to invest in Them at all let's get into it [Music] Welcome back everybody as you may recall I was pretty down on Casper regarding The Asics coming onto the network in Fact I really still haven't changed that Opinion for the most part I am an Asic Resistant type guy that being said even From the beginning I stated and I still Stand behind the fact that it was fully Expected that Caspa would move into Asics my plays of course are not to Participate in small cap coins that are On Asics as far as the mining side of Things goes because there is a lot more Risk in that particular factor and you Only have a few manufacturers if more Than one at all in this particular case With Caspa we have the ice River Machines and then we have the bit main Machines both at pretty low quantities That being said the actual overall shift Into Asics has been quite impressive It's been pretty smooth and the prices Continue to appreciate initiate on Caspa In general now here most recently

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Crossing the five cent Mark so do I Regret selling my Caspa for A6 at 2.2 Cents well here's my thoughts because on My channel like I've talked about before I am always about generating Revenue I'm Of the mindset that if I'm not Generating revenue and if I'm just Sitting on an investment waiting for it To go up then I am not being active and If I am not being active then I have a Higher likelihood of not being able to Grow so from that perspective I actually Don't regret it at all and it has turned Out to be quite lucrative in general to Purchase and pick up all of these miners Because of the drop in price of the Bitcoin Asic miners down to like a tenth Of what they used to be and currently I Have after utilizing my Caspa to invest In these I have 22 to miners online Right now with a weekly income of 965 US Dollars a projected monthly income of Four thousand one hundred and thirty Seven dollars in a projected yearly Income of 50 339 now that's not Indicative of actual profit on these in Particular because you need to keep in Mind that I do have power costs to take Care of now what I've gotten my power Costs down to on average is seven and a Half cents a kilowatt hour looking at Getting that down even further right now But to get power down cost down you need To have well more units to drive the

Price down meaning that without the Investments that I've made in these Minors I would not be able to drive my Cost down so as a whole I'm pretty happy With this decision because I'm going in The proper direction as opposed to Previously where I was really at prior To utilizing my Caspa to make this Investment was having a bleeding Investment in GPU miners that were Continuing to go down and down and down In profitability and no way to recover That Revenue to cover the rent and the Power cost on them and what this also Does for me is a free up my gpus to go Back to mining things like I did with Caspa in general where I can go do high Yield mining with those particular gpus Build up some bags and then wait until They hit a nice price pump as Casper did And sell another thing is and this is The game to be completely honest with You nobody's going to time the top I'm Not going to time the top you're not Going to time the top and so on and I've Been bit more times waiting on something To go up more than I have by selling and So that is kind of my reasoning behind It as far as when will I get into Purchasing more Casper miners if I Decide to get into Casper mining here's The deal I have a you what you would Call altcoin or coin miners that Are Asics I have a bmk one with the IB

Link for the kadena mining I have a dash D9 which has been for the dash binding And then a few other little ones here I Like to collect some Library coin miners Because I like the library project I Have you know a few Dogecoin miners L3 Pluses with like the hive OS some cheap Stuff like that most of them not running And what I have noticed on all of those Is for example the ib-link bmk1 is Pretty much unprofitable at this point And then the D9 had a spurt of Profitability thanks to a new coin Called block X that released for a Little bit but that has come back down Into the range of essentially the same Profitability as my s19 Pros so they're Not necessarily killing it out there and They're is basically this this fear and Uncertainty of course and doubt Surrounding how well these miners in Particular will handle not only of Course the increase in difficulty on the Casper network but the price changes on The Casper network but of course how Will they handle it when the emissions Start to run out as everybody knows I Think at this point the Casper emissions Are extremely fast meaning that your Longevity on say a Casper ks3 for Profitability is going to be potentially Cut pretty short compared to picking up A Bitcoin miner now of course Bitcoin Miners are getting developed over and

Over again and efficiency is King and Making sure you do your upgrades right And so on and so forth can be extremely Difficult as well that being said what I'm looking at right now is an April Time frame for the Casper mining Investments if I do decide to make them And my price target for like the ks3 for Example from bit main would be between Five thousand and eight thousand dollars Per unit we've already seen them come Down over 50 percent since their launch And I presume as the difficulty Increases and the yields start to Dwindle the price of that Miner should Be able to come down even further to Compound on this fact the thing is is a Lot of these miners are always Overpriced from bit main off the rip Their bomb cost to manufacturer is not Near what they charge for one of these Things and the actual cost really for These things should be somewhere between Three thousand and five thousand dollars Where bit main is making your profit the Third party sellers making your profit And the miner at the end of the day is Within a reasonable Roi I would suspect You would want to be around 140 days to 200 120 day Roi on your calculation Before you purchase one at this time and I think that's been kind of indicative Of what these fall out around to when We're talking about comparing them to

The kadena miners or the dash miners Etc So there's all My reasonings and of Course congratulations to everybody that Has purchased Caspa and made a bunch off Of it I am super grateful to the Community as well as to Casper in General for enabling me to basically Make my mining Farm profitable again I'm Not going to share any of my private Bags for Caspa at this time anymore it Definitely wasn't something that I Enjoyed in fact I really just don't Enjoy a lot of the discussions Surrounding it I'd rather keep all of That separate now but I will continue to Share the profitability of the mining Farms Etc the miners that sort of thing So you guys can stay on top of things if You're interested in mining I am by no Means Trader and I probably should have Stayed away from Trading analysis in General I have learned a lot though and I'll continue to take a look at all of The price and stuff like that and Discuss it but I will focus on mining And know what place thanks everybody for Watching hit the like comment subscribe And notification bells down below let me Know if you're picking up a Casper Miner At what price point would you pick one Up are you interested in those kind of Time shares from tactical investing the Nfts for mining Caspa is that something You're going to get into all of these

Questions you know let me know down Below I'll see you next Tuesday don't Forget you can check out my crypto Mining e-course at son of a and If you purchase it there you will get a Free month of supporter status on son of A

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