Digital Gold Era: How #Bitcoin Mining Can Transform Countries Like El Salvador

I think you know countries like El Salvador and mo have uh taken a more Enlightened view which is that Originally we had the gold as a global Standard and then with the discovery of Petroleum and oil and black gold and so That you know countries with that Natural resource seized the opportunity And were able to kind of transform their Prominence in the world and so I think There's an opportunity for that with Digital gold which is the natural Resource is abundant cheap power and so You know countries that seize the Opportunity you know and hold on to it And go for it you know for a decade or Two could really change things for Themselves I think there's a real Prospect that if El Salvador you know Proceeds with this kind of billion Dollar State mining project and if you Look at you know bitcoin price history How many Bitcoin they could mine you Know within a decade they could Potentially Chang their per capita Wealth to be on par with a major European country from being an Emerging Market country so it's it's really Possible

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