DeSantis Declares: Bitcoin is the Ultimate Threat to the Establishment! – 254

DeSantis says quote Bitcoin represents a Threat to the current regime Florida's Governor and the Republican party's Latest leadership candidate talked Crypto and Central Bank digital Currencies in a Twitter space with Elon Musk In the latest or the latest Contender For the leadership of the Republican Party said he is an advocate for crypto Quote the current regime clearly has it Out for Bitcoin end quote Ron DeSantis Said during a Twitter space with Elon Musk and venture capitalist David sax in Which he officially announced his bid For U.S president quote and if it Continues for another four years they'll Probably end up killing it end quote DeSantis said he views crypto as a Question of civil liberties now here's The thing real quick before we get into This if we are talking specifically About presidential candidates from both Parties we have to take into Consideration that it doesn't look like Trump is friendly to cryptocurrency and As opposed to that of course on the Democrat side it doesn't seem like the Biden Administration has been friendly Towards crypto mining either either or Crypto in general so there is Kennedy on The Democrat side there is DeSantis on The Republican side and you go ahead and Take a look at both of their platforms

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What they think and so on and then make Your educated decision from there and I I mean I'm a single issue voter for the Most part I'm going to look at what they What their stance is on cryptocurrency Because I do believe like he says here That it is a question of civil liberty As for it as Governor he signed Legislation prohibiting the use of Central Bank digital currencies with the State although some lawyers question if The law or question if the law does what It says quote I just do not have the Itch to have to control everything that People may be doing in this space end Quote he said Bitcoin represents a Threat to them they're trying to Regulate it out of existence now we've Talked about this a ton in the past if We reference things like software and so On on there there are technically Legitimate concerns surrounding the Power of the US dollar as a reserve Currency and the adoption of Cryptocurrency in general so to pretend That cryptocurrency does not Delegitimize the US dollar as a reserve Currency would be a Miss we have to Understand that this is part of that Digital transformation the fear of Course I think coming from the the Fundamental Bitcoin side of things is Going to surround more along the along The control and the Financial Freedom

Given to the people as opposed to what We could see moving into something like A central bank digital currency which Removes a lot of freedoms that we even Still have surrounding of course the US Dollars so I you know it is it is a Little bit of a a touchy situation if You are a US resident you're used to the The world economy being driven by the US Dollar and reaping the rewards of that In particular now outside of the U.S There are of course Partnerships and Depending on your geographical location The US dollar being the primary Reserve Currency could be a benefit or a Disadvantage to you just depending on Where you're at the the situation though Is going to be pretty bumpy if I had to Take a bet on that during the interview DeSantis insisted on Congressional Authorization for a cbdc Vowing to avoid it during his potential Presidency due to concerns over its Potential misuse to influence Politically unfavorable purchases some Have argued however that cbdc's enshrine Constitutional protection over commerce Giving these unfavorable purchases or Merchants such as someone buying Ammunition or ammunition or a Pornographer selling their Creations a Defense against unbanking that can't be Used when dealing with a private company Regardless cbdc's might be the newest

Wedge issue in U.S politics in a recent Interview with coindesk Samuel arms President of the Florida blockchain Business Association which helped draft The sentences anti-cbdc Bill said that Desantis's office has gotten more phone Calls about cbdc's than any of the usual Issues a recent poll from quinnipac Quinnipiac University Shows that DeSantis still Trails former President Donald Trump among Republican And Republican leaning voters with 56 Percent supporting Trump followed by 25 Percent for DeSantis now this is Something to pay close attention to if We look at the polls on the Democrat Side they're even completely dropping Kennedy uh from those polls so and as You guys know polls can be manipulated Etc is this an accurate representation Of Voters hard to tell let me know what You guys think in the comment section Below do you think it is this Stark of a Difference of support for Trump over DeSantis at this point DeSantis isn't The first Republican candidate to Mention Bitcoin former Pharma Entrepreneur and long shot Contender Viac ram ram is Wyoming golly I can't do That one I'm sorry said on stage at Bitcoin 2023 in Miami that the next Elections should be a referendum of fiat Currency and also has come out against Cbdc's with a he double hockey sticks no

Now I do appreciate this as well here's Another question are we going to be Pro CBD or well Pro cryptocurrency Bitcoin And if that goes away is the fighting Point going to be Pro cbdc versus keep The Fiat system as it currently is right And I think those will be discussions That can happen too even within you know Anti-cryptocurrency legislation versus Anti-cbdc's legislation which are two Very different things that could swing You know across party lines for the Anti-cbdc portion of things thanks for Checking out this clip from the crypto Mining show you can check out the full Episode here or more crypto content down Here also I'd like you to check out my Locals page at son of a Where you can become a member for free Or choose to be a five dollar a month Supporter that unlocks additional Content

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