Decoding the Blocksize Wars: Who Really Controls The #Bitcoin Protocol?

Before the block size Wars people were Less clear on the who was in charge like Could miners make a change to the Protocol could developers make a change To the protocol and a Blog sizee war was Really about a collection of companies Thinking that they would like to bend Bitcoin towards their ad economic Advantage to make it simple and cheap to Have more transactions what it turned Out is the market prevailed so the Investors had control that's very Interesting because it says that who Decides the rules will the if I'm buying Gold and I could say that it's really Gold and you know some digs up some lead And says here buy this I'm like well I Don't want it I don't care that it cost You a lot of money to dig up the ledge Just not what and buy it right so it Turns out you know the buyer decides and The way that people say Bitcoin is they Run a full nerde and if their full nerde Says that's not Bitcoin they don't even Notice right it just gets dropped and The miners of course Very quickly change Viewpoints because they lose money fast If they do the wrong thing

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