Decentralized Exchanges & Trustless Market Orders

Foreign [Applause] For Was to build decentralized technology Build more functionality on top of Bitcoin Layer Two so of course since Block stream started lightning was Invented and developed by multiple Companies but there are other layer twos Like liquid which block stream is a Technology developer of and a number of Exchanges so it's very Bitcoin like In terms of the scripting capabilities It has various extensions so more a few More advanced scripts governance for Example and confidential transactions And so in particular for this topic you Know for technology we've been working Towards and is in market now is the Ability to make trustless non-custodial Limit orders on a central limit order Book operated by you know an exchange And a good example of that is side swap So people go to they can see An order book for a range of assets and You can even start your own markets in Assets just by clicking around there's Kind of new kind of sign up details for That and then What actually happens when you want to Take an order Or place an order is to use your Smartphone or your or your desktop use The sideswap app which has the private

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Keys and you know it should it will soon Have a hardware wallet integration with Jade as well and that you would Basically sign a limit order and a limit Order with ADB broadcast into a Distributed exchange there is side swap But there is also TDX which is a bit More decentralized and xdx which is a Company sort of providing Market using The xdx tech and bit Matrix which is an Automated Market maker and all these Work using trustless Atomic settled Limit orders and so basically what's Happening if you think about it is You've got you know some tether or other Stable coin on the liquid Network in a Hardware wallet And you want to buy some Bitcoin if the Price Falls to you know A little bit from where it is at the Moment You make a you sign a transaction Saying you know here is let's say Sixteen thousand dollars a teller and You put an address where you'd like to Receive the Bitcoin if the price gets to That level and you sign it so it's kind Of half signed transaction You either send it into this Decentralized things like TDX xdx bit Matrix or you place it on site swaps Order book and when it matches the the Buyer the taker will Add the Bitcoin and put the address they

Want to receive the tether that you're Selling you're buying it with too and They sign it and the combination becomes A transaction that's now fully signed And it just gets dropped onto the liquid Network Uh in the case of sites what they take a Commission as well so it's kind of three Three-way transaction Um and there's no reason that kind of Technology can't be integrated into Regular exchanges too because what they Can do is they can mix custodial trades With non-custodial trades all they do is They use some of their hot wallet to act As a taker or a maker correspondence Client orders against that order book Right and then Arbitrage will take care Of the rest and that basically allows People to Trade without taking custodial risk and The reason is what you've uploaded to in Exchange when you place this limit order Is not you know the Bitcoin or the table Coin it is a signed transaction where Anybody can take the stable or the Bitcoin but only if they pay into your Cold wallet The asking price right so So that's I think that's the in my view That should be the future and I'd like To see you know what Venture capitalists Could do they could allocate some funds To actual Innovation that

You know uses the promise of blockchains Of you know trustless things of actual Smart contracts that that do things in a Secure and trustless way now other smart Contract platforms have scripting Capability but they appear to be Unsecurable because they are extremely Poorly architected whereas you know what Liquid does is use the Bitcoin Architecture which is the security first Robust kind of technology that doesn't Drop you know the equivalent of JavaScript or ActiveX in an interpreter Into the core of a protocol and states And all kinds of other bad things so I think you know I think that's that's The future and we are we have been Talking for a while now with some uh key Exchanges about integrating that Technology so I think this moving to Dependable Non-custodial trading Tech Can fix this problem and should be where The you know should have been where the Investment Focus was all along

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