DAGKnight Protocol Community Funding – 232

The dagnite protocol Community crowd Fund is live right now Um it's hit 44 of its total go goal Which is 30.9 million out of 70 million Caspa needed and they say we are excited To announce the opening of a pool to Raise funds for implementation of the Dag Knight protocol and they provide the Address you can see of course the Current balance on the Block Explorer if You like Hmm yeah you can see which wallets have Donated And so on if you would like you could Also mine to this address if you would Like that sort of thing so what is it Doing well dag Knight is a new consensus Protocol that achieves responsiveness a World first It reacts to the actual Network delay Unlike every other coin including their Current go stack protocol incredibly it Retains a 50 Byzantine tolerance so it Is a it is faster and more secure than Ghost tag in a nutshell dag Knight will Make Caspa One require less Confirmations to be provably secure and Two intrinsically scale as the internet Speeds increase basically as the Internet gets faster over the next Decades with more fiber optic cables Etc Casper will scale with this without any Hard Fork interventions this will make Our coin literally the ultimate layer

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One proof of work coin in existence why 70 million it is unreasonable to expect A senior software engineer and Contributor to work a short-term Horizon For the same compensation they would Receive in a permanent position which Would include benefits Etc This is something within crypto that I Feel is rightfully contentious And that is essentially this idea that Devs of cryptocurrencies need to be paid Um And this is obviously because the idea Behind cryptocurrency from a principled Standpoint from a fundamental standpoint Is like you look at the Holy Grail there Of Bitcoin which was you know created And developed And Dispersed out to the world without any Ego attached and so yeah I have to be Careful here because people obviously Misinterpret the word ego when I use the Word ego I mean an individuals and and Individual's Um Caring of self right or their image or Whatever it may be right so when you When you say like when you look at most Cryptos what I usually will say is like Well it has a people problem and to be Fair every single crypto pretty much Outside of like Bitcoin and Dogecoin all Have a people problem which means they

Inevitably have an ego problem which can Turn into a negative you know a four Coin pretty fast because you're you're Dependent on an individual for the Development and so on of a particular Currency that you're invested in which Really starts to kind of turn it into a Security as well now does that mean I'm Calling Casper security no does it mean That from the perspective of the SEC Could it be deemed security if you are Basically purchasing it in in In hopes that somebody else is Completing the work well it could be Considered that especially if you read Why the donation is 70 million is being Made which is being made so that Somebody works on it It is to a certain extent a gray area That I think is questionable in general Across all cryptocurrencies it does this Put Casper in a negative position in Comparison to everything else no the Only one that puts it in like puts it Below is like obviously Bitcoin right Every or May and we can throw Dogecoin In there as well Um so we'll put you know from a Fundamental perspective Bitcoin is the Holy Grail Dogecoin happened by accident And then everything else right and so It's like Yes obviously you want people to be Compensated for the work they do

But if we are looking at really changing A monetary system why are we still Participating by the Rules of the previous monetary system Right It Bri it just brings up that kind of Oddity uh in my in my humble opinion and From a philosophical debate I think you Could sit here all day long and and Bounce back and forth I'm not saying That people don't deserve to get paid I'm not saying that anything is Inherently wrong with it or anything Like that just that these are the Arguments that are presented and I think That there it is completely valid to Make those arguments against the Majority of cryptocurrencies including Casper right Um but not exclusive to Casper which is Extremely important because I know it's Going to just make its way to Casper Discord and there's going to be some Casper Fanboys they're like I'm on Sobbing again you know what guys get Over yourselves like seriously it's just It's old dude like Listen to what I say don't take it out Of context understand what I'm what I'm Explaining to you from a Bitcoin Maximalist perspective okay Um so consider we are funding two of the Most incredibly gifted and professional Crypto minds of the current decade

Already intimately Versed and fluent With all of the intricate components of Caspa working nearly one year full time Implementing the Paramount version of The consensus protocol normally funding This from a VC would require millions of USD can you feel how extremely bullish It is that we are asking to be paid in Casper and not Bitcoin or usdc which I Think is a fair point How much to donate the requested amount Is point five percent of the total Current Supply fortunately not everyone Will donate Or unfortunately for many reasons the Most common would be that survival Instinct we have all come to know as of As greed it's counter-intuitive to get More by giving some away yeah but like It's Silly to make that argument as well So it's like we're going to make the Greed argument To get you to give us more right this is Like when I mean it's basically like the Equivalent of the church asking you to Tithe right it's like It's a little silly it's like you should Be this altruistic person but we're Gonna take your like I just don't like I Don't like the manipulative like Language when people do it like that Like I I get where the point's coming

From but you gotta understand like it Does it doesn't it's not gonna help But in general I don't think this is the Way they should have been worded at all Next time call me for some Consulting Um It's okay just ask any squirrel who is Out collecting nuts but in the case of Caspa we are fortunate that the nuts Don't stay nuts thanks to software they Cannot they can change imagine you have 50 regular cars and you have an Opportunity to give one car away which Will make the 49 you have left in turn Turn into race cars now who would say no To that actually race cars are extremely Unreliable and so if you gave away one Reliable car for 49 race cars that blew Up after one pass at the quarter mile Um then they're [ __ ] worthless Once again a terrible argument so you Guys really should like use like come on I'd rather have one car that will drive For 365 days then 49 cars that will each Drive for one day Okay Oh my God Uh All right so they'd like to draw special Attention to the fact that if we uh want To collect point five percent of the Current Supply each one of Casper Holders should donate point five percent Of what they currently have but since

Not everyone will donate each donor is Kindly asked to consider donating one to Two percent of his possessions for those Who would prefer usdt donations we still Have the following usdt addresses all Funds collected there to be used to Market uh buy Casper ASAP with the Following transfer to the DK fund and They have their ethereum address their Trc20 and their BEP binance address all There it's linked down in the Description below if you do want to Consider to donate of course to Caspa And to the developers to support them uh Do I agree with their their final Arguments here on how much you should Donate no I think they're very very Poorly written informed unfortunately do I think that dagna Knight is extremely Interesting in in a good move forward For Caspa yes I do I think 70 million Casper is reasonable For developer pay Sure but do I have questions about you Know what happened to the original Three Percent that was like funded from the Miners that went through all that yes I'm like I I guess to a certain extent you could Blow through that in a year pretty Easily there's still like what happened Why did the company also get 8 million In the completely dissolved where'd that Money go that like

There's just Casper is the most exciting thing that Is currently happening within Cryptocurrency for this bear Market And that means it needs to be more Heavily scrutinized than anything else Currently out Okay we are not going to end up in a Position like this is the same position You end up in or I end up in with every Single project that I talk about and I Bring it to the attention of everybody I Talk about I talk about what's awesome And then when there are things that are Questionable I'm like hmm that's Questionable and everybody gets their Panties in a quad Unwide your panties understand that I Think that Casper has the chance to do Something extremely special and to Scrutinize it is to support it thanks For checking out this clip from the Crypto mining show you can check out the Full episode here or more crypto content Down here also I'd like you to check out My locals page at son of a Tech.locals.com where you can become a Member for free or choose to be a five Dollar a month supporter that unlocks Additional content

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