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Does feel like there is a culture War Brewing and that is surrounding Bitcoin This is an opinion piece by coindesk and So let's go ahead and get into it and See what they are referencing here it Does say that this week coin does Publish one of the most thought Provoking and balanced articles on Bitcoin mining I've ever read we've gone Over a lot of these it is going to Highlight some of this and it's Surrounding the report that was focused On Green Ridge Bitcoin mining company in Upstate New York which was the center of A protracted media cycle last year after Environmental activists claimed the Facility was boiling the waterways in Position and poisoning delicate Ecosystems those claims went on to Influence an actual policy decision by Governor Kathy hochel restricting Bitcoin mining in the state the thing is Most of the worst claims about Green Ridge were straight up wrong coindesk's Nick D and Doreen when and Cheyenne Ligon took a trip to Dresden in Upstate New York to take the temperature of the Lake and speak to locals finding that Not a single lawmaker visited the Rust Belt town or spoke to its mayor before Drafting what essentially was a freeze On bitcoin miners Most of the Bitcoin mining debate today Has centered around the Bitcoin

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Network's environmental impact Green Ridge became a lightning rod because Before the company moved equipment into The plant that now uses natural gas it Was deactivated meaning when miners Turned on or were turned on they weren't Just drawing on electricity that would Have been produced anyway but actively Releasing fresh carbon into the Atmosphere the Bitcoin Network uses as Much energy as a country like Norway and Trying to wrap your head around weather That is or isn't worth it often comes Down to your point of view on how you Value permissionless money And of course all of the guys are going To Echo you know the Bitcoin maximalist Cryptocurrency supporters for proof of Work in the comment section below as Well as in the live chat we'll point out That the current traditional Financial System with all of its servers in the Banking system and so on is using just As much if not more energy as Bitcoin is Right now individuals can certainly make Up their minds on the matter but how a State should treat Bitcoin for instance Whether mining should be encouraged or Banned is a societal level conversation Involving politicians stakeholders and Those affected as I've said before a lot Of this is going to come down to states Rights not dissimilar from marijuana or Gun laws right I think you'll see

Different states adopt different Policies surrounding cryptocurrencies And there will be an advantage to being A citizen of one state over another in The within the United States to reap the Rewards of benef official cryptocurrency Policy and legislation at the state Level and putting in blocks of course to Anti or to cbdc's in places like Florida Is going to be enticing to a certain Portion of the population in a behind The scenes account of how the story came To be they wrote that he expected locals To hate the plant He and his team had heard that Green Ridge was pumping pollution into Seneca Lake and creating incessant noise a Claim that was also debunked instead These team found that many in the town And surrounding area supported the Upstart business although Green Ridge Created a relatively small number every Job counts in a town like Dresden Population 296. I mean that is pretty incredible if You basically hire three people then you Have just you know increased the job Market by 10 percent there I mean that's Pretty good or employment by 10 right in Fact the few complaints about Green Ridge lodged by locals came from So-called cottage people the wealthy Out-of-towners with vacation homes on The Lakeshore sure as taxpayers these

People have a right to be concerned About their property value but should Their opinion matter more oh it goes Back I mean this is crazy it goes back To that argument of that the haves Versus the have-nots and the have not so Pressing or the haves though pressing The have-nots and and stripping away Jobs for them because they are worried About their property value it's actually Kind of ridiculous if you think about it Because the party alignment would make You think that it was opposite of this But you know it is what it is and here Layeth did not beyond all the other Intraceable debates about Bitcoin mining Lies a class conflict you all know the Story Bitcoin was born during the great Financial crisis a tool that allowed Anyone to access a semi-private Electronic cash system where the money Supply would always be verifiable a Total rebuke of banking and the Federal Reserve Over time the narrative has gotten a Little more complicated especially as Some of bitcoin's biggest supporters Have become entrenched Elites themselves Essentially for making a few good trades A decade ago there are now a lot of White-collar jobs based around analyzing Bitcoin's price performance and lobbying For newfangled investment vehicles Derived from Bitcoin and this actually

Does make me think about that movie Ready Player one right where you kind of Have this oppressed people within a Virtual world fighting for virtual Currencies and products and goods while Is being controlled by the elite that Still have fun in the regular world Right because they have enough money to Do that while you force everybody else Into a different position is that what Could happen with Bitcoin in the future Maybe maybe not right it depends on how This control goes down because at the End of the day Bitcoin is limited so There is a bit of a trojan horse factor Meaning that if you have the wealthy at Least investing in Bitcoin they are Still driving the price up for the less Wealth theme and there will not be the Potential for the wealthy to benefit From the printing of additional currency Meaning that you kind of level the Playing field to a certain extent Today's sponsor is BT miners BT miners Has been a long time sponsor of the Channel and a proven reliable source for Asic miners if you're looking to Purchase Asics Hardware from Bitcoin to Dogecoin miners they are available for Purchase on BT miners is a trusted Source by both and follow the affiliate Link in the description and tell them so

Sent you to support the channel Bitcoin mining 2 has gone from something You could do on your home computer to Becoming a highly Capital intensive Industry requiring the purchase of Hundreds or thousands of specialized Computers that Drew electricity 24 7. if You want to compete on any meaningful Scale I mean to be fair the competition Is more about efficiency and less about Like total amount but I understand what The point is right Bitcoin Maya so but the proof of work Algorithm that makes Bitcoin also Tethers It To The Ground these Investments are being made in real Communities Greenridge for instance has Hired unionized electricians and created Dozens of short-term construction jobs The company has made a number of Improvements into Dresden including Fixing up a children's playground and Other beautification efforts not all Facilities operate their own converted Coal plant like a Green Ridge requiring As much labor but many do create Opportunities for people where where Opportunity doesn't always come a Knocking if green rich is in any Indication the real conversations we we Could be having around Bitcoin mining And class will be increasingly consumed By another conflict the culture war I've Said for a while perhaps being too

Reductionist that Bitcoin is going to Become a red blue issue in the U.S with Republicans increasingly endorsing it And Democrats disavowing although the Network itself will likely always remain Credibly neutral the way we think about It and politicize it will follow along Predictable lines many topics have Traveled thus before climate change Became a wedge issue in American Politics for example it was relatively Non-partisan issue that many politicians Agreed on the need to do something about Just yesterday Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spoke about bitcoin's threat to The current regime in an announcement Event for his 2024 presidential campaign Although modeling himself as a populist DeSantis has the early support of money Technologists like Elon Musk and fellow PayPal Mafia member David Sachs DeSantis Is probably most well known nationally For what's been termed the don't say gay Bill and a fight with Disney which of Course if you guys want to get into all Of that feel free I'm a single issue Voter here for cryptocurrency you can go Jump to the Tim cast or one of those if You want to hop into the don't say gay Bill and all of that Something tells me desantis's pledge to Protect Bitcoin is as performative as His ban on Central Bank digital currency In Florida before the FED had even

Decided whether it's worth fully Studying a digital dollar but it's still It it'll still be enough to color some People's impressions of crypto Furthering the type of political Feedback loop that enable enabled Environmentalist to lie about green Ridge's ecological footprint and the Democratic government in New York to buy It whole cloth As my colleague Nick D said a Conversation doesn't include the people Most directly impacted can lead to wonky Outcomes when the only two political Parties of consequence are Shadow Boxing About fake Internet money the only People who can get a word in edgewise Probably own a vacation home and that is Really what it comes down to right once Again it's the vacation homes that are Anti and the people that are actually Benefiting from cryptocurrency is going To be the lower income in general so pay Attention to this as this plays out if It turns into this kind of you know Blue Collar versus white collar topic then Things get extremely interesting and if We do get into a culture War surrounding It everything will not be what it seems As it already does appear to already be Happening for example right if we talk About this the entire report that was Initially presented to the public Surrounding this mining Farm in Green

Ridge was that it was polluting which Was found to not be true that it was Causing noise pollution which was found To not be true and that it was a a Nuisance to the population that lived There which Turned out not to be true and so it fell Along ideological lines and it didn't Fall along the lines of what was Actually happening right and that is What I would think you want to take away Regardless of your political position on The remaining aspects of the political Parties But be careful like I said as far as Trump is concerned which is way ahead of DeSantis at this point I would not bet That he is pro-bitcoin at least from the Previous talks that I have listened to From him so Both sides are going to have people that Are pro and people that are anti and Paying attention to that is going to be What I encourage you to do and then make The best decision that you can from There thanks for checking out this clip From the crypto mining show you can Check out the full episode here or more Crypto content down here also I'd like You to check out my locals page at son Of a where you can Become a member for free or choose to be A five dollar a month supporter that Unlocks additional content

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